Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 11

The halfway point of the season!

The bad news is I will no longer be posting the standings as a reply to this thread. The good news is you can view the standings at any time at:

I will continue update these standings promptly at the end of each week. Occasionally I may also update them during the week, but I'm not making any promises about that, so don't get all ticked off if the standings aren't updated until all the games are played.

Anyway, here are the matchups for week 11:

Ottawa @ Montreal
Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan
Edmonton @ Calgary
Toronto @ Hamilton

You guys know the drill by now. Post a reply with your picks for the me out by making your picks clear at a glance...change your picks by making a new post, not by editing your old post...get your picks in before the scheduled kickoff time of the game...blah blah blah.

I will still allow new participants if you want to join in, but with the season half over, it's virtually impossible to catch up now.

Good luck!

Ottawa @ Montreal
Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan
Edmonton @ Calgary
Toronto @ Hamilton

Home sweep? Doubt it

Labour Day Weekend. Time to turn this around: tied for 20th won't do.

Ottawa @ Montreal: I think Ottawa is my curse team this year, since they lose almost every time I pick them to win, and win nearly every time I pick them to lose. And it's hard to imagine that Montreal is in third place, below .500, and on a 2-game losing streak. Even the Molson Stadium factor isn't much of a factor, with the Als 3-2 at home this season. Ottawa is 2-0 in division games, when it matters most, and I'm really tempted to pick the Renegades. But old habits die hard, and I really don't think the Alouettes will drop their third in a row, especially at home. Montreal by 6.

Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan: Winnipeg's D got shredded last week by the previously anemic Ticat offence. Fortunately for them, they're facing another anemic offence in Regina. After a 3-1 start, the Riders have now lost 5 in a row, including last week's heartbreaker in which they never trailed for the first 59 1/2 minutes. It's unlikely they will go 3-15, and since they don't play Hamilton anymore, their best shot at another win is versus the western basement-dwellers. Add to that the "Labour Day mystique" and the Riders should pull out a victory, though it's hard to tell by how much.

Edmonton @ Calgary: Now the real Labour Day games begin. Calgary still has their sights set on second place, and should make this a true Labour Day classic. Too bad I'm going to miss the second half of this game now that the league has switched the two Labour Day games around :cry: (it was much better when I was able to watch the second half after getting home from watching my Cats beat up on the Argos 8) ). Edmonton is 2-2 on the road, while Calgary is 2-2 at home, so that's no help. But Edmonton has scored more points and allowed fewer, and the "Labour Day mystique" seems to work in reverse in Alberta, with the visitors often coming out on top in these two games. Ricky Ray didn't play that well last week, but I don't believe he'll do that twice in a row. Esks by two on a late field goal.

Toronto @ Hamilton: I know I said I wouldn't pick Hamilton until they start winning, but now they've done that. I know the Argos are in first and the Ticats are last. I know the Argos have scored more points and allowed (way) fewer. I know the Argos have a kick returner, and the Cats don't. I know that Hamilton hasn't beaten Toronto in a couple of years, including the last two Labour Day games (though last year was a tie). I know that on paper, the Argos should slaughter the Cats. But I also know that the "Labour Day mystique" is a bigger factor in Hamilton than anywhere else: the Ticats have won way more Labour Day games than they've lost. I've seen worse Ticat teams than this clobber better Argonaut teams than this, with only the strength of Ivor Wynne's biggest crowd of the season behind them. Now that they know that they can win a football game, the confidence factor that would have cost them this game has been eradicated. Cats by 2 after Toronto, down by 8, scores a touchdown with seconds remaing, but fails on the 2-point convert, and the onside kick attempt goes out of bounds untouched.

Summary: Montreal over Ottawa, Saskatchewan over Winnipeg, Edmonton over Calgary, Hamilton over Toronto.

Tough week this week

thanks...........BIG DAVE, this is really great!

MONTREAL beats OTTAWA [This maybe wishful thinking on my part , as this is the best case for the ARGOS in the standings , but Montreal are at home and are still tough to beat there.They need to bounce back from the disaster that was in, EDMONTON]


SASK. beats WINNIPEG [SASK. really blew the game against B.C. , they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory , but TAYLOR field will be packed and like the ARGO / HAMILTON game all bets are off on the LABOUR Day week end]

SASK. wins by 1

CALGARY beats EDMONTON [EDMONTON , is over rated and CALGARY is at home. CALGARY, can win this game at home in front of a packed home stadium]

In the first battle of ALBERTA , CALGARY..... takes it by 3

HAMILTON beats TORONTO [This is a real tough call , voting against my team , but one of the hardest things in football is to beat the same team back to back.The ARGOS haven't responded well to many days rest and HAMILTON , will be be full of confidence and in front of a packed, I.W.]

