Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 14

Here are the matchups for week 14:
Winnipeg @ Calgary
Edmonton @ Hamilton
Montreal @ B.C.

The standings are available to view at

To make your picks, reply to this thread (please don’t quote this post) with your picks for the winners.

Participants will be ranked based primarily on the number of correct picks. Point spreads are not considered. If you elaborate on your picks, please make your pick clear at a glance. If I have to read paragraphs of prose to figure out who you think will win, I won’t bother.

The deadline to make a pick for any game is the scheduled kickoff time of that game. No exceptions. A pick for a 7:00 game will be considered late if it is posted at 7:01.

If you want to change one of your picks, please post a new reply. DO NOT EDIT YOUR ORIGINAL POST. If a post has been edited, only those games played after the latest edit will count.

Good luck!


Winnipeg over Calgary
Edmonton over Hamilton
Montreal over BC

wpg upset of the week


Winnipeg @ Calgary: Calgary is reeling after their last-minute loss to Edmonton. Winnipeg may be a little overconfident after beating the Riders. Calgary is at home. Add it all up and you get Stamps by a field goal.

Edmonton @ Hamilton: Hamilton is reeling after their last-minute loss to Toronto. Edmonton may be a little overconfident after beating the Stampeders. Hamilton is at home. Add it all up and you get...oops, I almost forgot to add the most important variable: the Cats are playing. Esks by 15.

Montreal @ B.C.: Even when Montreal was the best team in the CFL, the Lions still managed to find a way to beat them. Now the Lions are the best team in the CFL, on a 6-game winning streak, and the Als have lost 4 in a row. Can't very well pick the Als, can I? B.C. by 9.

Winnipeg @ Calgary
Edmonton @ Hamilton probably the only one that will pick them
Montreal @ B.C.

CALGARY OVER Winnipeg. Calgary will bring Winnipeg back down to earth. Burris will hold onto the ball better plus Its home in Calgary. CALGARY by 8

EDMONTON Over Hamilton. Disco Danny can start planning this weeks victory dance. Ricky Ray should have a field day picking apart the Ti-cat secondary. EDMONTON By 15

BC Over Montreal. Montreal seems to have problems with those western time zones the last few years. Id like to pick Montreal to come out of their losing streak but I think Jet lag will catch up with them again. BC by 3



thanks BigDave

Winnipeg @ Calgary
Edmonton @ Hamilton
Montreal @ B.C.

1.Bombers to win.
2. Esks to win
3. upset pick - Montreal to win!!


Winnipeg @ Calgary: Calgary
Edmonton @ Hamilton: Edmonton
Montreal @ B.C.: BC

Dang those Eskies ruining my perfect weekend in the LD rematches!

Thanks BD!

The Eskies have burned me so many times this season it's ridiculous. I've only picked two games the Esks were in right so far. The first game of the season, and the labour day classic. But they can't burn me this time... RIGHT?!?!

Winnipeg @ Calgary - The Stamps proved again last week they're just not comfortable away from McMahon, but dominant when they are there... while Winnipeg proved they're not the team they were at the start of the season even with Glenn and Stegall back. Calgary by a TD.

Edmonton @ Hamilton - Wow, Hamilton actually came out and played some ball last week, at least on D. Too bad they're going back to Ivor Wynne for this game, where the fans probably can't remember what seeing a TiCat in the endzone actually looks like. Eskies by 13.

Montreal @ BC - Rounding out a week of Western domination, here come the powerhouse BC Lions. This team is so good right now, well, the rest of us are just lucky the playoffs aren't until November.. maybe DD and Buck will go down with injuries by then. BC by 10.

My picks are:
Calgary - Bombers arent good enough to beat the Stamps
Hamilton- Upset of the week
BC- Als losing streak continues..

Calgary over Winnipeg
Edmonton over Hamilton
BC over Montréal

Okay here it goes,

Calgary over Winnipeg by 12
Edmonton over Hamilton by 6
B.C. over Montreal by 14

The EdmontonHamilton game bothers me. This could be an upset but I have to stick with Ricky Ray on this one!
Calgary's going to be pi$$ed off and there at home.
I just don't see Montreal snapping their losing streak in Vancouver of all places!

Winnipeg by 1
Hamilton by 3 Maas finally has a decent game and it happens to come vs his former team
BC by 12 easy one IMO

Winnipeg @ CalgaryWinnipeg are tools and can not get it done! OOPs! Sorry B fans! :lol:

Edmonton @ Hamilton Maas's coming out party!

Montreal @ B.C. Long shot but I think they have the tools to get it done!