Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 17

tor-winnipeg apparently only wins when i vote against them so i will vote for to and cheer loudly when they prove me wrong yet again.

Hamilton @ Calgary = CGY
Saskatchewan @ Edmonton = Edmonton
B.C. @ Montreal = Montreal
Toronto @ Winnipeg = Winterpeg


Is it just me, or is MM copying my picks for the last few weeks? :lol: Anywho, here's my insight for week 17:

Calgary over Hamilton - Stamps are now fighting with the Gades for the last playoff spot, and I can't see the Ti-Cats playing the spoilers this week at McMahon.

Edmonton over Saskatchewan - This one's a tough call. The Esks just knocked off the Argos in a total snoozefest while the Riders just barely lost to the Als. Edmonton's got the home field so I'll go with them. Plus, I really can't fathom saskargo cheering for the green & white for a whole year.

B.C. over Montreal - Wally has to stop the bleeding sometime and quick; otherwise, the Lions can kiss hosting the western final goodbye. This will be the bandaid they need.

Toronto over Winnipeg - Whenever the Argos lose after a long layoff and they play a game a few days later, they always comeback and win. Sunday's contest in the 'Peg will be 6 days after they put the fans in the Dump to sleep against the Eskimos. Pinball's boys are going over here.

Calgary over Hamilton
Saskatchewan over Edmonton
BC over Montreal (don't know about this one.....)
Toronto over Winnipeg

Thanks BigDave!!

Man the lifeboats...I'm sinking like the titanic,,,,,

CALGARY Over Hamilton....Calgary is rested and needs to keep pace with the rest of the pack. CALGARY by 8

EDMONTON Over Saskatchewan....Time for Edmonton to get playoff ready. With Sask and CFalgary nipping at their heels they need to bring their "A" game. EDMONTON by 2

MONTREAL Over BC. The losing streak will continue. There is talk that Dickenson probably won't play in Montreal leaving 2 banged-up backups, Printers and Pierce to QB the Offense. MONTREAL by 4

TORONTO Over Winnipeg. Winnipeg just had their "Grey Cup" game for 2005 against BC. Toronto's defense will shut down Glenn and the Bombers. TORONTO by 8


CALGARY over surprise....

EDMONTON over SASKATCHEWAN....tough one to call but I will go with the Esks....

MONTREAL over BRITISH COLUMBIA.......ALS' are playing their best ball of the year......Lions problems are starting to become big ones....

WINNIPEG over TORONTO..........will be a lot closer than everyone thinks.....edge Bombers....

Finally, back in the hunt. Now to go back on top:

EDMONTON :stuck_out_tongue:
MONTREAL :twisted:




Wow! For The First Time This Season The V.G.C.C. Goes 0-4 As Well As Most Of The Posters. I Was Sitting Pretty Spliting My Picks And Hopfully I'll Do Better This Week.

Calgary Over Hamilton
Edmonton Over Saskatchewan, I Feel That Edmonton Is Better Then There Current Record
Montreal Over British Columbia, Home Field Advantage Is Hugh Between These Two
Toronto Over Winnipeg

I also forgot to post picks last week. and why are most of you picking my Eskies? it seems that every time most people pick them to win, they lose (see Toronto, BC), and vice-versa (see Hamilton, Labour day rematch vs CGY). pick saskatchewan dammit!!! :wink:

anywho, here's my picks:


G'day from the Ottawa Valley,

Went 0 for last week (including my Gades over Hamilton). Here's looking at a better performance this week although in some cases, if I'm wrong, the Gades benefit so it's okay.

Calgary over Hamilton: Which Hamilton team will show up? Is Burris healthy? Tune in to find out.

Saskatchewan over Edmonton: should be a great game, given the tight one between the Riders and the Als.

Montreal over BC: Al's were impressive last week while BC was pathetic.

Winnipeg over TO: this one is for KK and for my uncle Al. Show me that it wasn't a fluke. :smiley:

Go Gades Go!
North Side Sucks!
Leafs really suck!
Go Sens Go!

winners............ :smiley:

CALGARY :smiley:

SASK. :smiley:

B.C. :smiley:

TORONTO :smiley:


Thanks mate, I’m not dead sure as I was last week, but I hope they win.

I’m not blaming anybody for picking the Argos, I blamed anybody last week becase I was damn sure that they was gonna be an upset and that great game was gonna be the highlight of the BBs 75th season. This week however is different. If tthe Bombers win, great, but I willn’t be laughing in the faces of those other fans that picked the Argos. with that said…


Calgary over Hamilton
Saskatchewan over Edmonton
Montreal over BC
Winnipeg over Toronto


Thanks Big Dave

Yuck! Last week was horrible, I was bumped back to 14th place after being in 7th place the week before. Let's hope that I can get it back!

Hamilton @ Calgary--Calgary Stampeders
Saskatchewan @ Edmonton--Saskatchewan Roughriders
B.C. @ Montreal--Montreal Alouettes
Toronto @ Winnipeg--Toronto Argonauts

Thanks BigDave!!!

Calgary Stampeders
Saskatchewan Roughriders
Montreal Alouettes
Toronto Argonauts

The Als and Argos must both win to make the October 22nd a thriller ! Go East!