HAMILTON wins by 1

BTW Dave
I like the web page with the results.


Eskylo...ima getcha...1 point above...hahaha :smiley:
there ya go...thx BD

Montreal over Ottawa at home
Riders over Winnipeg at home
Calgary over Edmonchuck
Toronto over Hamilton

To all BC fans , Buck off will ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah ree youre still below me. Anyhow its Labour day which means
only one thing. Its time to bring out the big dogs, while we keep rees
team on the porch. LOL

Winners only:

Ottawa - its there time
Winnipeg - Barretts as confused as Greene
Calgary - stadium will be rocking, some players coming back from injury
Toronto - Danny old and tired.

Thanks BIGD and sorry ree, my picks will be giving me some breathing
space on you.

Montreal over Ottawa (This is the most important game of the season for both teams, but I want Montreal to win because I want to see A CFL game in the Big O this year, and I want Montreal to win the Cup)
Calgary over Edmonton (Lesser of two evils)
Hamilton over Toronto (Although the Argos are a much better team and have a much better logo, the Cats are still my favorite in the East, so I gotta go for them)

This will be the one of the greatest Labor day match ups in CFL history!

Winnipeg( god damn you bombers btw!)

whoa whoa whoa Big Dave! You said Ricky Ray didnt play well last game? Are you serious?!

WOW This is going to be another tough week!

MONTREAL Over Ottawa. Montreal is feeling the heat to win. It’s about time for Mathews to pull a trick out of his sleeve. They’ll end their losing streak . MONTREAL by 5

SASKATCHEWAN Over Winnipeg. Must win for Saskatchewan. If Nealon faulters, expect a change next week at Banjo bowl. The Riders are a better team than their record. The hometown hype should carry the Riders to a squeeker. RIDERS by 2

TORONTO Over Hamilton. Unless Damon Allen breaks a leg, this is the easiest one to pick. TORONTO by 10

CALGARY Over Edmonton. These two are going to split the Home and Home series, I just hope I have the sequence right. Calgary always plays well in this one, So I expect the hype to carry them over on this one too. Sandro to kick the winning Field goal on the last play. CALGARY by 1

Great Link Big Dave! Keep up the Great work!

Wow the Ti-cats finally won. Lets hope they go undefeated for the remainder of the season (unlikely lol) anyways heres my pics for the week.

Ottawa and Montreal. Wow this is a tough one. Ok well I want to say that Ottawa will win this one. But i dont think there gonna pull it off this week. Montreal by 2 in a last minute field goal.

Wiinipeg was on a roll until they got beat by Hamilton. But the teams still hot and the Rough riders lost a heart breaker to BC's third string QB. The Riders just cant get anything right at this point. Winnipeg by 14.

Edmonton or Calgary. I really dont know. Im gonna go with my gut here and say Calgary at home on labour day weekend. Another close one tho. Calgary by 5.

Hamilton and Toronto. Ti-cats in a close one. Common its Labour Day weekend and were comming off of our first win of the season. We gotta get two in a row. I dont care if the second one is against Toronto. Hamilton by 6

Im sure BC is glad that they dont have to play. I mean there third string QB in a full game. There week off is at the exact right time.

but overall
Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Hamilton.

Ottawa @ Montreal
Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan
Edmonton @ Calgary
Toronto @ Hamilton

Ottawa beats Montreal.

Winnipeg beats Saskatchewan. I BELIEVE!

Edmonton beats Calgary.

Toronto beats Hamilton.

I hope I'm right. Thanks again BigDave and cheers!

Ottawa over Mont....the Rens are well rested could be the difference..

Winnipeg over Sask.....if Bombers defense shows up at all...goodbye Sask.

Toronto over Ham....... Cats' actually have to face a defense in this one...

Calgary over Edm..... should be a close one and if Henry dosen't throw it away... Stamps will win...


Wo BigDave, can't believe I'm only 1 game back after that awful week where I actually didn't post my predictions in time for the wednesday game. Anyway, here are my picks:

MONTREAL :twisted:
EDMONTON :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way. I had just spent 9 consecutive weeks in 1st place or tied for 1st place. Do you know what is the longest streak in 1st or tied for 1st?


Must turn it around after back to back bad weeks. Tough games. Great job on the link Bigdave!


Montreal by 13.
SSK by 6.
CGY by 3.
Argos by 7.