Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 18

Here are the matchups for Week 18:
Ottawa @ Hamilton
Toronto @ Montreal
Winnipeg @ B.C.
Calgary @ Saskatchewan

To make your picks, just reply to this thread with your picks for the winners.

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Good luck.

my pick this week


thank BigDave

Here are my picks:

Ottawa :x
Montréal :twisted:
B.C. :lol:
Saskatchewan 8)

Hamilton (what the hell)
Montreal (Allen will be deaf)

Wow. I dropped further behind this week (3-1) then I did after going winless last week! Go figure. Darn Riders. Sigh.




Ottawa @ Hamilton
Toronto @ Montreal
Winnipeg @ B.C.
Calgary @ Saskatchewan

Ottawa beats Hamilton - Damn this is a hard pick. I don't know if Hamilton will breakout and steal a win or will they play like they have been for the season...BAD! I hope Ottawa snags a win. Will be a tough one since we all thought Edmonton could have beat Hamilton.

Montreal beats Toronto - Both teams coming off intense wins in the last minute. I'm picking Montreal because of home field advantage. Could be a VERY close game.

BC beats Winnipeg - BC is a weird team now. They almost beat Montreal but the Bombers basically destroyed them. I'm picking BC to win this game but I'll be cheering my heart out for Winnipeg

Saskatchewan beats Calgary - COME ON CALGARY! Saskatchewan takes it because of them playing at home.

Ottawa over Hamilton (I love the Cats more and hate Ottawa, but Ottawa needs to make the playoffs this year to bring some fans back, so I say Ottawa in a close one)
Montreal over Toronto (Montreal will be playinf in a real pro team stadium with the lagest number of people it's had all season, look for them to beat the argos and taken controll for 1st in the East)
BC over Winnipeg (I'm going agaist my team here becase they are playing in BC Place, which is like the House of Pain of this league this season and becase the former head choch will get his revenge)
Saskatchwan over Calgary (the Riders will be Calgary for me becase their main logo sucks and they want to play and beat Edmonton and BC in the playoffs, enough said)

Thanks, BigDave. Here are my picks for week 18 of the CFL season.

  1. Ottawa @ Hamilton- Which Hamilton team will show up, and how many INT's will Danny McManus throw? Still I'm picking Hamilton because they are home, their fans will support them and they always play hard, even when they don't play well. Hamilton is my choice by 7.

  2. Toronto @ Montreal- This is the best game of the week, and should be very close. The winner will most likely win the Eastern Division, and with both teams at 9-6, I'm taking Montreal by 3, since they are at home. Should be a great game.

  3. Winnipeg @ BC Lions- BC has lost 4 games in a row after 11 straight wins and has to right the ship NOW! They have the perfect situation to do this, playing a Winnipeg team that gave a gallant effort in losing a close one to the Argos this week. Winnipeg has nothing left to play for and is on the road playing the team with the best record. I'm taking the BC Lions by 10.

  4. Calgary @ Saskatchewan- Both teams need this game very badly, the Riders probably even more so. Saskatchewan is highly motivated after a tough loss to Edmonton last week and is home, so I'm taking them to beat Calgary by 6, but the game could be even closer than that. My pick here is Saskatchewan.

    Thanks again BigDave!

Ticats over Gades
Als over Argos
Lions over Bombers
Riders over Stamps

Ottawa over Hamilton
Montreal over Toronto (my pick for game of the week.....)
BC over Winnipeg
Saskatchewan over Calgary

Thanks BigDave!!

Big Dave do you know who's starting for Hamilton?

calgary[OTTAWA, have to win and HAMILTON , does not]

OTTAWA........wins :smiley:[some people wrote here that the ARGOS beat a weak team vs. WINNIPEG, in a 60 km wind , but WINNIPEG did blow out B.C. , and MONTREAL, just beat B.C. Montreal are hot right now , so the question is? Can they win 5 , in a row? This will be the 3rd game for the ARGOS of 4 games in 17 days. MONTREAL, will have 50,000+ people at the BIG O. BUT the ARGOS have won their before under those conditions and have played their best with few days off.The last MONTREAL game will be hard to top and MONTREAL may be drained and/or the ARGOS may be out of gas?

The ARGOS have been under rated all year , and they will not be a push over.This game will be close with TORONTO , coming out on top.

TORONTO wins........... :smiley:[B.C. , are at home and need revenge]

B.C...........wins :smiley:[SASK...have to keep pace with EDMONTON , and they are at home]

SASK.........wins :smiley: [but my heart will be with,CALGARY]

OTTAWA Over Hamilton. If Ottawa needed motivation, they have to win or it's a Western Cross over. Hamilton is playing for jobs. OTTAWA by 2

MONTREAL OVER Toronto. Playoff preview! The fans at the Big O should holler and scream and make lots of noise. This will probably cause Damon some Time Counts. MONTREAL by 2 in a thriller!

BC Over Winnipeg. A Must win for BC! A loss here and that 11-0 start was done with mirrors. Time to get back on track. If the Home crowd doesn't inspire them then nothing will. The Real BC team will hopefully prevail. BC By 10

SASK Over Calgary. This is the toughest pick. Unless Crandell gets injured, this should be a see-saw battle. Mix in those gale force prairee winds and we should have our second thriller of the weekend. Paul McCallum will silence the critics with the game winning field goal with the wind at his back.

