Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 3

Thanks to the weird schedule this season, there are only three games this week. Here are the matchups for week 3:
Hamilton @ Calgary
Toronto @ B.C.
Edmonton @ Winnipeg

The standings are available to view at

To make your picks, reply to this thread (please don't quote this post) with your picks for the winners.

Participants will be ranked based primarily on the number of correct picks. Point spreads are not considered. If you elaborate on your picks, please make your pick clear at a glance. If I have to read paragraphs of prose to figure out who you think will win, I won't bother.

The deadline to make a pick for any game is the scheduled kickoff time of that game. No exceptions. A pick for a 7:00 game will be considered late if it is posted at 7:01.

If you want to change one of your picks, please post a new reply. DO NOT EDIT YOUR ORIGINAL POST. If a post has been edited, only those games played after the latest edit will count.

Good luck!

My picks are:


FOR NOW... I'll probably change them.

Hi Big Dave,

Sorry about your ti-cats slow start- I still think they will be in the thick of things as the season progresses. They have too many good players!


  1. Upset - Hamilton over Calgary
  2. BC will hammer Toronto
  3. Edmonton is too strong for the Bombers. Edmonton in a walk.

my picks are:

Calgary over Hamilton :roll:
BC over Toronto :wink:
Edmonto will beat Winnipeg to a pulp :lol:

Hamilton @ Calgary
Toronto @ B.C.
Edmonton @ Winnipeg



No excuse for a lot of 3-0 this week.

Calgary - sorry BD, on a bright note you may get
to see Danny Mac if Burris doesnt get
his act together.

BC - No Damon, no chance

Edmonton - Ricky Ray > Kevin Glenn

Before BigDave mentionned it, I had not notice how many weeks there were on the schedule with only three games on the menu.

I believe it is soemwhat unfair that two teams have a bye on week 20. You shouldn't let two teams get a week of rest just before the playoffs. It makes for uneven semi-final games.

What do you guys think of this?

I agree completely, 3/10…then again, this is coming from a gal who’s a little bitter that there are any bye-weeks whatsoever with an even number of teams…

A long layoff can hurt the team that gets the extra week off... you only need to look at the NHL playoffs for evidence of that...

......that bye week could hurt a team that is in first place though, that would be two weeks without a game before playing the divisional final....

.....but back to the topic at hand:

Hamilton @ Calgary - Stampeders win
Toronto @ BC - Lions win
Edmonton @ Winnipeg - Eskimos win

Calgary Over Hamilton (not yet Cats)
BC over TO
Winnipeg over Edmonton (bring one home Bombers on Canada Day!)

I'll go with:

Hamilton - I've bet on the cats twice and been let down. Hopefully they will not disappoint me again. I figure the Cats are due for a win and Calgary has been mediocre so far.

BC - Even with a bunch of receivers injured, Dickenson will still find someone to throw to. Toronto looked bad against the bombers.

Edmonton - It would suprise me if the Bombers could do anything against Edmonton considering that they only scored 16 points on Toronto. Looks like Ricky Ray is starting to get on the same page as his receivers.

Well, I have fallen out of this race early going 1/4 this week and 2/4 last week, but at least this week my Rider bias payed off =) So for next week I will say:

Calgary - I am done picking Hamilton until they gel a little.

BC - I did not see the game but it sounds like without Allen TO's offence is pretty bad and their defense is not a lot better with their injuries. I also think that BC is the best team in the league right now.

Winnipeg - I am going on a limb here, but I think Roberts will run all over Edmonton who is not nearly as strong against the run early in this season as they were last year. That along with the apparently strong play of Winn's defense and home turf advantage, hopefully they can pull it off.

Hopefully I can go 1/3 (Winn) and have all western opponents lose. That would be great!!

Go Riders!!

my pick this week


thanks BigDave



After a dismal 1-3 record last week, I need to make like Emeril and "kick it up a notch." My picks for week 3..

Calgary over Hamilton
B.C. over Toronto (even if Damon was healthy, I'd still take the Lions)
Edmonton over Winnipeg

Tough call this week, but Here goes:

All winners (I hope)

Winnipeg. I feel a big Winnipeg win on Canada Day.

Thanks mucho BigDave :wink: