Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 12

My picks for this week;

Hamilton vs Toronto; Hamilton - as much as I know Toronto is going to improve, Hamilton still has the better defense. Hamilton by 14.

Saskatchewan vs Winnipeg; Saskatchewan - I made two mistakes last week when deciding this game; 1) I didn't think about who the starting Qb would be for Winnipeg and ... 2) I forgot that the new coach in Saskatchewan probably knew that Winnipeg couldn't stop the run and so we would probably be seeing lots of Messam, so ... this week I pick the rump riders by 7.

Ottawa vs B.C.; Ottawa - For me this is the tough pick of the week and could easily go either way, but ... Ottawa by 7.

Edmonton vs Calgary; Calgary - I think ego Jones is going to start Reilly this week. Unfortunately, I think that means he will be hurt (again) by the 3rd quarter. Then Edmonton has to go to a back up plan. Another tough battle, but ... Calgary by 10.

good luck to all the competitors and thank you Big Dave for running this for us.


OMG, my first game curse has been broken!

Was going to pick Hamilton, I swear. Damnit

Wow 93% for Hamilton, so I have to wonder if 93% is the highest percentage of us who have been right about a pick all season.


In Week 8, 95% picked Hamilton to beat B.C.

I rarely switch picks but with Riley confirmed as the starter and the O line shored up, I'd like to change my pick from Calgary to Edmonton.


Hey BigDave

I will be out of the country next week so here are my picks for week 13



Leorocks (4-0) jumps to #3 spot.
brianjox #1
Chronicguy #2