Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 14

Here are the matchups for Week 14:
Ottawa @ Calgary
Toronto @ Saskatchewan
B.C. @ Edmonton
Winnipeg @ Montreal

To make your picks, just reply to this thread with your picks for the winners.

To change your picks, post a new reply. Please don't just edit your old post.

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Good luck.


Calgary over Ottawa (If Ottawa wants to have any chance to get into the playoffs in November, they HAVE to win this one, I'll be cheering for them, but I'm picking Calgary for this because even w/o Burris they are still the better team)
Toronto over Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan won a big one last week and are well on their way to the playoffs in November, but Toronto will be looking to hold on to the #1 spot on the East. TO is the better team, they get my pick)
BC over Edmonton (Edmonton lost a heartbreaker last week and are coming apart at the seems, they will be no match for the mighty Leos who will go 12-0 and tie the Stamps record)
Winnipeg over Montreal (I pick Winnipeg to win because of favoritism, this should be a great game)



[b]Ottawa @ Calgary:[/b Comon Ottawa! Eskies need you here baby! lol.. Jason Gesser didn't look that great last week. Ottawa's desperate and fighting for their spot in the playoffs.. (crossover very likely chance if they lose) I'm saying Ottawa, Kerry Joseph knows the importance of this game and I think he will get it done. His "D" has gotta get back on track, for Ottawa to win though, and I think they will.

Ottawa- 23
Calgary- 18

[u]Saskatchewan @ Toronto:[/u] Wow.. Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan. They only won against the Esks because of Mike Maurers lazy a$$, practically just letting Omar Morgan slip by. Anyways, I think Toronto is the better team. They have to get John Avery going, and stop the run! Their defensive backs will do the rest with the receivers. Stop the run should be the #1 objective.

Saskatchewan- 17
Toronto- 25

[u]British Columbia @ Edmonton:[/u] Wow.. this is a MUST WIN for the Edmonton Eskimos if they want to keep 2nd place. Edmonton came close last time of winning on the road against BC, and they only woke up at halftime! Game of the week right here, and I think Edmonton will say enough is enough and get a big win at Commonwealth.

BC Lions- 31
Edmonton- 37

[u]Winnipeg @ Montreal:[/u] When is Doug Brown coming back? I thought it was like a one week thing. I think Robert Edwards will crash the interior of Winnipeg's D-Line with Doug Brown back, and that will be the final result in this game. Which defence will show up for The Peg?

Winnipeg- 20
Montreal- 34

1-3 last week. If Matthews hadn’t been such a bonehead, I would have suffered my first ever 0-4 week. Yikes, that was close!

Some tough calls this week. Only one thing is certain: My Ticats WILL NOT lose! :smiley:

Ottawa at Calgary: Calgary has won two in a row, including a 4-3 record on the road. Ottawa is on a 4-game losing streak, and has lost as many at home as they’ve won. Burris is still out, of course, but Gesser, after a terrible start, managed to put up some pretty good numbers against Hamilton. Their second straight game in the East will probably take its toll, but they should be able to pull off at least a 6-point win.

Toronto at Saskatchewan: The Riders’ win over Edmonton was a surprise, and makes their 2 straight against the Bombers look like more than just a bad team beating up on a worse one. That is, it makes it look like that. Saskatchewan is not in the same class as the Eskimos, Lions,...or Argos. The Grey Cup champs will make short work of this game. Give the Riders the benefit of the home-field advantage, and the Argos are still poised to come out with an 11-point victory.

B.C. at Edmonton: It’s time! The Eskimos are coming off a loss to a team they should have beaten. The Lions are coming off a win in a game they could have lost, and probably would have if Matthews hadn’t had a huge lapse in judgement. I’m a little nervous about calling for the end of a winning streak, but we know it’s going to happen eventually (18-0 won’t happen; sorry!) And as I said, it’s time! Esks by 4.

Winnipeg at Montreal: I think the Als have learned a lesson. And there’s no way on earth they’re going to make the same kind of mistake they made last week, especially in front of their home crowd. The 4-9 Bombers, who have just one win on the road in the past year, won’t get another one here. Als by 15.

First off i want to say "shame on you" to all those who changed
their picks when they heard Burris was out. You had to know
the Calgary D was going to be bringing their A game.

Picks for the week.

Calgary....Gesser will be better, D will be coming hard.
Toronto....Lots of riders will be Argo fans next week, courtesy of the bet
Edmonton..bad field will play a factor, BC can coast in.
Montreal... Hopefully the Don wont **** it up.

