Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 6

Reaching the 1/3 point of the season. By now everyone should have a pretty good idea of which teams are good, which ones aren’t so good, and which ones are a crap shoot. The VGCC, however, is still anyone’s game.

The standings are posted here. If the old standings show up, click your browser’s REFRESH button, and you should see the current ones.

Here are the games for Week 6:
Montreal @ Toronto
Edmonton @ Winnipeg
Saskatchewan @ B.C.
Hamilton @ Calgary

To join in, just start making picks. You can join in at any time, though the later in the season you join, the harder it will be to catch up.

To make your picks, reply to this post with your predicted winners. This is a straight-up win/loss pool; point spreads are not taken into account.

To be considered for any game, your pick for that game must be made PRIOR to the scheduled kickoff time. Even if your pick is made one minute late, or the kickoff is delayed, if it’s after the scheduled kickoff time, it’s late. No exceptions.

To change your picks, post another reply to the thread. Do NOT edit your original post. I may miss the change, or you may invalidate your picks.

While you’re free to elaborate on your picks, your predicted winner must be clear at a glance. I don’t want to have to read through a five-hundred word essay to figure out which team you’re picking. More accurately, I won’t.

Conditional picks are not allowed. That is, there is no “Calgary if Burris plays, Edmonton if he doesn’t.” If you make a conditional pick, I will accept the first team named as your pick.

The complete rules are posted here.

Talk of a crap shoot!

I was 3-1 last week, much better lol... my picks for week 6:

Montreal @ Toronto - Even with an average Calvillo, Als win this one... Montreal by 7

Edmonton @ Winnipeg- this should be a great one, but Winnipeg doesnt have the O to compete... Esks by 6

Saskatchewan @ BC - a toss up here really... I'll take the Riders by 3

Hamilton @ Calgary- This should be another close one, could go either way, but I will take Calgary at home... Stamps by 2

I'm staying near the top so far. Time to make my move.

Montreal @ Toronto: Montreal must be fuming after putting together back-to-back losses for the first time in years. They know they're better than this, and so does everyone else. Some teams have improved to their level, but third in the East is not what anyone expected for these guys. What better tonic than to play the Argos, whose losing streak is even longer? No QB versus a hall-of-fame QB. No question here. Als by a hundred.

Edmonton @ Winnipeg: Last year's also-rans...who knew that at this point in the season they'd be #1 in the West and #1 in the East? The Bomber defence is tough, but this will be their toughest test yet. Edmonton is off to their best start in over 30 years, and it's hard to pick against them right now. Should be a tremendous game. Esks by 2.

Saskatchewan @ B.C.: Two of the league's sad sack teams. Both have shown signs of good things, but neither has been able to successfully climb out of the West's basement. Saskatchewan has shown that they CAN win, and home field has been no advantage for the Lions. Gotta pick one. Riders by 4.

Hamilton @ Calgary: These Stampeders are not the ones we're used to: a loss to the Argos, squeaking out victories against B.C. and Saskatchewan, and winless at McMahon! Hamilton has been quite the opposite: a 3-game win streak, and their only two losses have come at the hands of the league's top two teams. If their secondary can cover Lewis and Rambo the way they covered Watkins, Green and Richardson, this could be over early; but I'll give the Stamps the benefit of the doubt. Hamilton by 6.

Another road team sweep.

After 3-1 week, I managed to move from 29th to 27th. Over at the Rona Pool, I went 3 for 4 with team picks and 1 for 4 in scores for a total of 26 points, good for 7824th, an increase of 1518 spots over the previous week. This could be a killer week, with 4 tough games to pick. Could so easily go 0-4 in both pools…

Montreal - This is tougher than what it appears, Montreal is on a two game losing streak, while Toronto just fell short of beating Edmonton last week. I believe Toronto is better than what their record indicates, but I’m betting on a Montreal bounce back.

Edmonton - I refuse to believe that Winnipeg is as good as their record indicates. I’ve yet to see anything from this team that indicates that it’s deserving of a 4-1 record to start the season. Edmonton on the other hand is full measure for their 5-0 start. This is a true test for the Bombers, one I don’t expect them to pass…

B.C. - A missed P.I. call last week probably was responsible for the B.C. not getting their first win. At home against a struggling Saskatchewan team should be the remedy the Lions are looking for…

Hamilton - This might be the easiest pick of the week. Hamilton has been on fire offensively during their three game win streak, while Calgary has struggled offensively. I expect that this might be close but I expect kicking and Hamilton’s ability to finish drives will be the difference.

Thanks Big Dave! :cowboy:

Montreal @ Toronto: I don't think Montreal will lose three in a row.
Edmonton @ Winnipeg: A red-hot Eskimos team and a potentially injured Buck Pierce don't add up to victory for the Bombers this week.
Saskatchewan @ B.C.: This is the week the Lions finally get off the schneide.
Hamilton @ Calgary: I wouldn't bet against the Stamps at home.

Things are heating up in this household as Leorocks (40 years younger) thinks he knows football after going 1-0 on the weekend. :twisted:

Here are my picks:

Thanks Big Dave! :rockin:

Here are my picks for week 6:

Montreal over Toronto.
Winnipeg over Edmonton.
BC over Saskatchewan.
Hamilton over Calgary.

Thank you



Montreal @ Toronto

  • Montreal will not lose a 3rd straight game, especially to a team struggling like the Argos
    Edmonton @ Winnipeg
  • Winnipeg's defense is the best in the league and the Esks have shown that they can indeed struggle. Bombers are a deserving 4-1
    Saskatchewan @ B.C.
  • this one is so hard to choose because both teams are struggling. how ever, I am not sure what to do. I do think that B.C. will finally get the win due to the fact that Saskatchewan for whatever reason cannot wake up and see what they need to do.
    Hamilton @ Calgary
  • Hamilton wins. Ti-Cats at this point are indeed better,


Toronto - Close but not quite for Toronto
Edmonton - Edmonton's miracle season continues
B.C. - We are now overdue
Hamilton - Flip a coin

6th week picks;

Montreal at Toronto = MONTREAL
Edmonton at Winnipeg = EDMONTON
Saskatchewan at B.C. = LIONS
Hamilton at Calgary = CALGARY

Every time I go camping the Riders lose. Still camping this weekend.

Picks for this week;

Saskatchewan :rockin: :twisted:


Montreal is STILL the best team in the league or at least will be once 18 games are in the books. Toronto is struggling at QB and turn the ball over way too much. Week 3 game was closer than the score indicated, I don't know if Montreal blows them out again but Montreal definitely wins. Edmonton has not yet faced a team that gave them more than 30 minutes of good football (I don't think Hamilton or BC gave them 15 combined), if they weren't 5-0 by now they should be shot. Winnipeg has been the most consistent, effortwise and prepared wise. I also want to see Ricky Ray toss bombs to Fred Stamps from underneath Odell Willis. This will not be a blowout (in fact I think it's the game of the week) but Edmonton missing Greg Peach is huge for Buck to work over an overrated Esks defense. If BC can get through some of their internal turmoil Sask is beatable. I don't think they'll do it this week tho, plus the Lions secondary is a complete mess. They are not mentally even close to ready. The only thing BCs defense has going for them is Kornegay knows the Riders playbook. Calgyra/Hammy will probably be another close finish which Calgary is good at winning.

Montreal @ Toronto
Edmonton @ Winnipeg
Saskatchewan @ B.C.
Hamilton @ Calgary

All home teams this week.




British Columbia


Montreal @ Toronto
Edmonton @ Winnipeg
Saskatchewan @ B.C.
Hamilton @ Calgary