Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 16

Here are the matchups for Week 16:
Hamilton @ Ottawa
Montreal @ Saskatchewan
Edmonton @ Toronto
B.C. @ Winnipeg

To make your picks, just reply to this thread with your picks for the winners.

To change your picks, post a new reply. (You don't need to re-post all your picks, just the changes.) Please don't just edit your old post.

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Good luck.

3 & 1 last week, not to bad!!!

Hamilton @ Ottawa
Montreal @ Saskatchewan
Edmonton @ Toronto
B.C. @ Winnipeg


Okay, here goes. I can't believe I'm still in the race.

Hamilton @ Ottawa: I also can't believe Hamilton is still in the race. But with two games against the Renegades, who are playing their worst football of the year, the Cats have a very realistic shot at finishing third. (Whether or not they can avoid the crossover and squeak into the playoffs is another story.) The Cats had an amazing game against the Eskimos, and seem to have finally found the returner they've been lacking since...well, since Earl Winfield retired. While home field was an advantage last week, it won't be much of a factor in this game; the Cats haven't played in front of a crowd this small since their pre-season match in Halifax. The Cats should get their first road win of the season.

Montreal @ Saskatchewan:This one is a tough call. Like most people, I thought the Riders would lose to B.C., but they were unwilling to co-operate. Shows how selfish they are. The Als have been less than impressive this year; their last win against a (healthy) contender was August 12 versus Toronto. The Riders are the hottest team in the league right now, and are playing at home, where they're always tough. I'm sure the Riders will again refuse to co-operate, as they seem to have done to me all season, but I'm picking them to win this time anyway.

Edmonton @ Toronto: The Eskimos are still reeling after their humiliating loss in Hamilton. The 'Dome is not the place you want to play after a game like that. Don't get me wrong, I'll be cheering for the Eskimos in this one; but I don't think it's going to happen. On paper, Edmonton has probably the best team in the country, with star players at pretty well every position; but on the field, they're perhaps the most over-rated. Toronto should be able to hand the Esks their second straight loss.

B.C. @ Winnipeg: The Lions right now are stunned after two straight losses. While first place is still not in any real danger, they need to put together some wins to get that swagger back in time for the playoffs. A loss here, and the Lions will completely fall apart. At this point, it's still not clear whether Dickenson will play in this game, or even whether he knows what year it is. But Pierce is pretty good as backups go, and Winnipeg is the place to play when you need to end a losing streak. Lions by a touchdown.

Summary: Hamilton over Ottawa, Saskatchewan over Montreal, Toronto over Edmonton, B.C. over Winnipeg.


Hamilton, Saskatchewan , toronto and Winnipeg( if Dickenson does not play) will win.

Riders Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hamilton over Ottawa (This is Ottawa's golden opportunity to get back in to the race, if they win this game against Ham, who are on fire after beating Edm, they will have the best chace at making the playoffs, however being that the Cats are still my favorite in the East, I say that Ottawa will fail)
Montreal over Saskatchewan (Both teams are coming off wins and both are showing GC mentality, Montreal are back to their dominating ways and don't show any sign of slowing down, Sask just came off a HUGE win over the Leos in Vancouver and will keep up the pace. So, I believe this will be a close one and thee game of the week, a lose here could spell the end for one team and a win could mean a Cup for the other. I believe Montreal is the better team, I want them to win the Cup this season, and they will just beat the Riders by a hair.)
Toronto over Edmonton (HAPPY CANADIAN THANKSGIVING!!! This will be a great game, however, it will all come down to the QBs, Edm is failing apart and just mannring to hold it together, Toronto is still strong but Allen is showing his age. I believe Ray is finished and Edm needs to give Maas a go, Maas will be a bit rusty but will put on a great game. Nevertheless, TO is better and will win)

Tough week to pick, lots of underachieving teams. Will they decide
to play??? Hell if i know, but heres my picks anywho.

Hamilton.......the gong show continues for Ottawa
Montreal.......will put Sask in their place.
Toronto........both teams underachieving big time, flipped a coin
Winnipeg......theyre going to save some face with a big upset.

Well ree all streaks are over now except the one that landed in your
shorts after watching Dickenson get ko'd, along with your lions. LOL

Hamilton @ Ottawa [Reluctantly, I pick Hamilton to win]

This is a tough one, but I would go with Hamilton, although personally I would prefer Ottawa to make the playoffs . They beat Edm, are fighting for their jobs, and Marshall is a good coach, Paopao is not. Hamilton by a TD.

Montreal @ Saskatchewan [I choose SK]

I am a Rider fan, and hold season tickets. This will be a great game, and SK has got to have great confidence. The first two wins in this streak were against Winnipeg, but since then they have beat Edm, Tor, and BC, the class of the league. I Hate Don Matthews with a passion, and I think he is done. Montreal has looked only average this year, SK is playing unreal football right now with Crandall. However, if SK is going to lose another game this year, this may be the week to lose, with Edmonton playing Toronto, and Calgary with the bye. If Edmonton loses, SK is still 2nd, and Calgary can't make up any points. SK by less than a FG.

