Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 20

Well, here it is, already the last week of the regular season. :cry: Good heavens, it goes by fast!

Anyway, here are the matchups for Week 20:
Montreal @ Hamilton
Toronto @ Ottawa
Saskatchewan @ B.C.
Edmonton @ Calgary

To make your picks, just reply to this thread with your picks for the winners.

To change your picks, post a new reply. (You don't need to re-post all your picks, just the changes.) Please don't just edit your old post.

Standings are available to view at

Good luck.

Als over Ticats
Argos over Gades
Lions over Riders
Stamps over Esks.

Wow already the last week!
Great job all year BigDave!

(subject to change)


Not much to play for now. Just trying to build up my record and finish with respectable numbers.

Montreal @ Hamilton: Montreal is trying to tune up for the playoffs, while Hamilton is still playing for their jobs. In spite of their bad season, they've played well at Ivor Wynne, winning 4 of their last 5 home games, and can finish the season above .500 at home with a win here. Mind you, I said can. Will they? Probably not. Als by 9.

Toronto @ Ottawa: Ottawa has literally nothing to play for now. Their playoff hopes are gone, Paopao is gone, the fans are gone...I'd like to see a big crowd out for this game, but unless a caravan makes the trek from Toronto, that won't likely happen. You can't get up for a game under these circumstances, and against Toronto, if you don't get up for the game, you might as well go home before the coin toss. Toronto by a hundred.

Saskatchewan @ B.C.: Saskatchewan knows they'll be crossing over, win or lose. B.C. still needs to win to clinch first, or else they'll have to pin their hopes on a Calgary victory over the Esks. The Riders have lost 3 in a row, and are 3-5 on the road, while the Lions are 7-1 at home. B.C. by 6.

Edmonton @ Calgary: What a way to end the regular season. Easily the game of the week. The winner gets home field advantage in the playoffs -- for the Western final for Edmonton if the Riders beat the Lions -- while the loser must play the post-season on foreign turf. Neither will have any difficulty getting up for this game. Edmonton is 4-4 on the road, and Calgary is 4-4 at home. Both have won their last 3 games. But even though they no longer wear the black and gold, I'm still a huge fan of Troy Davis and Joe Montford, so I'm giving Edmonton the edge. Esks by 4.

my pick this week

*Colombie Britanique

thanks BigDave

Montreal @ Hamilton --- Montreal are at the top of this league. Hamilton is at the bottom. Mtl will most likely sit some people a bit, but they should still come out and trty to win it.
Winner: Montreal

Toronto @ Ottawa --- Toronto will also probably start some backups- but I don't expect a repeat of last years game. They should be able to beat Ottawa's hapless team. They have nothing to really play for and just want the season to be over.
Winner: Toronto

Saskatchewan @ B.C. --- BC has something to play for, Saskatchewan only really has pride to play for. That being said Saskatchewan's D seems to play fairly well against Printers. If the Riders offence can score, and plays the whole game I can see an upset. Probably not gonna happen, but I live and die with my Riders. (this pick might knock me out of the playoffs. hope not)
Winner: Riders

Edmonton @ Calgary ----- Huge Game. Edmonton has a chance at 1st with a little help of the Riders. Calgary can get 2nd with a win. Its in Calgary so that should help the Stamps. This one is really hard to pick. I will go with my first instinct on this one (I might be changing this one)
Winner: Edmonton

Thanks Big Dave. Its been a great year, hope to see 7 others in the Playoffs. I gotta hold these guys off. Hopefully people make stabs at the dark and hurt there chances by doing that :twisted: game face is on now

OK Here goes:

All Winners: (I hope)

BigDave..Thanks for the job you have done throughout this exciting year. You've made my first year involved with this, fun and memorable. Simply because of the picks I made each week in the V.G.C.C. I found myself many times rooting for and against teams I normally wouldn't. It made for an awsome season!


Cheers to a great season, and here's to the playoffs(Raises cold Beer)


Thanks BigDave!

Thanks Big Dave. You're the best! It's been fun.

Go Gades Go! :cry:
North Side Sucks! :twisted:

I'm going with a road team sweep for this last week.


Countdown till next year CFL season: approx 8 months!!! Can't wait! Well I gotta look forward to the Grey Cup this year first, then counting down.
Thanks for another awesome year Big Dave, keep it up!!
Montreal @ Hamilton = Montreal
Toronto @ Ottawa = Toronto
Saskatchewan @ B.C. = BC Grey Cup Baby!!! All I want for early xmas is a lions appearance, gonna be there. Can't wait!
Edmonton @ Calgary = Calgary, I'd rather have the leos face the stamps than the esks.

Montreal @ Hamilton
Toronto @ Ottawa
Saskatchewan @ B.C.
Edmonton @ Calgary

No more picking my Bombers. :frowning: This was my first time participating in one of these and I had a blast. I did pretty damn good for my first time and now I know not to pick Winnipeg as much as I did. :roll: Lets hope I get another 4-0 to end off this year. Anyway, just wanted to say thank-you so MUCH BigDave for doing this for us. You're a great person and lets hope that we can both make it to the playoffs (and our two football clubs) next year.

