Virtual Grey Cup Championship

Hey Big Dave! Chomping at the bit to submit my picks for next Wed so that I can improve on my "terrific" performance last year!


CFL Rocks!
CFL in Ottawa before I die!
Go Sens Go!
Go Heatley Go!

Good reminder!

And is Fooks going to do his pool this year too? Damn, so many changes, I'm going to have to buy a program!

...unknown at this time on both fronts, haven't heard from Big Dave or Fooks in quite awhile...

......Big Dave was on here about a month ago....said at that time he was ready to ramble in 09....don't know if anything has changed since his post..... in any case..HELLO Big Dave are you out there.... :rockin:

Yep, I'm back, and so is the VGCC. Check the stickies for the Week 1 thread.