Virtual Grey Cup Challenge

Just wanted to let everyone know that the 13th edition of the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge is on! Just finished updating my spreadsheet for the new season.

I'll post Week One at some point during the next week or two, in plenty of time to get your picks in.

Sounds good Dave, always enjoy the challenge. :thup:

...I always get the feeling real football is just around the cornor, when BigDave gets the VGCC revved-up :thup: Finally.. It's been a long winter :slight_smile:

I needs me a few 4-0 weeks this year to stay in the hunt. :smiley:

Awesome! :rockin:

I can almost SMELL the season aproaching now! Let summer begin!

This will be my 3rd year in it, hoping for a better showing than last year!

I started off quite bad last year, but I think I finished up 40-32 and ranked around 18th?

This is going to be one difficult season to predict.. so many little variables to think about...

I can see a lot of people making the wrong choices this season often.. :?

Couple of those choices are the games [week 1]in Alberta; intrigued to see which road team/s posters will pick 8)

:rockin: i got off to very horrible start.....but i never gave up...and finished im hoping to get off to a better start,have an excellent mid season and very strong finish :rockin: even though last year wasnt that great my favorite team B.C. Lions won the grey cup WOOHOO!!! and my favorite player Andrew Harris(who used to play for my hometown VI Raiders) had a great season good luck to everyone

....Just acquired Andrews playing card, which he signed....Don't know which hometown you are referring to but i live in both of his part time ...His original one of Wpg. and Nanaimo on Van. Isle....This kid is a just a great athlete...AND the VI Raiders...what else can you say but :thup: :thup: :thup:...Good luck in the Challenge :thup:

Looking forward to the new cfl season thank god hockey finally over

Thanks for stepping up again Big Dave!

I think I actually won the regular season last year (beginner's luck) before heading for the south seas and missing out on the playoffs (no matter, I would have gone 0-2 the first round). Since then I've had account issues but I think they are fixed.

After that wild off-season I'll be impressed by anyone who does better than 2-2 in week one, and awestruck if anyone goes 4-0. Best of luck to all.

I had a terrible year last year, finishing in the middle somewhere after nearly winning it all the year before. I found it confounding to pick winners last year.

This year might not be any easier, but I'm going to do my best Big Dave! :thup:

There are still 5 pre-season games but,nevertheless, I include my picks for the first game of the 2012 regular season.

Hamilton over Saskatchewan.
BC over Winnipeg.
Edmonton over Toronto.
Montreal over Calgary.

Thank you BigDave


That makes two us

Saskatchewan vs Hamilton - HAMILTON
Winnipeg vs Lions - B.C. LIONS
Toronto vs Edmonton - EDMONTON
Montreal vs Calgary - MONTREAL

Cheers Big Dave