Hamilton & Winnipeg - Grey Cup 2006!

Montreal Over Hamilton (let’s see, Montreal playing back ups and getting ready for the PO, while Hamilton is playing for respect and the players are going golfing while they still can. I think I’ll go with the team that is playoff bond)
Toronto over Ottawa (same as above, Ottawa hasn’t a heart left this season, they really need to bring it in the next season, but TO will put them to rest)
BC over Saskatchewan (BC lost a close one and Saskatchewan wants to prove to everyone and themsevles that they can go far in the playoffs, this will be a great close game, but BC being the better team will win out)
Edmonton over Calgary (well, well, the battle of Alberta back to back, feels like Labor Day allover again. Winner of this decides home field advantage and next week will decide who will meet BC in the Final, I say that Edmonton wins this week and gets home advantage but losses next week)

thanks bigdave it has been fun... at least i should make the top twenty.

here goes one last week


Boy the season sure went fast. I might jump on Kanga's bandwagon for that 24 week schedule afterall!

MONTREAL Over Hamilton. Montreal wants to go into the playoffs on a high note and even though they'll probably put in their backups in the second half, they should prevail and win this one. MONTREAL by 5

TORONTO Over Ottawa, Ditto here too! Toronto will finally put the Renegades out of their misery and they can start cleaning house! TORONTO By 8

BC Over Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan knows where they are playing, BC does not. 40,000 expected in the dome and it should be noisy. BC By 4

CALGARY Over Edmonton. Best game of the weekend! Battle of Alberta has a new meaning. Coach Higgins would love nothing more than revenge over his old team and his players know it. Both teams will come fired up, but look for Calgary to dig a little deeper. DeAngelis on the last play of the game (Reverse Dejavu?) CALGARY by 2

Big D,

I'm chaging my pick from Sask to BC, ok? Thanks!

First off KK please never pick Calgary to win a game. Deal???

Here’s my picks.

Hamilton…this ones for you Dave, and all the effort youve put in to give us
the results on time, everytime. Its appreciated!!!
Toronto…do i really need to make a comment here??? Nope.
BC…better offence wins, along with home field advantage
Calgary…moses save yourself some grief and dont watch this game. LOL

Thanks again BD.

Thanks BigDave, I had fun trying to pick the winners and my only regret was not having entered sooner in the year. I'm full of myself from a 4-0 week in week 19; and I only hope I can continue with the same perfect record for week 20 to be at least respectable for the weeks I've been involved. here are my picks:

  1. Montreal @ Hamilton- I would love to pick your team BigDave because they play well at Ivor Wynn, but Montreal is just a better team. Montreal does play some backups, so their starters don't get hurt, and Hamilton can't wait for the game and the season to be over. I'm taking Montreal by 10 points.

  2. Toronto @ Ottawa- The same senario exists here as in the Als-TiCats, and Toronto plays some backups too, and Ottawa just can't wait for for the game and the season to be over. Ottawa could be the worst team in the league, and Toronto will prove that by winning this game by 12 points, so I'm taking Toronto.

  3. Saskatchewan @ BC Lions- The "Who Knows" game of the year between two teams that nobody knows what will happen. They should play this game on Halloween and have both teams wear masks because who knows who is going to show up. I'd like to take the Roughriders because they've intrigued me all year, but after that fiasco two weeks ago against Calgary in Regina, I just can't. I'm taking the BC Lions because they are the home team and I think they will win by 3 points.

  4. Edmonton @ Calgary- The battle of Alberta and the best game of the week by far. Edmonton just barely got by BC last week, and they had two weeks to prepare for the Lions; and the Calgary Stampeders are the hottest team in the league right now. Calgary is going to have the league's leading rusher when this season is over in Joffrey Reynolds, and even though Edmonton has Troy Davis, one of my favorite players, I'm still picking Calgary by 3 points, mainly because they are the home team.

    Thanks again BigDave, and thanks for explaining things about the CFL to me in the past. You were a big help, and also for not bashing the NFL, which is a great brand of football too!

[quote="Eskylo"]First off KK please never pick Calgary to win a game. Deal???/[quote]

why is that? I was 2 for 2 last week, problem is one of those losses was the Winnipeg game, but I predicted the Winnipeg/BC game sucessfully.

First off, a big tip of the ol' brain bucket to BigDave for another awesome year in running the VGCC. Hope to see it again next season.

Now, it comes with a heavy heart to offer my selections for this, the final week of the regular season:

Montreal over Hamilton - The Don wants to finish strong so he sends a message to the Riders that they won't be taken lightly in the East Semi.

Ottawa over Toronto - a nothing game for both squads. However, since Pinball is going to do the same as he did last year in the final reg. season game against the Als, look for the Rens to go over here. Just it won't be as big a blowout as that Als game was.

B.C. over Saskatchewan - Wally and the boys need to win this game to lock up first in the West and get that extra bye week. The Riders' fate is pretty much locked up. The Leos get the nod.

Edmonton over Calgary - We're going to see these two play again next week. Question is, will the game be again at McMahon, or will they shift to Commonwealth? I think we're going to see the rematch at the CFL's equivalent of "The Frozen Tundra". I'm picking the Esks.