Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 15

The first game is on Wednesday this week, not Thursday, so be sure to get your picks in on time!

Here are the matchups for Week 15:
Ottawa @ Toronto
Edmonton @ Hamilton
Montreal @ Calgary
Saskatchewan @ B.C.

To make your picks, just reply to this thread with your picks for the winners.

To change your picks, post a new reply. (You don't need to re-post all your picks, just the changes.) Please don't just edit your old post.

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Good luck.

B.C tought one Sask is hot and BC almost lost 2 in a row but are still hot

Ottawa @ Toronto - This one should not be close. Ottawa is just disgusting right now. Toronto will be hungry after not even scoring an offensive TD against Sask. If Allen struggles in this one I would not be suprised to see Bishop.
Winner Toronto

Edmonton @ Hamilton - Edmonton willbe riding high after that win against BC. Hamilton is also disgusting to watch
Winner: Edmonton

Montreal @ Calgary - Calgary is starting their 3rd stringer at QB. Montreal is a good club with a worse record. Montreal will come in and get enough points to win. Should be close only because of Calgary's Defence.
Winner Montreal

Saskatchewan @ B.C. - Man its hard to pick this one. I think Saskatchewan will beat BC in one of the two games they play each other. Sasks Defence played well against TO, and was very good untill the end against BC in August. Will BC's defence be able to stop the rushing of saskatchewan. I don't think so. Should be the game of the week in my opinion. Plus I refuse to pick against the Riders.
Winner: [u]Riders[/u]

2nd place baby. And easily the best % and aggreagate spread. Hopefully I can keep it up
Thanks BigDave

my pick this week


thanks BigDave

3-1 last week. How did I know the Lions were going to lose? The Argos on the other hand are obviously out to get me -- probably because of my vocal stand on that whole Bashir Levingston thing -- and threw that game on purpose. :lol:

Ottawa @ Toronto: The first-place Argos have now lost two of their last 3 games, but their struggles are nowhere near those of the Renegades. A 5-game losing streak, with this game in Toronto looming over their heads. After a bye week sandwiched by two games against the Ticats, they still have to finish the season with a game against the Alouettes before facing these Argonauts again. Surely even the most optimistic Renegades fan would see no more than two more wins this season; and one of them won't be here. Argos by a dozen.

Edmonton @ Hamilton: I love the Ticats. I really do. I plan to renew my season tickets next year, and hope for a vastly improved team in '06. I still expect them to show up and play some entertaining football for the rest of this season, but if they get another win, it won't likely come at the expense of the Eskimos. They lost by just 9 earlier in the season at Commonwealth, and they'll be at home here, but they'll be nowhere near as close. Conservatively, and because I love my Ticats, Esks by 15.

Montreal @ Calgary: This game has a playoff feel to it. Montreal is still in real danger of finishing third in the east, and Calgary, who may finish fourth in the west, could easily steal their playoff spot. The Als know they have to win this game to prevent that from happening. Calgary still has a realistic shot at 2nd place, and have won 3 in a row. The toughest call of the week; I'm picking Montreal by a point.

Saskatchewan @ B.C.: The Lions must be fuming after their first loss of the season. Saskatchewan is on a winning streak, but none of those 4 wins were against the Lions. After starting the season with 11 straight wins, I seriously doubt they'll put together back-to-back losses. B.C. by a touchdown.

Summary: Toronto over Ottawa, Edmonton over Hamilton, Montreal over Calgary, B.C. over Saskatchewan.


TORONTO :smiley:

HAMILTON :smiley:

CALGARY :smiley:

B.C. :smiley:

the WINNERS............... :smiley:

BC (but I'll be cheering my heart out for the Riders - I've got until Wednesday to change my mind. . .)


TO, EE, Mont, BC


Toronto over Ottawa (IOttawa just isn’t looking good, no maych for the Argos)
Edmonton over Hamilton (Edmonton’s is on a high after defeating BC, Hamilton will be wishing that they still had KJ as the esk walk all over them)
Montreal over Calgary (It’s ime to breack the Cal-Sask tie, the Red and white and black or whatever there fucking colors are will be no match for the high flying Aloucords)
Saskatchewan over B.C. (Now that the BB is on a bye, I’m picking the Riders over the Leos, the Riders are on fire and will make thrid place in the West)


Should be an easy 4-0 week for me.

Winners only:

BC (sorry about the streak ree, i think the refs did you in) :lol: :lol: :lol:


Here are my picks for Week 15:

Toronto over Ottawa
Edmonton over Hamilton
Montreal over Calgary
B.C. over Saskatchewan

Our bye week finally comes pathetic. This sucks.

Ottawa @ Toronto
Edmonton @ Hamilton
Montreal @ Calgary
Saskatchewan @ B.C.

Toronto beats Ottawa - And I thought Ottawa would be good....

Edmonton beats Hamilton - I don't even care about this game...

Montreal beats Calgary - Calgay won't beat Montreal again this year...

B.C beats Saskatchewan - They have to lose sometime and the time has come for the Riders... God please make me HAPPY!

0-4 for week 14. That is horrible. Atleast this week I have a chance of going 4-0 to get back in the top of the pack...No more picking the Bombers but I'll still cheer for my team....

Good luck to everyone else..... :!:

I probably dropped a couple sports because of last week. Here are this week's:

Toronto :?
Edmonton :cry:
Montreal :smiley:
B.C. :evil:

Ottawa @ Toronto--Toronto Argonauts
Edmonton @ Hamilton--Edmonton Eskimos
Montreal @ Calgary--Calgary Stampeders
Saskatchewan @ B.C.--Saskatchewan Roughriders (I can't go against my Riders)

Thanks BigDave!!!


Darn Lions. Why’d you have to lose last week! :lol:

Toronto - Sask made them look bad, but Ottawa has a way of helping teams restore their confidence.

Edmonton - a Hamilton win would be nice, but let’s be realistic. Possible, but doubtful.

Montreal - They’re looking good.

Sask - Sask beat Edmonton, Edmonton beat BC, so Sask should beat BC. Okay, so it’s not quite that simple, but I think that they stand a good chance. Should be a good game.

So: Toronto, Edmonton, Montreal and Sask.

So far, it seems like the first three picks are fairly standard. It’s that last game that will cause most of the movement this week.