Virtual Grey Cup Championship, Week 3

Well, we fared a little better last week, and a few people even went 4-0! Still, there have been a number of surprises, and with last year's semi-final hosts both sitting at 0-2, while the two teams that missed the playoffs are 2-0, you have to expect that the VGCC numbers will be a little low.

The standings are posted here. If the old standings show up, click your browser's REFRESH button, and you should see the current ones.

Here are the games for Week 3:
Calgary @ Winnipeg
Toronto @ Montreal
Saskatchewan @ Hamilton
B.C. @ Edmonton

To join in, just start making picks. You can join in at any time, though the later in the season you join, the harder it will be to catch up.

To make your picks, reply to this post with your predicted winners. This is a straight-up win/loss pool; point spreads are not taken into account.

To be considered for any game, your pick for that game must be made PRIOR to the scheduled kickoff time. Even if your pick is made one minute late, or the kickoff is delayed, if it's after the scheduled kickoff time, it's late. No exceptions.

To change your picks, post another reply to the thread. Do NOT edit your original post. I may miss the change, or you may invalidate your picks.

While you're free to elaborate on your picks, your predicted winner must be clear at a glance. I don't want to have to read through a five-hundred word essay to figure out which team you're picking. More accurately, I won't.

Conditional picks are not allowed. That is, there is no "Calgary if Burris plays, Edmonton if he doesn't." If you make a conditional pick, I will accept the first team named as your pick.

The complete rules are posted here.

My picks for Week 3:

Calgary @ Winnipeg: I'm still not sold on Winnipeg. Good on 'em for their 2-0 start, but their offence hasn't looked good, and is no match for Calgary. Stamps by 6.

Toronto @ Montreal: Not much to say here. Montreal looks like the only team in true mid-season form. Als by a hundred.

Saskatchewan @ Hamilton: Tough call. Both teams hosted playoff games last year. Neither has posted a win yet, or even looked all that good in losing. If this were in Regina, my pick would be different. Cats by 1.

B.C. @ Edmonton: I'm still not sold on Edmonton yet, but a home game against the struggling Lions should be a no-brainer. Esks by 5.

Wow.. tied for last at 0-8... well lets see if I can keep my streak going!!

Calgary @ Winnipeg-- I will go against the grain on this one... Winnipeg has a strong D, and that might be enough to squeak by the Stamps... Winnipeg by 2

Toronto @ Montreal-- Als go to 3-0 and Calvillo sets the all time mark for TD passes... Als by 14+

Saskatchewan @ Hamilton-- Arland Bruce needs a spark, and a big game against a non-existant Rider secondary is the Rx... Cats by 10

BC @ Edmonton-- Edmonton is better than many(including me) thought... Esks by 7

Calgary @ Winnipeg: Winnipeg has been my dark-horse pick the past two weeks, and they're at home. But I think Calgary's offense is starting to get on track, and I don't like Pierce's chances against a Chris Jones defense.

Toronto @ Montreal: Tough to pick against Montreal playing at home.

Saskatchewan @ Hamilton: Battle of the bottom-feeders. I'll pick Hamilton, because their D is at least performing and I am hoping that the coaches start utilizing Arland Bruce a bit more.

B.C. @ Edmonton: The Esks have their mojo back, and are executing well on both sides of the ball. Lulay and the BC offense remain a work in progress.



Lets hope I'm 8-4 after this week :slight_smile:

Calgary @ Winnipeg
Toronto @ Montreal
Saskatchewan @ Hamilton
B.C. @ Edmonton

Thanks Big Dave! You rock! :rockin: :cowboy:

Winnipeg- Love the D. Think the offence could come to life against a team that gave up 36 to the leos. Bombers by 3

Montreal- Best team by a mile right now. Would love to see them struggle but i just don't see hat happening. Als by 10

Sask- Tough tough call. It just comes down to who i trust to get off the mat first. Glenn looks rattled after being pulled, Durant will do enough to get the win. Sask by 2

Bc- They have looked the best of the stuggling teams. Leos can put up points. They win a shoot out. Leos by 7.

Good luck to all. Thank BigDave! Go Bombers!! :rockin:




My picks for week #3;

Calgary at Winnipeg - CALGARY
Toronto at Montreal - MONTREAL
Roughriders at Hamilton - HAMILTON
B.C. Lions at Edmonton - EDMONTON

Cheers Big Dave.

Calgary @ Winnipeg - ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH, I can't decide. Winnipeg's playing at home, and they've been sharp on defense. Like, Suber totally shutdown Arland Bruce, and if can keep pace with Bruce, I think they could keep pace with Lewis and Bryant. But Henry Burris is still Henry Burris... and the Winnipeg offense hasn't exactly been Montreal's offense... Alright, go with my gut, Winnipeg.

Toronto @ Montreal - Montreal at home. Moving on.

Saskatchewan @ Hamilton - I can't see Saskatchewan starting 0-3. Darian Durant is too good to let that happen. 'Riders need to pull it together. The loss against Montreal was a little more excusable, but still.

B.C. @ Edmonton - Edmonton's on a hot streak with two strong wins. My faith in Lulay is diminishing a little. I won't be upset if I'm wrong here, actually, because I want to see Lulay do well, but I don't think he will.

My picks:

Winnipeg over Calgary: we're at home, and I like our D against their inconsistent O.
Montreal over Toronto: Als will lose someday (I think) but not this time.
Saskatchewan over Hamilton: something's wrong on both sides here but it seems worse in Hamilton; they have all the parts to make a chariot but they look like a wheelbarrow. I don't think a Ritchie Hall defence will stay bad forever.
Edmonton over BC: they've done too well so far to lose at home to a struggling outfit; BC may well put it together one of these weeks.

I've decided from now on I'll just go with who I want to win and not necessarily who I think will win... this so I can watch games without mixed feelings...

therefore week #3 picks are...

Calgary at Winnipeg - Calgary, because I don't like Winnpeg's garbage game and don't like Pierce over Burris
Toronto at Montreal - Toronto because even though Montreal will probably win its not 0% chance... more like 2% chance
Roughriders at Hamilton - Sasketchewan, Hamilton has disappointed so far, would be cool to keep it that way
B.C. Lions at Edmonton - BC, I really like Lulay, I think BC should be better than they are.

I could easily go 0-4 this week, but that happens if you don't go with the gimmes.

I'm 4-4 right now so to catch up I need some dramatic gains.

....Bombers OVER Stamps.........For some reason the stumps never play well in the Peg....AND the way the Bombers D is playing it could be a long night for Henry

....Als. OVER Argos......Calvillo is in top form and will give the boatmen all they can handle...Trick plays don't work on the Als.

.....Riders OVER Cats.....Battle of the inept...I'll give the edge to Sask. as i think the wheels have fallen off the wheelbarrow in the hammer

.....Leos OVER Esks.......Wally gets his act together and Reed comes back down to earth...Tough call ..Ray vs. Lulay.. the way they're both playing addition IF Messam goes run crazy on Wally for dumping him.....this one could be close... But I'll give the edge to the Lions..

Here are my picks for week 3:

Winnipeg over Calgary.
Montreal over Toronto.
Saskatchewan over Hamilton.
Edmonton over BC.

Thank you.



Winnipeg: Buck has his best game this year
Montreal: Duh....
Saskatchewan: Feel sorry for TiCat fans....kinda
BC: Lulay exposes the Esks secondary