Should be another good week for me. I think someones getting
nervous! :lol: :lol: :lol:


Calgary...just gutts :?
Saskatchewan...moral is high :o
B.C. ...i cant choose against my team...i know we are due for a loss...but still... :stuck_out_tongue:
Montreal...rebound 8)

Thx BigD...


Wow What A Difficult Week Last Week Was To Pick, Congrats To Kristen84 And Everyone Else That Manged To Go 3-1 And With Two Games That Were Within 1 Point It's A Testimate To How Close CFL Games Are. Anyways I'm Starting To Ramble On So Here Are My Picks:

Ottawa Over Calgary
Toronto Over Saskatchewan
BC Over Edmonton
Montreal Over Winnipeg

Calgary - As much as I want them to lose, I doubt it. Ottawas in a slump and the Stamps are still improving.
Toronto - Riders won't make it 4 in a row...
Edmonton - They BETTER be pissed off about the last 2 losses because I sure as hell am... Turnovers need to stop and once again our penalties are up there.... 100 and some yards against the riders. AND HERVEYS BACK IN ACTION!!! MUST WIN ESKS.
Montreal - Montreal is pissed.... very pissed.... Bombers will take a beating.

Well, lookee, lookee, lookee, guess who just clawed her way up to the 7th spot, watch out guys, here I come!!! What's sad though is that I've still haven't had a 4-0 week yet this year, come to think of it, I don't think I had one last year either. D'oh!

Ottawa @ Calgary--Calgary Stampeders
Toronto @ Saskatchewan--Saskatchewan Roughriders
B.C. @ Edmonton--B.C. Lions
Winnipeg @ Montreal--Montreal Alouettes

Thanks, Bigdave!

Stamps Over Gades
Riders Over Argos
Lions Over Esks
Als Over Bombers

CALGARY OVER Ottawa, The Gliebermans will sign Dick Butkus and Terry Bradshaw which means the circus is comming to Calgary. CALGARY by 4

TORONTO Over Saskatchewan. Sask squeeked out a win on the blocked Fieldgoal. Toronto won't let it come that close. The Toronto Defense should feast on Crandell TORONTO by 8

EDMONTON Over BC I shouldn't pick the Leos to lose, but it has to happen some time and this has the recipe for it. First its in Commonwealth, Second, Edmonton will be in a nasty mood after letting the game against the Riders slip through. Mountford should have a field day against BC's questionable O-line. EDMONTON by 2 in a Thriller.

MONTREAL Over Winnipeg. The Don wont let this one slip by. Montreals is too good. MONTREAL by 13

The way I'm picking lately, this should be easy for the rest of you!
To be almost gauranteed success, all you have to do is pick the opposite of what I pick! :roll:
You're Welcome!


mont-coaching wins this one

wow I am really doing good these last few weeks, If I hadn't went back and changed my original picks last week I would have been 4-0 instead of 3-1. And I would be in 1st place instead of 3rd. Oh well, serves me right for second guessing myself. Anyways onto the picks.

Ottawa @ Calgary ----- This one is hard to pick. Gesser looked horrible, but Hamilton was just worse then them. Can Ottawa get out of this funk they are in. I don't think so, I don't think they should be doing as well as they are, they got 2 wins out of the Riders that should not have happened, but I digress. Ottawa continues its slide, Calgary's Defence and Specail teams wins this game for them.
Winner - Calgary

Toronto @ Saskatchewan ------ I'll be honest I don't watch the Argos much so I don't know them as well as other teams. That being said the Riders are coming off 3 wins, and seem to be playing with some spirit. Its a short week for them, and it was the Argos break, but I don't see that being a factor at all. The riders De will stop Damon Allen from doing much, and Avery will not do anything, as usual. Riders O will struggle, but will be helped by a shorter feild given to them by their defence.
Winner: The Riders, and the whole forum
loser saskargo

B.C. @ Edmonton ----- Does the streaks end?? Can Ray play good the whole 60 minutes, or just a couple quarters again? BC will be strong, you gotta know that. But they might be complacent. Dickenson will find a way to win this game, and Edmonton a way to lose it. When will the streak end? Who knows.
Winner: BC

Winnipeg @ Montreal ------- Winnipeg comes off beating the horrible renegades, Montreal comes off losing a close one to the mighty lions. I don't even think this one will be close. Montreal does not like being below .500 and will come out scoring fast and often.
Winner: Montreal

I predict Week 14 to go something like this..

Calgary over Ottawa
Toronto over Saskatchewan
B.C. over Edmonton
Montreal over Winnipeg