Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 8

Here are the matchups for week 8:

Saskatchewan @ Ottawa
Montreal @ Toronto
B.C. @ Calgary
Hamilton @ Winnipeg

To make your picks, just reply to this post with your predictions for the winners. If you elaborate on your predictions, please make your picks clear so I can see them at a glance.

To change your picks after youve made them, please post a new reply. Do not edit your post, as I may not notice the change. Plus, the date and time of the last edit is the date and time that you made your picks, so editing your post after the weeks games have started will disqualify you from the games that have been played.

To join in, just start making picks. Note though that new participants will have a lot of ground to make up, since the top 8 are already 21 picks ahead.

Good luck!

Saskatchewan @ Ottawa
Montreal @ Toronto
B.C. @ Calgary
Hamilton @ Winnipeg

Ottawa - I’m liking Ottawa.

Toronto - They are on fire, that’s why.

B.C. - Just cause

Winnipeg - Because I’m going to the game… DUH!

This week might suck for me but Oh well… Goodluck and Cheers.

Ottawa...moral is still high...they will get the job done! :slight_smile:
Montreal...revenge against toronto :twisted:
Hamilton ...there you go...a win! :smiley:


Saskatchewan @ Ottawa
Montreal @ Toronto
B.C. @ Calgary
Hamilton @ Winnipeg

winners in bold

Actually, despite my team’s dismal showing last week, I posted a 3-1 record to move into a tie for 10th. I’m still very much in the running here.

Saskatchewan @ Ottawa: The Renegades haven’t won 3 in a row since the beginning of last year. The Roughriders are on a 3-game losing streak that could drop them right into the basement, if only the Bombers would win a couple. But I do believe Saskatchewan is the better team, and are definitely “hungrier,� so I think both streaks will end here. Riders by a bunch.

Montreal @ Toronto: This is easily the best game of the week, and once again I have to watch it wanting both teams to lose. The Argos won in Montreal, which is almost unheard of. The Alouettes are nowhere near as good as they have been the last five years or so, and are actually looking over their shoulder at the prospect of losing their playoff spot to the dreaded crossover. A Toronto win would actually help my winless Cats, since they would keep the Alouettes just 3 games ahead of them. Because of that, and because two straight wins against Montreal is unlikely, I’m going with the Als in a close one.

B.C. @ Calgary: The Stamps are actually a pretty good team this year. But the Lions are better. You know B.C. is eventually going to lose, but to go against the odds when I’m so close to the top of the list just doesn’t seem like a good idea. I don’t have that much confidence in Henry Burris. Lions by 10.

Hamilton @ Winnipeg: 0-6 versus 1-6! Oooboy, lookout, this is gonna be a great game! Okay, I’m going to make two assumptions early in the week, and right or wrong I’m sticking with my pick. First, I’m assuming that either Danny will be back or that Khari will start. Either way they’ll be better off than with Marcus Brady, who, though talented, is extremely inconsistent. Second, I’m assuming that either Kevin Glenn will not play, or that he will struggle due to his injury. That being the case, the Ticats should be able to pull out a win, though it won’t be a blowout.

Summary: Saskatchewan over Ottawa, Montreal over Toronto, B.C. over Calgary, Hamilton over Winnipeg.

Heads Hamilton Tails Winnipeg
Tails it is so I take Winnipeg

nice to see people wake up and pick ottawa for a change!!!

OTTAWA over sask.
TORONTO over montreal. ( aslong as allen starts...if not, then montreal )
BC over calgary.
WINNIPEG over hamilton.......UNLESS JONES STARTS...then hamilton!!!!!!

if im not allowed to change my picks ( winni vs hamilton pick ) based on whos starting in QB, then scrap all my picks, and i'll pick again later when QB's are announced!

Hey Dave I'm wondering
Could we say Team will win if QB A starts but Team b will win if QB B starts???

Ottawa by 5.
T.O by 7.
Calgary by 3.
WPG by 6.

Saskatchewan over Ottawa (out of a sense of obligation, I suppose, but I do think they could turn it around this week)
Montreal over Toronto
B.C. over Calgary
Hamilton over Winnipeg (think it's their time to win)

Ottawa - the better quarterback wins this one.
Toronto - Cahoons out
Calgary - refs wont save their @sses this week
Hamilton - this ones for you Big Dave

Dont miss the BC- Calgary game, will be the game of the week. Im
hoping Printers is in, we love to knock that guy around.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

my pick this week


thank you BigDave

Saskatchewan @ Ottawa = Ottawa
Montreal @ Toronto = Montreal
B.C. @ Calgary = BC
Hamilton @ Winnipeg = Hamilton

I'm sure this was posted before, but what is the competition for again? Top 10 get to partcipate in the Playoffs or something and winner gets bragging rights?

OTTAWA........ over............ SASK........

TORONTO....... over.......... MONTREAL

CALGARY........over........... B.C.

WINNIPEG ......over ............HAMILTON.........

My picks.

Saskatchewan - won't lose 4 in a row especially not to Ottawa
Montreal - obvious reasons
BC - obvious reasons
Winnipeg - home field I guess

You dream too much…time for my lions to bring the stamps back to earth…AGAIN!!!


yup, get ready for the first L bc


Saskatchewan @ Ottawa
Montreal @ Toronto
B.C. @ Calgary
Hamilton @ Winnipeg

I fully expect CRANDELL to come out and control the game while our defense should be able to shut down Ottawa. I picked against my Riders for the first time ever last week, and to no surprise they got destroyed. My pick may change tho if I am to find out that Greene is indeed once again our starter :roll: I've said it all along and I will continune to say it. Burris >>>> Greene