Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 19

Toronto over Hamilton (TO just distoryed Montreal and Hamilton just did the same to Ottawa, but TO is the better team and Hamilton is playing just for recpect, needless to say, everything is in TO favor)
BC over Edmonton (practice before the West Final, Edm is coming off a breack and BC after killing the Bombers, BC is fired up and will beat Edm on their turf. They are the lesser of these two evils after all)
Montreal over Ottawa (Both teams have been murdered last week, but Montreal is the stonger of the two and will beat Ottawa easy, unlike on Canada Day, Ottawa has no heart at this point and will lost badly like if they were playing in the Big O, which they wish they were playing for a better attendence and maybe a chage to beat the Als)
Winnipeg over Calgary (Last Bomber game of the season, they better make it a good one and then pack it in and retool for next season)


I'm hoping to go 3-1 this week and at least 3-1 next week to make .500.

Ticats over Argos
Lions over Esks
Als over Gades
Stamps over Bombers

Okay, two weeks left, and I'm 2 games out of a playoff spot. Time for some strategic picks. I want to move one game closer this week, so I'll have to pick one "upset" and hope for the best.

Hamilton @ Toronto: And this is the one. Toronto is the obvious pick, being in first place and at home against the fourth-place team, that they shut out in this building the last time they played there. Needing to move a game up this week, I'm going against the grain and picking Hamilton, who is coming off a good game with their rookie QB. Plus it allows me to go with my heart. Ticats by 1.

B.C. @ Edmonton: Edmonton is playing great since acquiring Troy Davis, and B.C., in spite of their humiliation of the Bombers last week, is still a question mark, having lost 4 of their last 5. The Esks are also at home, where they are 6-2, and 3 of the Lions' 4 losses were on foreign turf. Edmonton by 4.

Montreal @ Ottawa: Montreal needs to win this to have a shot at first. Ottawa needs to win it to have a shot at the playoffs. Both were in a similar situation last week, and lost. Ottawa is 4-3 at home, and Montreal is 3-4 on the road; but Montreal is too good to lose to these Renegades a week after getting their butts kicked in front of a huge home crowd. Als by 11.

Calgary @ Winnipeg: Calgary has made the western playoffs, but still has their eye on a home game. If the Esks beat B.C., the Stamps will need to win this to have any chance for that to happen. Winnipeg is coming off an embarrassing loss to the Lions, but have enjoyed their role as spoilers. But when the better team has more at stake, the better team usually wins. Stamps by 3.

Strategic picks, based partly on who I think others are going to pick. I may have to change some of these later on.

Hamilton @ Toronto = Toronto
B.C. @ Edmonton = BC, but depending on which team shows up, could go the other way.
Montreal @ Ottawa = Montreal, Ottawa has let me down waaaaayyyyy too many times, not gonna fall for that one again.
Calgary @ Winnipeg = Calgary.

Hello BigDave, and here are my picks for week 19

  1. Hamilton @ Toronto- I would love to pick the Ti-Cats for a huge upset here, but Toronto has everything going for them here, and they are playing at home. They will handle the Ti-Cats without much trouble. I'll take Toronto by 10 points.

  2. BC Lions @ Edmonton-This is the best game of the week, and I'm not convinced that BC is back to where they were before the 4 game losing streak. Edmonton is home, Edmonton can put some more pressure on BC, and Edmonton has had two weeks to prepare for this game. I'm taking Edmonton by 5 points.

  3. Montreal @ Ottawa- Montreal can still keep the pressure on Toronto with a win here, and the Renegades are just playing out the string. Montreal also knows they will probably be playing Saskatchewan in the playoffs, and wants to be peaking for that game. They will start that by handily beating Ottawa. I'm taking Montreal by 7 points.

  4. Calgary @ Winnipeg- Calgary is on an emotional high with their great win in Regina the previous week. This is the last game of the season for Winnipeg, and I'm sure their guys just can't wait to get out of town and home to their families and friends. I'm taking Calgary by 10 points.

    Thanks again BigDave!

Hamilton, BC Montreal and Winnipeg will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hamilton @ Toronto
B.C. @ Edmonton
Montreal @ Ottawa
Calgary @ Winnipeg


Always go with your heart BD. It feels way better.

My oh my !

When I saw the results of the games this week, I was soooo sure I just killed my chances at the postseaon in the VGCC... Quite gladly, pretty much everyone made the same picks, so I still stand two spots away from my precious berth. Gotta think of it now... Only 8 games to go. How should I play this?....

My suggestion to you, 3nd, pick Winnipeg over Calgary.


Thanks BigDave!

I am out of it , but last week was GREAT for me. The GOOD thing is that the ARGOS , should win first and have that EAST FINAL.

Also thanks , CALGARY!!!!!

HAMILTON @ TORONTO [Hamilton , just beat OTTAWA , so they are due for a let down , just like MONTREAL, was.The ARGOS should clinch 1st place at home and have that EAST FINAL. ALLEN , has proven he is the EAST's , M.V.P.]

TORONTO..................... WINS :smiley:

B.C. @ EDMONTON..... [A tough call. B.C seem to be back , and need to clinch 1st , as well. EDMONTON , are due to lose and haven't been as scary at home , this year]

B.C.............WINS :smiley:

MONTREAL @ OTTAWA [It is do or die for OTTAWA.Montreal have to bounce back from that last game disaster.BUT OTTAWA are due , and at home]

OTTAWA.........WINS :smiley:


CALGARY ......WINS. :smiley:



Well, at least I don't have to worry about picking the Riders this week.....thankful for small miracles.....should save a little sanity.....

Toronto over Hamilton
BC over Edmonton
Montreal over Ottawa
Calgary over Winnipeg

Thanks again, BigDave!

Hamilton @ Toronto -- TO looked strong. Hamilton looked good against a crappy team. I hope Hamilton does well, but I don't see Eakin getting 400 yds against this defence.
Winner: Toronto
B.C. @ Edmonton --- Should be the game of the week, hands down. Can Printers play well in a cold commenwealth?? I think he can. I don't think Edmonton is as good as its record, but they are at home.
Winner: BC
Montreal @ Ottawa---- Ottwa has to win out to make the playoffs. hmm don't see that happening. Ottawa won one earlier in the year against A strugling MTL team. Other then last week Mtl has looked very good. Hopefully they can regain their composure and Officially knock teh Gades out of the playoffs.
Wiinner: Montreal

Calgary @ Winnipeg ---- Calgary didn't really impress me this week against the Riders, but they were plaing a tough defence. Winnipeg's De isn't quite as good as the Rider one, so The stamps should be able to put some points on the board. I do see Winnipeg making a game out of this, and they might pull it out. I will take the home team.
Winner: -- Winnipeg Don't make me regret this bombers, as This pick could knock me out of the playoffs.

Moving on up, unfortunately not enough season left to catch the guys on top.

Oh well at least ree's off my tail. Speaking of tails ree, is yours still between
your legs after all those BC losses??? LOL

Heres my picks Davey boy.


Thanks Big guy!