Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 17

Here are the matchups for Week 17:
Hamilton @ Calgary
Saskatchewan @ Edmonton
B.C. @ Montreal
Toronto @ Winnipeg

To make your picks, just reply to this thread with your picks for the winners.

To change your picks, post a new reply. (You don't need to re-post all your picks, just the changes.) Please don't just edit your old post.

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Good luck.


my pick this week


thanks BigDave

Calgary, Saskatchewan , Montreal, Toronto!!

Easy pickings this week.

Calgary....Burris is back!
Edm.........turnovers kill Sask.
Montreal...sorry ree but your team sucks right now
Toronto.... too talented for the bombers

Thanks BD!


I have returned to the VGCC! Ever since I quit posting in this thread at labour day the Riders were undefeated, but now that they lost anyways I got nothing to lose LOL.

Well, this is the sixth year I've done the VGCC, and this was the first time EVER that I've gone 0-4. I know most people did badly last week, but I may have knocked myself right out of contention. Like my Cats, I may just be playing for pride now.

Here goes:
Hamilton @ Calgary: I certainly hope Hamilton does better this week, but the fact is that they haven't won on the road in 7 games this season. The Ticats are playing for their jobs, and thinking about next year now. A loss here will finally mathematically eliminate them from the playoffs, which at this point would be merciful. The Stamps, without Burris, made the Cats look bad at Ivor Wynne a couple of weeks ago -- Hamilton's only loss in their last 4 home games. How much worse will it be at McMahon? Stamps by 13.

Saskatchewan @ Edmonton: This should be a great game, and may decide who gets home field advantage in the playoffs. The Riders 5-game winning streak just ended in a tight game at Taylor Field, and they'll certainly want to get back on the winning track in time for the playoffs. But Edmonton is 5-2 at home, and the Riders are 3-4 on the road. I'm sure they'll get some more wins before the regular season ends, but it won't be this week. I'm guessing the Eskimos' secondary will work all week on their tackling, and picking the Esks by 6.

B.C. @ Montreal: After 11 straight wins, the Lions are now on a 3-game losing streak, including their latest embarrassment at the hands of the Bombers. All their quarterbacks are currently injured, and no matter who starts this game, they likely won't be 100%. Though Montreal is having their worst season in a long time, they are 5-2 at home. Gotta go with the home team here. Als by 8.

Toronto @ Winnipeg: Winnipeg must be flying high after beating the stuffing out of the Lions. Toronto's loss to Edmonton wasn't pretty. But I think their bag of miracles may be empty now. Damon Allen is healthy, and John Avery is playing probably his best football since he left the Eskimos. I don't think Winnipeg has what it takes to beat this team. Argos by 9.

Summary: Calgary over Hamilton, Edmonton over Saskatchewan, Montreal over B.C., Toronto over Winnipeg

Where are the congrats? that it!!!! anyway, to my picks.

Calgary over Hamilton: I thought hard, but I think Calgary still has a shot at the playoffs that they aren't going to let go of, and Hamilton is just playing for respect at this point. though they will put up a fight, they are no match for the Stamps as they stay in the PO race.
Saskatchewan over Edmonton: hhhhmmmm, I'll go with Saskatchewan becase they seem to be in the grove still desbite losing to Montreal but no by much, Edmonton is still strong but no match for the Riders, s history has proven.
Montreal over BC: Things continue to go down hill for the Lions without DD, Montreal should beat them easy on there own field and take revenge.
Winnipeg over Toronto: Wnnipeg just won a big game over BC, and Toronto losed a heartbreack to Edm. Though I'll likly be wrong becase TO, even with Allen, is a much better team, I gotta go with my Bombers.



[u]Hamilton @ Calgary:[/u] Burris will probably be back, but it won't matter. Big Dave made a good point about the beating over in Steeltown, but how much more in McMahon? Expect Jeoffrey Reynolds to have a HUGE game against a Tiger Cat defence that is weak in the rushing game area. I think the Tiger Cats' newly improved defence will help soften the blow abit though.

Calgary: 26

[u]Saskatchewan @ Edmonton:[/u] Usually in past years this game has been a blowout in Commonwealth. Edmonton usually handles them, but I don't think it's going to be like that on Saturday night. Edmonton's coming off a short week which makes it even closer. It will be a damn good game and the Eskimos will need to be balanced against the Roughriders like they were against Toronto. Close game, but...

Saskatchewan: 25
Edmonton: 32

[u]BC @ Montreal:[/u] BC is looking embarassing. Injuries are catching up to them and really not helping their chances of solidifying their place as 1st in the west division. If Edmonton beats Saskatchewan, they will definately have a shot at reaching that first place. BC is falling apart and Montreal is hot. Montreal by a bunch.

