Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 11


Calgary :cowboy: :rockin:

Calgary at Montreal
Toronto at Winnipeg
Saskatchewan at Hamilton



…MONTREAL over Calgary
…WINNIPEG over Toronto
…HAMILTON over Saskatchewan


Just to make sure, I'm picking Toronto although I think it may be close.

Calgary has a reasonable chance to win, Hamilton rebounding against Saskatchewan would not be unthinkable, but Winnipeg without Glenn & Stegall has no chance at all against a healthy Toronto.
I would have preferred not to run with the herd, but this week I don’t see any way around it. My picks are:


Calgary@Montreal montreal will rebound after their poor showing against Toronto last week. They are also playing with home field advantage. calgary is coming off a bye week. They will be well rested but i suspect it wont be enough against a Montreal team who will be looking for redemtion and revenge. Montreal will get the win.

Toronto@Winnipeg Toronto surprised me with the sound beating they gave Montreal last week. I guess firing Kent Austin was a good thing. Winnipeg is not the same team without Glenn and Stegall. Toronto will win this one.

Sask@Hamilton It is tough for a team to win both games of a home and home series. Hamilton needs to get everyone on the same page before they step onto the field unfortunately they haven't been able to figure out how to do that yet. Saskatchewan needs to avoid getting caught up in the gm shuffle hype. Are their some players who are pissed about the dismissal of Roy Shivers. I guess we will find out this weekend. Riders will get the w.

Montreal Over Calgary
Toronto Over Winnipeg
Saskatchewan Over Hamilton

Montréal - Last two weeks were to show they were human.
Winnipeg - The defence will be at its old form.
Saskatchewan - Want to impress the new GM I guess.

Thanks Dave and have a good one.

Montreal over Calgary
Toronto over Winnipeg
Saskatchewan over Hamilton

Here's how we're picking them for Week 11:

MTL over CAL (82%)
TOR over WPG (78%)
SASK over HAM (84%)

You can still make your picks for the Saskatchewan/Hamilton game, up until 7 pm.

As I'll be at the game, the standings likely won't go up until Sunday. I will post the standings as of right now before I leave for the stadium.