Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 14

Wow! What a week! One game decided in overtime, another by a walk-off field goal, and two others won by less than a touchdown! This is the CFL, folks, and is the reason why I love it!

The standings are posted here.

Here are the rules, in a nutshell:
Each week I will start a thread, like this one, listing the games being played that week.
To join in, just start making picks. You can join in at any time, but the later you join the harder it will be to catch up.
To make your picks, reply to the thread, stating which teams you think will win. You can elaborate or pontificate all you want, but the predicted winners must be obvious at a glance.
In order to be accepted, your post must be made prior to the scheduled kickoff. No exceptions for any reason.
If you want to change your pick prior to game time, post another reply. DO NOT change your original post.
At the end of the week, the standings will be posted. Rankings are based on the number of correct picks, followed by the aggregate spread (point spread of games picked correctly minus point spread of games picked incorrectly), followed by the percentage of correct picks.
At the end of the season, the top 8 participants will qualify to make picks for the post-season.

These are the games for Week 14:
B.C. @ Winnipeg
Calgary @ Hamilton
Toronto @ Edmonton
Saskatchewan @ Montreal

Good luck!

Maybe selecting first will change my luck ... (There's always hope!?!?)

First off ... Kudos to Billy_Soup, roughtime, Neil70, jm02, & prairiedog72 ... Over 70% is impressive! Especially, Billy_Soup's 75%!!!

Anyways ... My selections for the week ...

BC over Winnipeg
Hamilton over Calgary
Edmonton over Toronto
Montreal over Saskatchewan

Thanks Big Dave!

I'm rocketing up the standings now! #25 with a bullet. Not bad considering just a few weeks ago I was wallowing at #51 and had pretty much given up hope.

B.C. @ Winnipeg: The Bombers let a a big lead slip away last week, and lost in overtime. But there's good news this week: this one won't be so close. Lions by 9.

Calgary @ Hamilton: After a 1-4 start, Hamilton's only losses have been two close games out west, including a 4-point game against the Stamps that, but for a couple of missed field goals, they could have won. They seem to have fixed the kicking problem now, so this game in Guelph should be much more favourable. Cats by 3.

Toronto @ Edmonton: I hate picking Toronto. I really do. But common sense has to win out over my heart when they are playing a team like the Esks. Toronto is 5-1 on the road, and Edmonton is 1-5 at home. This one could get ugly. Argos by a bunch.

Saskatchewan @ Montreal: Both these teams are on 3-game losing streaks, so it's hard to say which one is colder. Even the Molson Stadium advantage is no advantage, because the Als are as inept at home as they are on the road. The difference is Darian Durant vs Josh Neiswander (sp?). Rider by 6.

My pick for week 14:


A third consecutive 2-2 week but fortunately I'm still sitting in sixth place. Hopefully I get back out of the even-steven funk this week...

B.C. - Even with an injured Lulay this is the gimme of the week...

Hamilton - Played Calgary tough in Cowtown two weeks ago, expect a turnaround in fortunes in Guelph in favour of the Ticats.

Toronto - The Argonauts have become juggernauts of late mowing down one Western opponent after another. The other gimme of the week..

Montreal - The Riders have been in a tailspin of late, and I don't see them denting the Als defense this week...


Last week, Billy soup picked
Winnipeg over edmonton
Hamilton over Montreal
Calgary over toronto
Saskatchewan over bc

Thus, he went 1-3.
Standings show he went 2-2.

I know this because we had the same picks, with the exception of winnipeg and edmonton.

Yet another Coin Flip, Identical Outcome for CFIO this week. But with all games pretty much coming down to the wire, it was a coin flip kind of week. (Congrats to getalife, the only 4-0.)

My picks for week 14:

B.C. @ Winnipeg - The Bombers just don't have it this year. Should be a walk in the park, but will probably be closer than expected.

Calgary @ Hamilton - The Ticats are improving, and held their own at McMahon last week. Here's hoping they have a few more key players back from the IL (Figueroa and/or Delahunt in particular to provide a bit of protection for Hank). It'll be a fun one no matter what.

Toronto @ Edmonton - How are the Argos pulling this off, missing so many key starters? Even if it's just luck, they should be able to take the Eskimos.

Saskatchewan @ Montreal Without Sheets, the Riders will have a tough time beating the Als. With him - not sure if he'll be back or not - it's be a close one.

Unfortunately, no. He had The Argos in the third game.

(Nice try. And yes, we all wish....)

Was that a change before kickoff?
If not, my mistake.


Nope, he picked Toronto in his original post.

Ok. My bad. I've been trying to pick 3 of 4 the same in an effort to gain some ground. Not sure how I missed that.


B.C. @ Winnipeg - Lions, duh!
Calgary @ Hamilton - Calgary. They're better. Hamilton is overrated.
Toronto @ Edmonton - Argos complete the prairie road sweep. They got mojo.
Saskatchewan @ Montreal - 2 tough defenses, 2 struggling offenses. But I'll take Durant over Tanner J Neismithmarsh ... and keep my fingers crossed.

  1. :thup: B.C. :thup: 2) 8) Hamilton 8) 3) :twisted: Toronto :twisted: 4) :rockin: Saskatchewan :rockin:

LIONS over B.B.'s by 10.......27-17
CATS over STAMPS by 4.....28-24
EDM over ARGOS by 2.....30-28......UPSET SPECIAL!!!!
SASK over AL's by 7.......27-20

B.C. @ Winnipeg - LOL.... BC all the way!! #RockBottom
Calgary @ Hamilton - Hamilton
Toronto @ Edmonton - Edmonton
Saskatchewan @ Montreal - Saskatchewan


B.C. vs Winnipeg - LIONS
Calgary vs Ti-Cats - HAMILTON
Toronto vs Eskimos - TORONTO
Sask. vs Montreal - SASKATCHEWAN