Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 4

Here are the matchups for week 4:
Hamilton @ Montreal
B.C. @ Edmonton
Winnipeg @ Toronto
Calgary @ Saskatchewan

The standings are available to view at

To make your picks, reply to this thread (please don't quote this post) with your picks for the winners.

Participants will be ranked based primarily on the number of correct picks. Point spreads are not considered. If you elaborate on your picks, please make your pick clear at a glance. If I have to read paragraphs of prose to figure out who you think will win, I won't bother.

The deadline to make a pick for any game is the scheduled kickoff time of that game. No exceptions. A pick for a 7:00 game will be considered late if it is posted at 7:01.

If you want to change one of your picks, please post a new reply. DO NOT EDIT YOUR ORIGINAL POST. If a post has been edited, only those games played after the latest edit will count.

Good luck!

My picks are:

my picks for week 4 :wink:


Week 4


Look how many Bombers fans are near the top of the standings :smiley: anyways...

Hamilton @ Montreal
B.C. @ Edmonton
Winnipeg @ Toronto
Calgary @ Saskatchewan

my pick this week


Thanks BigDave

winners are





Montreal- hamilton still needs a week or two to gel on offence
Winnipeg- solid team all around, Wynn will have trouble again.
Saskatchewan- Calgary is lucky to be 2-1 could just as easily be 0-3 if two heroic fourth quarter plays had failed. Sask is pretty solid on D.
Edmonton- I have faith that the team will be rebound after a loss like that. Took the Lions quite easily last year(broke their winning streak when they were 12-0 or whatever) and were 3-0 against them if I remember correctly. This team rarely losses on home field.

Montréal... 8)
B.C....Go my Lions Go!!!
Winnipeg... :thup:
Calgary... :expressionless:

Shoot!...I missed the last few weeks...


Montreal over Hamilton in a tight one
BC will hammer Edmonton
Winnipeg by 3 over Toronto
Calgary slips by Sask.

Sorry if these are the same as I msged to you BigDave. Found access to a computer.
Hamilton @ Montreal = Montreal
B.C. @ Edmonton = BC
Winnipeg @ Toronto = Winnipeg
Calgary @ Saskatchewan = Sask

Tough choices this week.

Hamilton....i think theyre due.
Edmonton....theyve got something to prove
Winnipeg....No Damon, no chance
Calgary.....Burris loves to perform for Sask. fans.

Thanks Dave.

Montréal over Hamilton
B.C. over Edmonton
Winnipeg over Toronto
Calgary over Saskatchewan (this will be the pick 'em game of the week)

2 for 3 last week. Lets see if i can do better.

Hamilton@Montreal I would like to see Hamilton get their first win of the season soon. Going up against Montreal this week. Hamilton will have to step it up a few notches just to play at the same level as Montreal. Montreal could be a little slow this week having the bye so early in the season. I dont think Hamilton has it all together yet. Montreal will take the W.

BC@Edmonton After watching the Winnipeg Edmonton game this past weekend and the dismal performance the Eskimos put together for that game I will expect the Eskimos to come out and play better. Winnipeg played a great game but Edmonton prevented it from being a closer game by turning the ball over at least twice in the red zone. BC is playing pretty good football right now. As long as Dickenson stays healthy for this game they will get the W.

Winnipeg@Toronto The Winnipeg defense is kicking some serious butt this year and their offense really kicked it up a couple of levels this past weekend. If they continue to improve, this could be the team to watch this season. Toronto started to show something last weekend in the second half with Wynn at the controls. Was it beacuse they are starting to play better with Wynn at the helm or was it bacause BC started putting their second stringers out on the field? Winnipeg will get the W.

Calgary@Saskatchewan The Stamps are currently 2 and 1 for the season. It could have just as easily been 0 and 3. Burris never seems to start playing well until the 4th or 5th week of the season. Saskatchewan is coming off the bye week like Montreal and could be a little slow getting out of the gate. If Saskatchewan's offense and defense can put together an effort like they did against BC in week 2 they should get the W.

Thanks Big Dave


Montreal, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Riders

Montreal over Hamilton: The Cats still haven’t clicked, and it’s not likely they’ll do so at Molson Stadium. The Cats may make it interesting, but I doubt they’ll win.

B.C. over Edmonton: With Dickenson healthy, the Lions are one of the top teams in the league. The Grey Cup champs have looked ordinary at best so far this season. Add them up and you get a blowout.

Winnipeg over Toronto: The Bomber defence is the best unit in the CFL right now. It was thanks to that group that Winnipeg beat Toronto and stayed in the game against the Als. But who knew their offence would explode like it did against the Esks? Bombers by a ton.

Calgary over Saskatchewan: The Riders won’t be as lucky this week as they were against B.C. Stamps in a close one.

Stop picking the Bombers people. You're all bad luck!


Well 2-1 last week BigDave. Better, but not good enough. Here are my picks.

  1. Hamilton @ Montreal- I would love to get back on the Ti-Cats bandwagon again, but they've got to show me a win before I even consider that. It won't happen this week, I'm taking Montreal by 10 points.

  2. BC @ Edmonton- All logic says to take BC because Dave Dickinson has been so hot, and the attrocious game Edmonton played last week. I'm going against that because the Eskimos are home and need to right the ship. I'm taking Edmonton by 6 points.

  3. Winnipeg @ Toronto- Winnipeg's defense is most impressive, and Toronto is out of sync right now. Kevin Glenn is playing well right, and Spergon Wynn is not. I'm taking Winnipeg by 5 points.

  4. Calgary @ Saskatchewan- The Riders were very lucky in their last game against BC, and I think they won't be as lucky this week. I see this as a very close game, but I'm taking Calgary by 4 points.

    As always, thank you BigDave for running the pool.

Hamilton @ Montreal--Alouettes
B.C. @ Edmonton--Lions
Winnipeg @ Toronto--Bombers
Calgary @ Saskatchewan--Roughriders

Thanks BigDave!