4-0 last week! Didn't really help my standings, but with the playoffs a bit of a longshot, I'll take the stat.

Ottawa @ Hamilton: Hamilton has won three of their last 4 home games, and Ottawa is 2-6 on the road. But Ottawa, unlike Hamilton, has an outside chance of making the playoffs. I think the Cats will just use these last few games as an audition for 2006. I don't think McManus will start, which leaves only Brady, who hasn't played well in any of the games he's started this year, or Eakin or Beutjer, neither of whom has yet played a down of Canadian football. Here's another point: I've picked Hamilton to win 7 times this year, and the Cats (and I) are 1-6 in those games. I've picked them to lose 8 times, and the Cats are 2-6 (and I'm 6-2) in those games. So the Ticats do better when I pick them to lose, and so do I. Renegades by 2.

Toronto @ Montreal: The battle for first place in the east! The big game at the Big O. Two teams coming off last-play victories last week, including Montreal's 46-44 win over B.C., easily the best game of the season. (Though I was cheering for the Lions, seeing the Als win was a small price to pay for seeing such an incredible contest. That, my friends, is what Canadian football is all about: high scoring, with a dramatic finish. Even I was hoping Stala would make that catch.) The Als are going to be at home in front of their biggest crowd of the season; possibly the biggest crowd of the season. At this point I don't know the status of John Avery, but even if he plays, I don't think it will matter. Montreal is the hottest team in the league right now, playing the way they need to play at this time of year. Should be another great game, but I have no doubt of the outcome. Als by 6.

Winnipeg @ B.C.: Like Hamilton, Winnipeg is playing for pride and for jobs now. B.C. is playing for playoff position, having already clinched a home game in the post season. Winnipeg is playing pretty good football, and their loss to the Argos could have gone either way. B.C. has now lost 4 in a row, and though I have nothing against the Lions, there is a morbid, almost sadistic, part of me that wants to see their losing streak continue after they put together 11 wins to start the season. But if Printers plays the way he did against the Als, I don't think the Bombers will be able to pull this out the way Calvillo did. Lions will end their 4-game skid with a 9-point win.

Calgary @ Saskatchewan: Calgary can force the Riders out of the Western Division playoffs with a victory in this game, and can aid their slim chances of hosting a playoff game this year. The Riders, who a couple of weeks ago were the hottest team in the league, are now one of the coldest, having lost two in a row. But both were close games against good teams, and this is Regina, in a packed Taylor Field. Burris seems able to play with the cast on his left hand, but it has to be affecting him mentally. I'm guessing that pressure from the Rider D will throw him off his game. Saskatchewan by 4.

Summary: Ottawa over Hamilton, Montreal over Toronto, B.C. over Winnipeg, Saskatchewan over Calgary.

Ottawa @ Hamilton --- I hate picking between these teams. They both can play some games, and they both have shown themselves to be complete bums, Which teams are gonna show up is hard to predict. I picked Hamilton last time they played, and Hamilton denyed me. I am gonna pick them again though for home field
wineer: Hamilton

Toronto @ Montreal ---- Battle at the Big O. Wow this should be a great game. Can Montreal dismantle another defence. Yep, I think they can. Toronto will keep it a game, but I see Montreal scoring a lot, and Toronto won't be able to keep up
Winner: Montreal

Winnipeg @ B.C. ------ Winnipeg played fairly well the last couple games, one of them beating BC to a pulp. This is the week BC starts their comeback, Printers played allright and did enough to win, his defence let him down. Shouldn't happen this week
Winner: BC

Calgary @ Saskatchewan ---- Return of Smilin Hank to Sask. boooooo (sorry just practicing) This game will be LOUD. The game is sold out and shold be a great one. If The riders can score this time around, I think our healthy defence (or mostly healthy) can stop Reynolds, and limit Henry to shorter passes. Look for some interceptions from The rider secondary.
Winner: Saskatchewan

Go Riders Go

Thanks Big Dave.

Some tough choices this week. Heres my picks.

Hamilton...home field and pride will do it
Montreal..again home field is the difference
BC...........theyre much better then Winnipeg
Calgary...Burris will be up for the game

Thanks Big guy.

I haven't heard anything, but Marshall has always said McManus is our starter as long as we're in the playoff picture, because "he gives us the best chance to win." Now that wins don't matter, it sounds like he wants to give the other guys a chance.

Of our other 3 QBs, Brady is the only one with CFL experience. He hasn't played well in any of the games he's started for the Ticats, but is decent coming off the bench. But I doubt Marshall will throw Kevin Eakin or Jon Beutjer into the starter's role for their first snap as a pro. So I think it'll be Brady starting, with one of the two rookies getting some playing time. McManus will probably dress as the third QB, and will only come in if necessary.

The reason I think they want to do that is that they know (as we believe) that Maas will be our starter next season, and McManus will be the backup. That leaves just one active QB spot. If Brady proves himself in these remaining games, he'll be #3 and they'll put one of the rookies on the practice roster; if he doesn't, he'll be gone, and it'll be the two rookies fighting for third-string QB. With Maas coming over to a new offence, they know they won't be able to give the two kids much playing time in the pre-season, so they want to answer that question now.

Anyway, that's what I think they think, and that's what I'm basing my picks on.