Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 11

Only three games again this week. Here are the matchups for week 11:
Calgary @ Montreal
Toronto @ Winnipeg
Saskatchewan @ Hamilton

The standings are available to view at

To make your picks, reply to this thread (please don't quote this post) with your picks for the winners.

Participants will be ranked based primarily on the number of correct picks. Point spreads are not considered. If you elaborate on your picks, please make your pick clear at a glance. If I have to read paragraphs of prose to figure out who you think will win, I won't bother.

The deadline to make a pick for any game is the scheduled kickoff time of that game. No exceptions. A pick for a 7:00 game will be considered late if it is posted at 7:01.

If you want to change one of your picks, please post a new reply. DO NOT EDIT YOUR ORIGINAL POST. If a post has been edited, only those games played after the latest edit will count.

Good luck!

Montreal: I can't see the Als losing 3 in a row, and losing at home to boot.

Toronto: If Glenn is not playing, the Argos are a better team. Even if he is, it's damn close.

Saskatchewan: I wouldn't be able to respect myself if I picked the worst team in the league just because I have season tickets.

Calgary @ Montreal - Montreal wins. Seeing them lose two straight games in a row does make me laugh. :smiley: However, I'd love if Calgary won again. I just don't see it happening.
Toronto @ Winnipeg - As much as I wanna see my Blue get out of their slump, I just cannot pick them. I'm going safe and picking Toronto... Really, GO BOMBERS! GO!
Saskatchewan @ Hamilton - Saskatchewan wins again. Poor, Hamilton...

Calgary @ Montreal
Toronto @ Winnipeg
Saskatchewan @ Hamilton

Calgary....better team wins again
Toronto....Allen dominates
Saskatchewan...Maas sucks

Thanks BD!

My picks for week 11:


Calgary @ Montreal
Toronto @ Winnipeg
Saskatchewan @ Hamilton

Montreal- Cavillho will come back.

Toronto- Defence and Allen will get just enough points.

Saskatchewan- this game will be alot closer than many think. Hamilton must play well to salvage their season and their fan support. Hamilton just might upset my mighty riders. But, I believe!!

With all the surprise endings and upsets this year I've decided that for this week anyway I'm just going to go with the teams I want to win. Therefore my picks are:



Calgary @ Montreal > The Als lose again!
Toronto @ Winnipeg > Argo’s thump them!
Saskatchewan @ Hamilton > Hopefully they can prepare for this game not like the last one. But with no receivers for the Cats the riders will win! So long shot here! :lol:

Montreal (so the Grey Cup game becomes the tie-breaker between Montreal and Calgary !)
Toronto (just because Glenn and Stegall aren't there)
Saskatchewan (so the Eskimos sunk even deeper in that hole!)

MONTREAL Over Calgary. Montreal should seek revenge for that game in Calgary. Montreal wont lose three in a row, especially at home. MONTREAL by 8

TORONTO Over Winnipeg. Damon is back. Winnipeg has no bonafide QB to play against a tough Toronto defense. TORONTO by 10

Over Hamilton. While its tough to win back-to-back, Something is wrong in Hamilton and bringing back a dinasaur like Lancaster isn't going to help. Saskatchewan by 8


I'm gonna try this again now that I've skipped a few weeks due to extreme ineptness.

Calgary @ Montreal : 3 losses in a row for AC and the gang, at home? I doubt it.

Toronto @ Winnipeg : Winnipeg - (Glenn + Stegall) = Dead Meat.

Saskatchewan @ Hamilton : I really want to pick the hammer because of back-to-back games being so hard to sweep.. but that's the kind of thinking that's made me 7-14 this season.


Montreal - Can't see them losing thrre in a row, especially playing at home.

Toronto - the only hope for Winnipeg is if Glenn comes back (and isn't rusty)

Sask - hopefully the whole Shivers situation isn't too much of a distraction. It will be closer, but the Riders need another fairly convincing win to prove that last week wasn't just a fluke, and that they can be consistent.

Hope I haven't spoiled it for everyone else who made the same picks.

Well BigDave 2-1 last week, the Toronto upset was the stumbling block like it was for most players. I’m looking at 3-0 this week, and here are my selections.

  1. Calgary @ Montreal- I would love to take Calgary, after their unbelieveable last play win 2 weeks ago. I just think Montreal has the motivation and just won’t lose 3 games in a row. I’m taking Montreal by 6 points.

  2. Toronto @ Winnipeg- Who would have ever thought that just a few weeks ago, nobody would pick the Argos in any game. Winnipeg still has no Glenn, no Stegall, and no chance to win. I’m taking Toronto by 7 points.

  3. Saskatchewan @ Hamilton- This would be a great time for the Tiger-Cats to get up off the floor and play well at Ivor Wynn for their great fans. Unfortunately, no chance for that to happen either, I’m taking Saskatchewan by 10 points.

    Maybe this will be the week for another perfect record. One can always dream, thanks BigDave. [/b]

Calgary over Montreal
Winnipeg over Toronto (we HAVE to win this game)
Saskatchewan over Hamilton