Virtual Venue Software released online

Check it out below:

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Can't find anywhere with a terrible viewing angle.

The angle of the jumbotron seems to jip the North Side a little bit in favour of the south but whatever.

Can't complain about some of the prices. End zone season tickets are $179 - that's $20 a ticket.

The only question I'd have to Ottawa's management in terms of their pricing is why they didn't include playoff tickets into their Season ticket package.

The Bombers do it and I can't get why every team doesn't, it sets you up perfectly so that if you make the playoffs your STH base is already in for the big game so the team doesn't need to kill whatever it is 1, 2 of however many days waiting to find out if season ticket holders are buying their seats.
It ensure you already have that base sales for the playoff game
and if you don't make the playoffs it kind of encourages some people to re-up because they already have 1 game paid for via the credit. Since they have the "well I already paid for ~1/11th of my tickets"

I don't expect Ottawa will host a playoff game in '14, but 2 of the 4 eastern teams do have to host.