British Columbia: 21
Montreal: 36

[u] Toronto @ Winnipeg:[/u] What a game by Milt Stegall against the Lions. This will be a close one. It's in Winnipeg, but.. Toronto is good coming off short weeks. The running game is going well for Toronto and you're seeing the John Avery of old. All he needs now is 20 carries a game. Toronto has gotta give the Diesel abit more touches in this game. I don't think he got any against the Eskimos. On the flip side, Kevin Glen, Charles Roberts, and Milt Stegall are playing at the top of their games. Close one.

Toronto: 17
Winnipeg: 19

I cant believe I missed last weeks picks.......


Calgary- everyone is healthy and ready to go
Edmonton- They will out match the Riders easily
Montreal - If the Bombers can make BC look bad the Montreal team will really embarass them.
Toronto- Bombers crash to earth they had their good game for the season done like toast.

Hamilton @ Calgary --- I don't think Calgary is as good as their record, but I do think they are better then Hamilton. If Burris plays, and does half way well then they should do alright.
Winner: Calgary

Saskatchewan @ Edmonton ----- Game of the week most definetly. Riders almost always play like junk in Commenwealth in October. I expect that to end this week. The team is mad at themselves for letting the Mtl game go. The Defence will plug up the holes they showed on Saturday, Morgan will be back from a funeral. Edmonton is good at home though, and with this stupid trade, they now have a way more ballanced attack. Lets see how they run against us though. Tough to pick, but yall know I ain't going against my Riders
Winner Riders

B.C. @ Montreal ------ Another tough pick. Mtl is the best team in the league right now, and BC isn't looking like a team who won 11 straight. I still don't know who to pick on this one, as it depends heavily on which QB is in for BC. I think I might take the home field for this
Winner: Montreal

Toronto @ Winnipeg ---- Bombers beat the leos. not something I expected to say this year. Toronto is another team who i don't think is as good as their record. Winnipeg i playing for their playoffs dreams (and dreams might be what they are) Toronto is playing for a first round bye. Winnipeg has more to lose this game, but I still think Toronto will take it.
Winner: Toronto

WOW 0-4 this week. It being thanksgiving and all I am thankful that very few people were able to capitilize on my donut this week. Only One game back.

Go Riders

Good assessment Billy! The Rider Eskie game should be the best game of the week!

Hamilton @ Calgary
Saskatchewan @ Edmonton
B.C. @ Montreal
Toronto @ Winnipeg

Calgary beats Hamilton - Hamilton. Eeek! Calgary takes it at home. Should Burris be back?

Edmonton beats Saskatchewan - One coming from a loss other from a win. Edmonton takes it at home. This time a field goal won't determine the game.

BC beats Montreal - BC lost to the Bombers! Woo... Okay now that I got that out. BC will take out Montreal at Montreal.

Winnipeg beats Toronto - Hahahahaha. I can't believe hardly any of you guys picked the Bombers to win last week. Good Job Kanga! I knew we would have won. Winnipeg will snag another win this Sunday agaisnt the Argonauts on our turf.

GO BOMBERS and boy does it feel good to be coming off a 3-1 week.

Can’t believe I forgot to put in my picks for Week 16. Doesn’t matter, would have been 2-2 anyways.

Stamps over Ticats
Esks over Riders
Lions over Als
Bombers over Argos

All the players for the Stamps are available except Wilkens who is replaced by recent Jaguar Allen!

Thanks for that, Lionbacker.

Thinks, bleed, we kicked @$$ last week and we’ll do more the same this week.


After going 0-4, I'm a bit embarrassed, but will still try my best to be 4-0 this week. here are my picks:

  1. Hamilton @ Calgary- Hamilton hasn't won on the road all season, and doesn't look like they will start now. Henry Burris is back for the Stampeders and this will help them immensely, and they still have shot a 2nd in the West. I'm picking Calgary to win by at least 10.

  2. Saskatchewan @ Edmonton- Obviously the best game of the weekend, and both played close games this past weekend. This game too will be close, and Saskatchewan is a little more desparate than Edmonton, because a lose for the Roughriders would really hurt them. I'm picking Saskatchewan by 3.

  3. BC @ Montreal- The Lions are a mess right now, with all three of their quarterbacks hurting in some way and with Duncan O'Mahoney missing another field goal against Winnipeg (I know it didn't matter in the final score). Montreal is playing very well right now and they are home, and you could argue they are the best team in the CFL at this time. My pick is Montreal by at least 7.

  4. Toronto @ Winnipeg- Toronto lost a badly played game to Edmonton this past weekend, and this should be a wake-up call to them to get their act together. Winnipeg was outstanding against a reeling BC team, but the history of the Blue Bombers this year is to follow up a great effort with a poor one. Toronto is very motivated this week and I'm picking the Toronto Argonauts by 9.