Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 3

Here are the matchups for Week 3:

Calgary @ Winnipeg
Edmonton @ Montreal
Ottawa @ B.C.
Saskatchewan @ Toronto

To make your picks, just reply to this post with the winners. You will only be counted for picks made prior to the scheduled kickoff time.

To join in, just start making picks. You can join at any time, but the later you join, the harder it will be to catch up.

Good luck!

Calgary @ Winnipeg
Edmonton @ Montreal
Ottawa @ B.C.
Saskatchewan @ Toronto

I wasn’t surprised with my bad week. I wasn’t expecting the Ottawa win. Hopefully the Ti-Cats will use the bye week to get their stuff together.

Gonna have to go with the western teams in this weeks picks.

Stamps over Bombers
Esks over Als
Lions over Gades
Riders over Argos

Calgary @ Winnipeg: Calgary is still a bit of an unknown, but they looked pretty good against Toronto, and could have won the game. Winnipeg hasn’t looked good yet, though Tee Martin started to gain some confidence last week. Will he play, or Kevin Glenn? Either way, I’m going with the Stamps to get their first win.
Edmonton @ Montreal: Montreal is still smarting from their loss to the Renegades. Edmonton has so far been rolling right along with Ricky Ray looking as good as ever. But the Als rarely lose two in a row, especially this early in the year. (In fact, they rarely lose ONE in a row this early in the year.) I think they’ll be out for blood, and Molson Stadium is a hard place to take two points from.
Ottawa @ B.C.: The Lions are probably one of the top two teams in the league. The Renegades are, well, they’re one of the teams in the league. The Lions are well-rested, and I doubt Ottawa has another miracle in their pockets.
Saskatchewan @ Toronto: Neither team looked particularly good last week, but both came out with victories. Still some question marks on the Riders, like the status of Keith and Dominguez for this game. Still some question marks on the Argos, like will they get through the week without killing each other? I’m guessing Toronto’s defence will be the difference in this game, a narrow victory for the Argos.

Summary: Calgary over Winnipeg, Montreal over Edmonton, B.C. over Ottawa, Toronto over Saskatchewan.

Calgary over Winnipeg: a close one though. Going to the game! Combining business (trip to Shilo) with pleasure (first CFL game in Winnipeg).

Montreal over Edmonton: another close one. I doubt that the Don will be happy with anything less than a victory after the debacle against my 'Gades.

BC over Ottawa: reality check time. The Gades never seem to get it going in BC Place.

Toronto over Saskatchewan: as long as they channel their aggressiveness against the Riders and not each other!

Go Gades Go!
North Side Sucks!

Winnipeg over Calgary (Still gotta go with my team, but I feel good about this one! :wink: )
Montreal over Edmonton (going to be a good game!)
BC over Ottawa (I hope I’m wrong about this like last week)
Toronto over Saskatchewan (Argo will hand the Riders there frist lose)

though all games will be close, BC will have the most points, and the Edmonton/Montreal game will be the closest, neck and neck!


Stamps by 13
Als by 3.
Lions by 10.
Argos by 3.

…every one… do the opposite of my picks…loll…


Winnipeg…over… Calgary…[Winnipeg, have been playing longer than CALGARY, this year , and WINNIPEG, are at home]

Montreal …over… EDMONTON…[Montreal are at home, lost to OTTAWA ,…and EDMONTON , have not been really tested , yet.]

TORONTO…over …SASK…[SASK. are due for a loss , and the ARGOS , are very good]

B.C… over… OTTAWA…[will lightening strike twice…?

not against this B.C. team at home.]

Calgary @ Winnipeg
Edmonton @ Montreal
Ottawa @ B.C.
Saskatchewan @ Toronto

Calgary (Burris will be smarter)
Montreal (motivated from late loss)
BC (Ottawa’s still happy from last game)
Toronto (Allen much better then Greene)

my pick this week

1-calgary vs winnipeg…Calgary
2-edmonton vs Montréal…Montréal
3-ottawa vs b.c…B.C.
4-Saskatchewan vs toronto…Saskatchewan




  • Subject to change without notice :wink:


Damn, I’ve been wondering where the picks of the week have been taken place. I remember doing them in last year’s post, I thought Big Dave stopped doing them. I thought this was a post for something else. I’m already 2 weeks behind.

Week 3 picks

Calgary over Winnipeg ( Calgary played the Argos really tough. If not for some mental errrors, they could have taken the game. Like i said before, I’m still not completely sold on Burris for that much money. Regardless, I’m surprised with how badly Winnipeg is getting beaten. I think they should stick with Tee Martin though)

Edmonton over Montreal (Ricky Ray is rounding into fine form, and the defense has been aggressive. Montreal will be dying to make up for their loss to Ottawa, and even though they’re at home, Edmonton isn’t the team you want to have to rebound against. This is one is six on one side, and half a dozen on the other. Really tight)

BC over Ottawa (BC at home, coming off a bye week, against the Renegades, hmmm tough one. Gotta give some respect to the comeback over the als tho)

Toronto over Saskatchewan (Toronto could be catching a break with injuries to Keith and Dominguez, not to mention they’re unlikely to start off the season going 0-2 at home. Corey Holmes is looking lethal right now though, and their defence is getting in everyone’s face. Argos D will be the difference in this one, along with the exceptional play of Damon Allen)

Winners: Calgary, Edmonton, BC, Toronto

Lets See Here went 2-2 in week 2 (thx to my tabbies loss and the great comeback by Ottawa) so here we go for week 3.

Calgary will beat Winnipeg not brutally but will beat them (i see the double B being the 1-17 tigercats this year :wink: (sorry to all u bluebomber fans)

Edmonton is gonna beat Montreal. Montreal will be out to get blood but i think Edmonton has an overall better team and there gonna take this one.

I see Ottawa Taking BC for a long ride in this game (look what happened against Montreal) its gonna be another close one but i think Ottawa has got it.

I think the Greenriders will beat Toronto. There on a roll so far this season with 2 wins in a row(there already doing better then last season :wink: )

BC and Ottawa is going to be an all offensive game therefore having the most points (neither team has many great defensive players) BC and Ottawa will also be the closest game this week. And I think Ottawa is going to score the most points this week as well. (Gotta keep an eye on the Ottawa game)

so overall im going with
Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Saskatchewan


Calgary @ Winnipeg… Bombers r my team but hmm i duno, i dont think calgary will be as improved as ppl think, so out of faith il go with WPG in a close one.
Need to stay with Tee!!!

Edmonton @ Montreal… damn this is hard, mtl will be hungry coming off a loss, edm has killed 2 weak teams, il say MTL wins by 10-14 aprox.

Ottawa @ B.C. … ottawa cant do it again, BC wins by allot.

Saskatchewan @ Toronto… Another toughy, greenes passing has not been that good, and there D almost let hamilton crawl back, damon is better than nealon and the toronto D will prevail, TOR wins by a small margin

Hi Big Dave- Hope your ti-cats regroup.

  • Stamps over the Bombers
  • Montreal at home over Edmonton
    -Bc at home over Ottawa
  • Sask. at T.O. = best game of the week - home team should win but my the Riders running game has come through when it was needed. Allen is an older wiser Nealon Greene. Toronto should win at home but I’ll go with the upset- Riders in a close one despite being outkicked again. Toronto kicker is the toughest and best in the league right now.