Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 10

Only three games again this week. Here are the matchups for week 10:
Edmonton @ B.C.
Montreal @ Toronto
Hamilton @ Saskatchewan

The standings are available to view at

To make your picks, reply to this thread (please don't quote this post) with your picks for the winners.

Participants will be ranked based primarily on the number of correct picks. Point spreads are not considered. If you elaborate on your picks, please make your pick clear at a glance. If I have to read paragraphs of prose to figure out who you think will win, I won't bother.

The deadline to make a pick for any game is the scheduled kickoff time of that game. No exceptions. A pick for a 7:00 game will be considered late if it is posted at 7:01.

If you want to change one of your picks, please post a new reply. DO NOT EDIT YOUR ORIGINAL POST. If a post has been edited, only those games played after the latest edit will count.

Good luck!

Edmonton @ B.C.: Despite their win, the Esks didn't look that good at home against the Riders. Now they're going on the road against the hottest team in the league. Lions by a bunch.

Montreal @ Toronto: The Als are smarting after their loss to the Stamps, which kept alive my assertion that NO ONE WILL EVER HAVE AN UNDEFEATED SEASON in the CFL. Toronto, no doubt riding high after their win over Hamilton, are in for a rude awakening: Montreal is not Hamilton. Als by a zillion.

Hamilton @ Saskatchewan: I want to pick Hamilton. I really do. But how can I honestly say that a team who has scored a total of two points in their last two home games -- including one against the Argos -- will beat anyone? Where are the Renegades when you really need them? Riders by 15.

Well here it goes:

Edmonton vs B.C.
The rumours will start flying again concerning Edmonton's Coaching Staff after this one.
B.C. by 14

Montreal vs Toronto
I picked Calgary to beat the Als,but I don't see them dropping two in a row.Allen will keep it close.
Montreal by 6

Hamilton vs Saskatchewan
Hamilton are having trouble scoring,again! Sask will be fired up after the Edmonton game.
Saskatchewan by 12

  1. Buck Pierce vs. Ricky Ray- if Edmonton does not win this game I seriously think last place in the west!! Edmonton

  2. Montreal lost Toronto won big. Toronto's defence is very good and Allen is back. If Damon gets off to a good start watch out. Toronto in an upset.

  3. Hamilton vs. Riders. Unless Maas shoots the lights out I do not think Hamilton can win in regina. Sask. defence will give Ti-cats trouble. On the other hand if Joseph gets hurt and Crandall is rusty the ti-=cats could upset. Riders in a closer game than many think.

Ottawa will not win again this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :?

Edmonton @ B.C.
Montreal @ Toronto
Hamilton @ Saskatchewan

My pics for week 10:


Edmonton @ B.C. - B.C. wins.
Montreal @ Toronto - Montreal wins.
Hamilton @ Saskatchewan - Saskatchewan wins.


Sure enough on a week i get a rare 4-0 and
Dave doesnt update the standings.

Is it because i chose Toronto??? LOL


A 2-2 week, getting beat by a last play 53 yard field goal, and the suddenly totally inept Tiger Cats. Oh well, better things will happen this week and in the future. Here are my picks:

Edmonton @ BC Lions- Edmonton won last week, but if the Riders didn't fall all over themselves they would have lost. BC is the hottest team right now and will takes care of Edmonton at home. I'm taking the BC Lions by 7 points.

Montreal @ Toronto- I really feel for the Argos this week, Montreal lost their unbeaten record on the last play of the game, and Toronto is in their way for them to start a new streak. I'm taking Montreal by 14 points.

Hamilton @ Saskatchewan- I was really looking forward to this season and the improvement of the Hamilton Tiger Cats. But 2 points in two games (both played at Ivor Wynne), is not an improvement, it's a disaster. Saskatchewan is not very good, but they will certainly handle the Tiger Cats at home in Regina. I'm taking Saskatchewan by 10 points.

 Sorry BigDave, but I too really want the Tiger Cats to be better, and I want to pick them, but I've lost 6 of 9 times because of them.  I just can't pick them right now and for the forseeable future.  [/b]

Edmonton@BC Edmonton pulled out a win against a less than stellar performance by the Riders. Should go a little ways to boosting their morale. I only say a little ways because I dont think too many people in Edmonton regard a win over the Riders to be a signifigant achivement. BC is coming off a convincing win against a Winnipeg club
-Glenn and Stegall. BC will get the win this week.

Montreal@Toronto Montreal was handed their first loss this season by Calgary on a last play of the game field goal. Was Montreal playing with a little too much confidence? I think so. Toronto beat Hamilton convicingly last week much to my surprise. Will Toronto get the win this week? I doubt it. Montreal will get the win this week.

Hamilton@Saskatchewan Hamilton surprised me last week by losing to Toronto. Ron and company need to get things into gear if they want to get out of the east division basement. The Riders in my humble opinion are a better team then their current 3 and 5 record. Someone needs to light a damn fire under the teams collective ass (coaches included). Oh well at least they shook off that win one lose one pattern. Riders will get the win. If they dont, then it may be time to start hitting the panic button. it is week 10.

my picks for week 10

Edmonton vs BC
Montreal vs Toronto
Hamilton vs [i]Saskatchewan[/i]


BC over Edmonton
Montréal over Toronto
Saskatchewan over Hamilton

BC over Edmonton
Montreal over Toronto
Saskatchewan over Hamilton

5th to 10th, yikes!

Man, I started the year like a rocket, but I now fly like a battered seagull. Let's try to get this back on track.

BC LIONS (Edmonton can't succeed twice in a row)
MONTREAL ALOUETTES (Montreal can't fail twice in a row)
SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS (Hamilton is sooo doomed)


BC- i am assuming dd will be back.

and i am confindent this week winnipeg will not be blown out by poor quality qbing. we will see about next week.