Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 13

Here are the matchups for Week 13:
Winnipeg @ Ottawa
Calgary @ Hamilton
Montreal @ B.C.
Edmonton @ Saskatchewan

To make your picks, just reply to this thread with your picks for the winners.

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Good luck.

Okay, Saskatchewan spoiled my perfect week last week and ended my 9-game streak. But tied for 10th is something to be proud of, after being tied for 21st just two weeks ago.

Winnipeg @ Ottawa: Winnipeg has lost 3 in a row, and is 0-6 on the road. Ottawa has also lost 3 in a row, but is 3-2 at home. As bad as Ottawa has been lately, you know the Bombers are suffering when their best player is their punter. Renegades by a field goal.

Calgary @ Hamilton: The Tiger-cats stunk on Saturday, and were shut out for the first time in 26 years! You know they'll be anxious to show they're better than that. Calgary played terribly on Friday, but won, which will give them the impression that they're better than they are. The Cats have won two in a row at Ivor Wynne, and should make it three with a 5-point win.

Montreal @ B.C.: I think this may be the game where the streak ends. I've got a feeling, and it's so strong that I want to pick the Als. And if this were at Molson Stadium I probably would. But it isn't, so I won't. Lions by 6.

Edmonton @ Saskatchewan: You know how I know Edmonton will win? They're not the Bombers, and they're not the Tiger-cats. Saskatchewan is a combined 5-0 against Winnipeg and Hamilton, meaning they're a combined 0-6 against everyone else. Bad news for the Riders, since all the rest of their games are against...someone else! The Eskimos should be able to leave Taylor Field with a 10-point victory.

Summary: Ottawa over Winnipeg, Hamilton over Calgary, B.C. over Montreal, Edmonton over Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan had to beat Bomber eh. By 2. And Eskimos blew my pick away, But im gonna pick them any way.

Winnipeg @ Ottawa: Yes Bomers have lost 3 in a row and they are
0-6 on the road but all that anger is building up and these last games they have, Their gonna exploed. Hamilton triggerd it by winning by two and now saskatchewan made them blow by winning by 2 their gonna explode all the way

Calgary @ Hamilton: They are fired up to beat someone that they are gonna rip those stamps to pieces. Stamps think their so good by beat Edmnton. There gonna blow it with that in their head.

Montreal @ BC: They have a great streak so far i want them to beat calgarys then go all the way till they come to Bombers. BC will know they will win. They wont try and Bombers will be in there explode mode and beat them by 6 touchdowns!!!

@ Saskatchewan: I probally woudnt go for Edmonton because they lost last week but this is saskatchewan not calgary so go ekimos.

Summary: Winnipeg over Ottawa, Hamilton over Calgary, BC over Monreal, and Edmonton over Saskatchewan

BlueBomberBoy :stuck_out_tongue:

Blue and Gold all the Way!!! :lol:

Here are my picks:

Ottawa :stuck_out_tongue:
Calgary 8)
Montréal :shock:
Edmonton :smiley:

Here we go:

Winnipeg - Neither team is looking great right now, but I think Winnipeg will take it.

Hamilton - really not sure about this one. Hopefully Hamilton is spitting mad. Depends on Burris, though - will he shine or throw up a dud?

BC - Montreal just hasn't looked that good. BC will have to stay mentally tough, though.

Sask - There are enough holes in Edmonton to do some serious damage. And if Sask wants to have a chance, they need to make a break sometime. I think this will be it, but I'm not holding my breath.

So: Winnipeg, Hamilton, BC, and Sask

Wow. I picked 100% different than 514MTL - who happens to be at the top of the pack. Potential for a big gain, or a huge drop this week. Hoping for a split at worst!

Winnipeg @ Ottawa
Calgary @ Hamilton
Montreal @ B.C.
Edmonton @ Saskatchewan

Ottawa... :slight_smile:
Calgary...there ya go Eskylo!...this pick is out of love from me... :wink:
B.C...We aint losing in the dome :smiley:
Edmonton... :?

If Edmonton lose this game...tsk tsk!...i hear hooves coming...

Thx BD!

Missed week 12 with the short transition, but here's my go at week 13, the no nonsense version..

Ottawa over Winnipeg
Calgary over Hamilton
B.C. over Montreal
Edmonton over Saskatchewan

Winners only

Winnipeg.......due to win one on the road
Calgary.........sorry Big D :lol:
Montreal........sorry ree :oops:
Edmonton......they arent in a good mood :mrgreen:

Should be an easy 4-0 week. (fingers crossed)

Montreal(Their streek is more important than mine)

Ottawa Over Winnipeg
Hamilton Over Calgary
B.C. Over Montreal
Edmonton Over Saskatchewan

Winnipeg @ Ottawa
Calgary @ Hamilton
Montreal @ B.C.
Edmonton @ Saskatchewan

Winnipeg beats Ottawa - Well the season is over in my opinion for the Blue Bombers. So what the heck. GO BOMBERS!

Calgary beats Hamilton - When you don't even score any points against a team you beat the week before... it's hard to pick them to win. Hamilton is a 2 hit wonder.

B.C. beats Montreal - B.C. is way too strong and we all seen it agaisnt Ottawa.

Edmonton beats Saskatchewan - Nothing would make me more happier (well a Bomber win would) then to see the Esks rebound from that horrible game agaisnt Calgary and destroy the Riders. Thanks for the sell-out though Rider fans.

Another horrible week I'm guessing...All for fun here on out on picking the teams I want to win. Good luck to everyone else.



Montreal-Revenge! -but in reality a tough one to win in BC.


Winnipeg @ Ottawa ---- This is a hard one. Both teams have not looked good. Ottawa's de is not as good as Sasks, so the Bombers should be able to generate more points then the last couple weeks. Ottawa's Offence is off and on. I think they will have another off week.
Winner: Winnipeg

Calgary @ Hamilton ----- Another hard one to pick. Calgary is the better team. All depends on if Burris can keep the ball in his players hands and out of Hamilton's.
Winner Calgary

Montreal @ B.C. ----- BC is on fire. When are printers or dickenson coming back??? I don't see Buck Pierce doing that great against Montreal. But hey I might be wrong. BC is just too strong at home though
Winner: BC

Edmonton @ Saskatchewan ----- Can the Riders contiunue their winning
ways. CAn they beat a team that isn't Hamilton or Winnipeg. I think they can. I think they will have to play very very well to do it though. I think we would have had a better chance if They hadn't sucked so bad this week, the esks that is. Hopefully the Riders coaching staff can pick up on what Calgary was doing and try to reproduce some of it. I am optomistic, but honestly can see this going either way. But I will never not pick the Riders. Even if it hurts my 9th place standing.
Winner: Sask

Wide variety of picks this week. There will be a lot of changes in the Standings this after this week. Mixing it up. should be good.


Gades Over Bombers
Stamps Over Ti Cats
Lions Over Als
Esks Over Riders