Edmonton @ Toronto [I Choose TO]

Generally I hate cheering for TO on general principals (I also follow the ABC rule of "Anybody But Calgary"). But SK is not going to be 1st in the East, and a TO win could allow SK to take 2nd all by themselves in the West. TO is also not a crossover loser, so a TO win has no negative effect for the Riders. Ray has been ordinary, they lost to Hamilton, and depsite the win against BC, I don't think Edmonton will win this one. BC has had many breaks go their way, and the law of averages seems to have caught up with them, and it was only a matter of time before they lost, so the Edm win against BC was not as big a deal as originally believed. TO in a close one, look for a last minute FG.

B.C. @ Winnipeg [BC will likely win, but GOOOOOOOOOOOO BOMBERS!]

A Rider fan cheering for the Bombers? Not normal, but while I would love for the Bombers to win [could you imagine the Western Final in REGINA?] its not going to happen. The Leos ARE a good team, the Bombers are not, and this one will not be close. Leos by more than a TD.

my pick this week

*Ti-cats, Hamilton
*Alouettes, Montréal
*Eskimos, Edmonton
*Lions, British Columbia

Thanks BigDave

OK, time to start moving up out of the high 50’s. My picks for week 16:

Ottawa over Hamilton - Although the Tabbies are flying high off the win against the Stamps, the snide for the Gades ends this week.

Montreal over Saskatchewan - The Don will be out to get the Als’ shnickey together. Riders’ five game win streak hits the wall.

Edmonton over Toronto - As much as I’m a fan of the Double Blue, they’ve constantly shown this season that they can’t win after a long layoff. The game against the Eskies comes 12 days after their win over Ottawa.

B.C. over Winnipeg - Wally regroups and gets the Lions back on the winning track with a W in the 'Peg.

Correction, the Tabbies beat the Esks last week, but I still say:
Ottawa over Hamilton.






Hamilton by 6.
Saskatchewan by 4.
Toronto by 2.
B.C by 12.

For most games , a really tough call this week...............

OTTAWA[OTTAWA , are at home and are due to win....Hamilton , are still a bad team and the EDMONTON game , was a fluke. Edmonton , are over rated but are not nearly as bad as HAMILTON , is. OTTAWA , have to win this one][SASK. could be due for a loss , but NOT at home. Montreal , really need to win this game to catch the ARGOS , but SASK. are not , CALGARY. Look for this game to go down to the WIRE][ this game could go either way. EDMONTON , will want to prove that the HAMILTON game was a fluke.TORONTO , are at home and need to stay ahead of MONTREAL who are now in their , rear view mirror.Toronto , has already beaten EDMONTON, so it could be EDMONTON's turn to return the favour. However , TORONTO are THE better team.....and have had 2 poor games in a ROW.....NOT THIS GAME. WINNIPEG..........[I feel sorry for WINNIPEG.....meeting B.C. after B.C.'s 2 losses. B.C. have depth and WINNIPEG , are lousy. Not even close , at home]


OTTAWA.......... :smiley:

SASK................ :smiley:

TORONTO......... :smiley:

B.C..................... :smiley:

Ottawa Over Hamilton
Montreal Over Saskatchewan
Toronto Over Edmonton
B.C. Over Winnipeg

Hamilton @ Ottawa----- Was Hamilton's win against Edm a fluke? most likely but they are playing Ottawa, who seem to have zero heart at all. I thinkn they have the talent, just no heart.
Winner Hamilton not too confident in that pick, but whatever

Montreal @ Saskatchewan ---- two of the hottest teams in the league. Sask is on a 5 game in streak, and are technically in 2nd place right now. With Calgary having a week off, and edmonton playing TO, I think we have a chance to take second for ourselves in this game. Montreal is tough though. There Defence has finally come together, and Calvillo is always dangerous. Is Edwards gonna be back?? That would help them out. I think the Rider defence will win another game for the Riders.
Winner Riders

Edmonton @ Toronto --- Edmonton better play a 100% better then last game or they better be ready for another big defeat. Toronto is a to home and they are playing fairly good football. What team is gonna show up for edmonton, I don't think it matters.
Winner: Toronto

B.C. @ Winnipeg ---- 11 wins then 2 losses, I don't see them losing 3 in a row. Winnepeg is just not good enough. BC has to make sure they score TD's so they don't have to worry about there shotty kicking.
Winner: BC

First place baby
3 of the top 5 are Rider fans.

Hopefully I can keep my 3-1 streak going, maybe even get a perfect week. hasn't happened in awhile.

Ottawa (gotta go against the grain)
Montreal ( can't wait, should be a great battle)
Edmonton (just hoping)

Hamilton @ Ottawa
Montreal @ Saskatchewan
Edmonton @ Toronto
B.C. @ Winnipeg

Ottawa beats Hamilton - Okay. Hamilton did scare me when they beat Edmonton..... but what the heck happened with Edmonton? Hamilton destroyed them. I'll pick Ottawa because they are at home.

Montreal beats Saskatchewan - This will be a tough game but Saskatchewan. Blahhhhh..... I just want to see them lose again......Montreal I believe will win.

Toronto beats Edmonton - Edmonton is hot and cold. Toronto will take care of Edmonton at home.

Winnipeg beats BC - Upset of the week. Enough said.

I learned from last week that anything can happen........ and it will continue on this week.

Hey Bigdave!

Hamilton @ Ottawa--Hamilton Tigercats
Montreal @ Saskatchewan--Saskatchewan Roughriders
Edmonton @ Toronto--Toronto Argonauts
B.C. @ Winnipeg--BC Lions