virtual tour of new BC place

yes, its the whitecaps configuration, but its still really neat.

i had seen renderings of how the roof would be lowered for whitecaps games, thus only the lower bowl will be visable, and i had been interested in seeing how that would work. it looks to be clairified in this virtual tour- the roof isn't lowered, but the upper deck is hidden from view.

i would really like to get out to vancouver for a week this summer and take in a game!

thought i'd post this incase anyone else wanted to click a seat and check out the view from the future.

oh, and here is the link to the live webcam, so you can check in on the progress of the construction:

[url=] ... tml#webcam[/url]

i just read on the BClions forum, that the lions won't be playing at BC place until late-september or maybe even october.
so much for going to vancouver this year :roll:


Great look at what the stadium will look like. The Lions should take a look at adding similar tarps to those "Bell" tarps to the upper deck end zone seats. Would go a long way in making a smaller crowd look better on TV and improve the overall fan experience at the facility

Thatès pretty neat. What's the seating capacity?

Approximately 55,000, down from 59,000.

That's true Gornaldatron; I was just about to post. But anyway, I did see an article on the completed renovations and I read the seating capacity to be 54,500

I have spoken with a few BC Place people at various Lions events and they have said 55,000. Plus I found this:

But then again, who really knows what's going on with place?

Cool, thanks for the info dg. I wonder if a similar technology could be used inside hockey arenas? Here in Hamilton this would work for the AHL Bulldogs because they get so few people, around 3000 average in a 17,000 seater and there is little atmosphere.

Well, if I had it my way, the place would only seat 44,500 not 54,500. Anything to improve the atmosphere, the better as far as I'm concerned. Further, any ridiculous "NFL in Vancouver" suggestions lose merit very quickly with a smaller capacity.

No question, the stadium is going to be state-of-the-art. Wider seats, improved lighting, better sound system, more luxury suites, better and more varied food options. My only concern is the size of the hole in the roof. It seems like a very modest opening for the money they're pouring into the place.

100 meters x 85 meters - which is roughly the size of the maybe it won't be too bad then?

Gornaldatron; I got my figure from this link above with the info on the right side of the page. But who knows?