Virtual Grey Cup Challenge XV

Now that it appears that there WILL be a 2014 CFL season, I can announce that there will also be a 2014 VGCC.

Most of you already know the rules; for those who don't there will be an explanation as we approach Week 1.

It was a bit touch and go for a couple of reasons: just days after modifying my spreadsheet to include a ninth team and 81 regular season games, a virus corrupted all the documents on my computer. The fix that I downloaded for it could not fix my VGCC spreadsheet, so I had to rebuild it from scratch. (Fortunately, I'm a programming nerd and I love doing that stuff.)

But we're all set now. The Week 1 post will appear in about a week or so.

Much Appreciated Dave!

....Nice save Dave...You must be one tireless worker to retrieve all that...Lucky for us and I hope everything including the season gets going without a hitch...Much thanx.. :thup:

Thanks, great to hear it BD.

Great to hear this is back! Looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

Thanks Big Dave, there could be a few surprises this season on a competitive level.

Thanks Dave for your efforts. I suspect adding the “ninth” team was the virus…:slight_smile:. Let’s try and stay away from them. Look forward toward the new season.


A programing nerd should know the 3 key words....


All my photos are backed up onto 2 seperate external harddrives

Thanks, Big Dave. I'm looking forward to it too. Can't wait for the season to start.

Glad you managed to recover from your computer virus. And yes, backups are critical - got a few myself, including one set that I take to the office every week in case of serious disaster - but they don't usually help with recently changed files unless they are done on the fly. And on-the-fly backups are often affected by the same viruses that cause you to need the backups in the first place.

But if something's really worth doing, it's worth doing over and over again. Right?

That’s right, and fortunately I love doing spreadsheets. I think if I didn’t, there would be no VGCC at all. :slight_smile:

I’m ashamed that I don’t do regular backups as often as I should. My computer is old, with no CD or DVD burner. I want to get an external HD to do backups on, which will also simplify the procedure on the day I finally upgrade to a new PC, but right now money is at a premium.

Fortunately the fix I got on the Internet fixed most of my documents. But the VGCC spreadsheet was one of those that it couldn’t do, I think because it’s such a large file, and very complex.

Woohoo! It's back! Go REDBLACKS! Thanks Big Dave!


You backup your pr0n? :lol:

Great to have it back, Big Dave!

Can't you use Drop Box, or Google Drive or one of the several other free online storage solutions?

My Wha?

you can get a 16gb flashdrive for less than 10 bucks
Not big but you can backup your most important files

Pretty sad when I think that in my first computer I installed a second hard drive 13gb for 500$

Great news Big Dave love VGCC

Looking for another 2 teams to fill out our league a the easy and FREE We keep it simple: only offense, a kicker and special teams. Send me a private note with your e-mail and I'll send you an invite!

Great job as always BigDave!

I hope to upgrade from my Graham Ambrose Memorial Award winner from last year :wink: