Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 12

Tough week last week with a couple of surprising upsets. But onward we go!

The standings are posted here.

Here are the rules, in a nutshell:
Each week I will start a thread, like this one, listing the games being played that week.
To join in, just start making picks. You can join in at any time, but the later you join the harder it will be to catch up.
To make your picks, reply to the thread, stating which teams you think will win. You can elaborate or pontificate all you want, but the predicted winners must be obvious at a glance.
In order to be accepted, your post must be made prior to the scheduled kickoff. No exceptions for any reason.
If you want to change your pick prior to game time, post another reply. DO NOT change your original post.
At the end of the week, the standings will be posted. Rankings are based on the number of correct picks, followed by the aggregate spread (point spread of games picked correctly minus point spread of games picked incorrectly), followed by the percentage of correct picks.
At the end of the season, the top 8 participants will qualify to make picks for the post-season.

These are the games for Week 12:
Hamilton @ Calgary
Winnipeg @ Edmonton
Toronto @ Saskatchewan
Montreal @ B.C.

Good luck!

So-so last week, but better than a lot of people, I guess. Creeping my way up the list. Here goes Week 12:

Hamilton @ Calgary: Hamilton proved they can beat the better teams, but beating Calgary at McMahon may still be a bit out of reach. Probably pick the Cats when they play in a couple of weeks in Guelph, but this week, Stamps by 2.

Winnipeg @ Edmonton: The Basement Bowl. Winnipeg finally got their second win; Edmonton, always so close, will get theirs this week. Esks by 3.

Toronto @ Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan is smarting after their loss in the Banjo Bowl. They'll take it out on the Argos, who without Ray are not as good as their 5-5 record indicates. Riders by 10.

Montreal @ B.C.: B.C.'s comeback fell short last week, but this isn't Hamilton they're playing. They won't need a comeback against the Als, especially at home where they never lose. Lions by 9.

There you go: a home team sweep.

Tiger Cats vs Calgary - CALGARY
Blue Bombers vs Edmonton - WINNIPEG
Toronto vs Roughriders - SASKATCHEWAN
Montreal vs B.C. - LIONS

Standings show Week 10 not week 11

All homer all Western:



Missed last weeks games, was in Saskatchewan
golfing. Got a chance to listen to the Riders post game
radio show on the drive home. Sounds like Cortez isnt
so popular anymore. :oops:

Anyhow thanks Dave!

I'll post my picks later. Thanks for the boost this week Big Dave. I love the view from up there but I have to be fair. I think you reversed my picks because I went 1-3 not 3-1.


Eastern Road Sweep This Week Ladies & Gents!

Hamilton over Calgary ... Highest scoring game of the week. Henry wins the shootout back home. FNF will be a classic!
Winnipeg over Edmonton ... Bombers' DLine gets arrested for assault & Esks Oline gets charged for accessory to the crime!
Toronto over Saskatchewan ... Panic about to set in in RiderVille ... They're not nearly as good as they think! Uh Oh!
Montreal over BC ... Als D continues what Hamilton started ... Cox, Emry, Bowman et al. lay heavy hits.

When the East wins at least 2 or more of these western HOME interdivisional games ... We will dispense with this Western Dominance talk all together!


I'm sensing some East vs West stuff going on here?

What if I was born in Ottawa, raised in Winnipeg, educated in Ontario ... I'm east right? The Winnipeg thing gets me nothing?

Hamilton @ Calgary
Winnipeg @ Edmonton
Toronto @ Saskatchewan
Montreal @ B.C

Would love to be wrong on a couple of those. More even match ups this weeks, I don't know that any game would be a huge upset.

Hamilton @ Calgary
Winnipeg @ Edmonton
Toronto @ Saskatchewan
Montreal @ B.C.

Anybody else not getting updated standings no matter how many refreshes?

Probably better that I not see them after the week I had. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hamilton @ Calgary - The only game that I feel remotely confident about the result. Calgary is just a much better all around club than the Cats.
Winnipeg @ Edmonton - I really have no idea who takes this but I am solely banking on a hunch that there will be a post banjo emotional letdown for the Bombers.
Toronto @ Saskatchewan - This has nothing to do with Ray. I just think that the Riders are more capable of scoring a bunch of points against the Argos' D than the Argos are against the Riders' D. but now that I've picked Sask I'm sure the Argos will pull their best game of the year out of their ass.
Montreal @ B.C. - I'm gettin' really sick of picking the Lions and watching them wet MY bed. Als haven't won in the dome since 2000 (I game that I attended and remember fairly well) and this Marsh kid looks color blind. BC better win this for me or I'm telling SheLion not to bring any cookies to practice next week.

I strongly suggest to everyone to pick the same as me because I got the feeling I'm going to have a really lousy week and I'd prefer no one else did any better than me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hamilton @ Calgary - Hamilton
Winnipeg @ Edmonton - Edmonton
Toronto @ Saskatchewan - Sask
Montreal @ B.C. - BC


Thanks Dave


  1. :cowboy: Calgary :cowboy: 2) :| Winnipeg :| 3) :D Saskatchewan :D 4) :thup: B.C. :thup:

A few upsets this week, but at least I picked one of them right, so maybe, just maybe, I won't fall too far behind the leaders.

My picks for week 12:

Hamilton @ Calgary - The Ticats are starting to come on strong. Can their much-improved pass rush put enough pressure on Mitchell / Glenn to throw them off their game? Possibly. The question is whether their secondary can keep tabs on all of Calgary's receivers, enough at least to allow Hamilton's offence to outscore them. Here's hoping.

Winnipeg @ Edmonton - It's early pre-season, with tryouts galore. Winnipeg surprised everyone last week, but I'm guessing that was a one-off. Reilly's going to spend a lot of time on his back, but somehow he'll keep getting back up off the mat to keep slugging. At least Edmonton has a quarterback.

Toronto @ Saskatchewan - The Riders better fix their alarm clock for this week's game so they don't end up sleeping through another one. I think they're too nstrong to lose two in a row, especially after the embarassment in the Banjo Bowl.

Montreal @ B.C. - B.C. doesn't look good outside their own stadium, but at home, they're better than most teams. They should win this one.

50/50 last week :expressionless: , so we'll see what happens this week. This weeks predictions;

Hamilton vs Calgary: Calgary - Hamilton is much improved and Burris always likes being a problem for his former teams (right Rider fans?), however, I don't think they have enough for Calgary. Calgary has been finding ways to win even with so many starters out. Calgary's depth should win this one.

Winnipeg vs Edmonton: Edmonton - This game should be a close one but my gut tells me Edmonton wins this one. could go either way though.

Toronto vs Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan - So I actually show the Rider's some "love" last week and they pay me back with a loss ... oh well, I'll take it! :smiley: I don't see them losing two in a row. They should be plenty motivated for this game and Toronto is hurting. Riders win this one.

Montreal vs BC: BC - after their last loss to the Als, I don't see BC letting another game slip by them. They should be well prepared for this game and motivated to boot. Add to that that BC seems to always play just a little better at home ... this is a BC win!