Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 6

Als over Argos
Gades over Riders
Lions over Stamps
Esks over TiCats
Bombers over Argos

hi bigdave,

  1. damon allen always plays well late in Montreal. Toronto in an upset
  2. Riders from Sask. will win
  3. Burris played very well at BC Place in the Western final last year. Calgary in an upset.
  4. Hamilton in another upset.
  5. Argos will dominate with their defence. Argos to win!

Riders rule!


Good job Big Dave. I know the time you spend on this. When I worked, Our Inside Sales guy ran an NFL pool. He had 45 participants and 16 games a week. It would take him an hour to just mark the entries, let alone keep score.

Anyways onto the real post:

MONTREAL Over Toronto: Montreal can't lose two in a row. Mathews will have a trick or two under his sleeve. Calvillo will be settled in with wife and baby. And Montreal should win this by 4

SASKATCHEWAN Over Ottawa. If they had won in Calgary, then this would have been my upset of the week. However the presure is on to keep pace. Benefield will be back after the flu and should bolster the defense. Ottawa will keep it close. But McCallum should win the hearts of the Rider critics by kicking the winning field goal. Riders by 2

BC Over Calgary. This game makes me nervous. Calgary always plays BC tough. The BC "O" line hasn't made me fell comfortable all year. However Smilin Hank will have to deal with 29,000 screaming fans in the dome. Plus the forecast is for hot weather all week, so that dome will be like a sauna. BC will eek this one out. BC by 2

EDMONTON Over Hamilton. Commonwealth Stadium...Need I say more? Hamilton need their receivers to hold onto the ball. Jeanty and Mountford will be all over McManus. Eskimos by 14

WINNIPEG Over Toronto. Can Toronto lose 2 in a row? Is there a team problem with Baker, Prefontaine that is still simmering? Dissention around? Playing two games so close together doesn't add up well for Toronto. 4 days rest hmmm.. Wiinipeg by 4



Thanks Dave........



Calgary :smiley:

Ok, raise your hand all those who would like to see Toronto lose twice in one week (ME! ME! ME!).

Unfortunately, I think they will split it. I take:

  • Montreal (humiliating loss + home turf = payback on the next su.ckers)
  • Saskatchewan (I would have picked OTT had SSK win against CGY, but now they'll be angry)
  • Calgary (BC has to lose a day or another)
  • Edmonton (though I wish I'm wrong)
  • Toronto (Winnipeg must realize they are just Winnipeg)

Looks like a good week of ball.

Winners only:

Calgary (game of the week)

If the Lions are every going to lose it won't be to Calgary.

Montreal def. Toronto - Won't lose twice in a row. Especially after almost being blown out.
Sask def. Ottawa - The riders'll really want to rebound after a humiliating loss.
B.C. def. Calgary - I don't think the Stamps will pull this one off
Edmonton def. Hamilton - I find myself divided on this and i dont know why.
Winnipeg def. Toronto - Winnipeg just hit a big confidence builder and the Argos have got to play Montreal not to long before this game

TOR @ MTL- I think the Als are better than they showed against the Peg. Someone on here made the comment after the game that it seemed like Matthews blitzed 9 guys when he shouldn't have and dropped into zone at the wrong times. They'll be ready for this one. Montreal by 12.[/b]

OTT @ SSK- The Gades have looked good in recent weeks, and Ranek should run wild over the Sask run defence. As always, I will never take Saskatchewan. Ottawa by 9.

CGY @ BC- Although I don't think BC is as good as everyone seems to think, they always find a way to win. Calgary looked great while demolishing Sask :smiley: , but I don't think they'll take this one, esp. @ BC Place. Burris won't have the same determination as he did against sask as he has no reason for revenge against the lions. (other than the west final loss last year). BC by 15.

HAM @ EDM- Obviously I'm going to take my Esks over last place Hamilton at Commonwealth on Saturday. Those Ticat receivers MUST catch some balls and help out Danny Mac if they are to have any chance at winning. EDM has looked solid this year and will maintain their streak with this one. Eskies by 12.

WPG @ TOR- Argos will be tired and demoralized after a tough loss to the Als. Winnipeg is now starting a quarterback with experience and athletic ability instead of a 3rd string bum. get the ball to Roberts 20+ times, the Peg will win. Winnipeg by 8.

Ok here goes for the oily American

All winners:

Week 6
Toronto. :?

And thank you so much BigDave I really do appreciate all your hard work!!!

forgot to add

Thanks Big Dave for all the work!

Ok, not so great last week @ 2-2, but hopefully a better week this week.

Toronto @ Montreal = Montreal
Ottawa @ Saskatchewan = Saskatchewan
Calgary @ BC = BC
Hamilton @ Edmonton = Edmonton
Winnipeg @ Toronto = Winnipeg

Thanks BD


MONTREAL .....will win being motivated by a strong tongue-lashing from the 'Don'

SASKATCHEWAN.......takes it because key players will be back

BRITISH COLUMBIA......will just keep rolling along

HAMILTON...........wins first of year (going out on a limb on this one)

WINNIPEG..........being rejuvenated by first win ....wins again

so many people choosing winnipeg this week. daley is going to think his job is safe.

Once again, another .500 week. Let's see if I can make it 3 weeks in a row:

Montreal over Toronto: The Als are ticked over losing to the Bombers last week. Look for Matthews and his crew to take it out on Pinball and the boys.

Green Riders over Ottawa: Nealon Greene will avenge last week's "job" to the Stamps by shelacking the Gades at TF.

B.C. over Calgary: The Stamps pulled off the upset over the Riders last week, but will end up as luncheon meat to the undefeated Lions.

Edmonton over Hamilton: The Ti-Cats are en route to having a deja vu moment. Unfortunately, that flashback is back to 2003. Eskies will win.

Toronto over Winnipeg: The Bombers got lucky last week over the Als. They'll return to their losing ways at Skydump on Monday.

ignore this post, i re-posted my picks

Ditto for me BigDave, thanks for a great job. After a poor week, here it goes: Montreal, Saskatchewan, B.C., Edmonton & Toronto.