Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Week 1

Canada Day is just over a week away, so it's time to get started!

Here are the games for Week 1:
Montreal @ Saskatchewan
Toronto @ Calgary
Hamilton @ Winnipeg
B.C. @ Edmonton

To join in, just start making picks. You can join in any time, but the later you join, the more difficult it will be to catch up.

To make your picks, reply to this post with your predicted winners. This is a straight-up win/loss pool; point spreads are not taken into account.

To be considered for any game, your pick for that game must be made PRIOR to the scheduled kickoff time. Even if your pick is made one minute late, or the kickoff is delayed, if it's after the scheduled kickoff time, it's late. No exceptions.

To change your picks, post another reply to the thread. Do NOT edit your original post. I may miss the change, or you may invalidate your picks.

While you're free to elaborate on your picks, your predicted winner must be clear at a glance. I don't want to have to read through a five-hundred word essay to figure out which team you're picking. More accurately, I won't.

Conditional picks are not allowed. That is, there is no "Winnipeg if Pierce plays, Edmonton if he doesn't." If you make a conditional pick, I will accept the first team named as your pick.

At some point after the final game of the week, I will post the standings here. Currently you can go there to see last year's final standings.

The complete rules are posted here.

Week 1 is probably the hardest, because we don't know what to expect from most teams. But, here goes.

Montreal @ Saskatchewan: Grey Cup rematch! Can the Riders find some small measure of revenge for last November? While they aren't likely to make the same mistake, I doubt they'll be in a position to do so. Montreal is just too good, and is usually a safe bet. Als by 8.

Toronto @ Calgary: Toronto is rebuilding, and has completely torn down their coaching staff and their offence from last year. Copeland will be catching passes for the double blue, but the Stamps won't be pushovers without him. Home field advantage will just be the icing on the cake. Stamps by 14.

Hamilton @ Winnipeg: Hamilton eliminated the Bombers from the playoffs last year, and Kevin Glenn will be returning to try and take the Win out of Winnipeg. (I guess that would make them "The nipeg Blue Bombers." :lol: ) The Bombers have improved at coach and QB, but still need more time to gel than Hamilton, who has remained largely intact. Cats by 9.

B.C. @ Edmonton: B.C. had a disappointing season last year, and had to cross over to the East to qualify for the post-season. Now that Printers has been handed the job of starting QB, will he be an all-star, or will he fizzle? Recent history lends support to both hypotheses. Go with the home team. Esks by 4.


Toronto @ CALGARY

HAMILTON @ Winnipeg


To win:

  1. Saskatchewan

  2. Calgary

  3. Hamiton

  4. Edmonton

My picks for week #1,

Montreal at Sask. - MONTREAL
Toronto at Calgary - CALGARY
Hamilton at Winnipeg - WINNIPEG
Lions at Edmonton - EDMONTON

Thanks again Big Dave!

Montreal @ Saskatchewan: Montreal. It'll be a good game but I still don't believe that Saskatchewan is a particularily great team. Montreal is.

Toronto @ Calgary: Cowtown in a landslide. Toronto is goina get owned.

Hamilton @ Winnipeg: Hamilton in a close game. Home field advantage will help the Bombers a lot but Hamilton has a solid team, Winterpeg has work to do

B.C. @ Edmonton: Tough call. I hate to say it but I have to go with Deadmonton simply due to home field advantage. I hope I'm wrong of course!


  1. Montreal
  2. Calgary
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Edmonton

Good luck and good times all.


I suck at this game, but oh well...

My first year playing this game! Go Als go!

Winners are:



My picks for week 1 are:

Montreal wins 31-13
Calgary wins 38-17
Hamilton wins 28-14
BC wins 27-20

Thanks Big Dave for putting this together!

Big Dave:

  It's good to be back picking the winners in the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge once again, and my only hope is that I actually pick a few this year.  Here are my selections for week #1.
  1. Montreal @ Saskatchewan- A rematch of last year's Grey Cup, that I'm sure won't play out the same. Montreal is the better team and is usually prone to fast starts at the beginning of the season. Plus they have AC and Ben Cahoon and a strong defense. Saskatchewan, has motivation to inflict payback on the Alouettes, so I think this game will be closer than some people feel it will, but I'm taking Montreal by 5 points.

  2. Toronto @ Calgary- Toronto has revamped their coaching staff, brought in new players (especially Jermaine Copeland from Calgary), and supposedly has a new positive attitude. The one big thing they lack is the talent that Calgary possesses, specifically Joffrey Reynolds, Nick Lewis, Ken Yon Rambo, and of course Smiling Hank. I see the home team winning this game fairly easily, so I'm taking Calgary by 10 points.

  3. Hamilton @ Winnipeg- The Tiger Cats were the most improved team in the league last year, and there's no reason to think they can't improve even more this year and be a threat in the East. Winnipeg is better than last year with Buck Pierce at the qb spot, but what are the odds that he's hurt again by the time six games are played, or even sooner. I think this game is close because Winnipeg is at home, but I'm taking Hamilton by 5 points.

  4. BC Lions @ Edmonton- This game is the most intriguing of the week to me, because both teams have flaws that make them suspect and fascinating at the same time. Which Casey Printers will be at the helm for BC this year? Who knows just yet. I'd like to say Edmonton is improved over last year and I'm sure they are, but I need to see them play before I can say that for sure. I'm torn here and when in doubt, go for the home team, so I'm taking Edmonton by 3 points.

Thank you as always Big Dave. You know all those things other people say about you, I don't believe a word of them. Just thanks again for running the Grey Cup Challenge.


Wow.. not a lot of love for SSK eh, Big Dave? :roll:

Thanks for doing this again, though.. should be a fun year. Picks in Bold

  1. Montreal @ Saskatchewan- Riders will be on a mission to erase the mistake that cost them last year... This will be quite a test for the first game, but the Riders win a close one... Riders by 3

  2. Toronto @ Calgary- No proven QB for the Argos, too many questions marks for the Boatmen... Stamps win this one easily... Calgary by 20+

  3. Hamilton @ Winnipeg-- Hamilton should challenge the Als for first this year... if BP get injured for any amount of time it will be a long year in the 'Peg... Hamilton by 10

  4. BC @ Edmonton-- IMO, a lot of teams will find out the hard way that the Eskimos have reloaded, and BC is only a shadow of their former selves... Edmonton by 14

Thanks Big Dave!

CFL in Ottawa in 2012!

Some help here and no one asked, but I would hate to see some guys mess this up from the start because they did not read the complete rules. READ THEM! Here is the key one some have missed already:

While you're free to elaborate on your picks, [b]your predicted winner must be clear at a glance.[/b] I don't want to have to read through a five-hundred word essay to figure out which team you're picking. More accurately, I won't.
If you broke that rule, do Big Dave and us a big favour and re-post please?

Plus we don't want to have to read all through your post to figure out who you picked either only to have to hear you whine perhaps later when your picks did not count! :roll:



Montreal @ Saskatchewan: Montreal
Toronto @ Calgary: Calgary
Hamilton @ Winnipeg: Winnipeg
B.C. @ Edmonton: BC


Montreal @ Saskatchewan
I want to go with Saskatchewan here, but i just can't see the als starting 0-1. I think we see the effect of losing Baggs and Chick has on the riders. Montreal by 10 in a high scoring game.

Toronto @ Calgary
Looks like Dalton Bell will get the start for the argos, who has looked great in the pre-season.....against back-ups. With no running game to bail out the passing game like they had last year i can't see the blue team winning many games. However the front seven keeps them in this game. Stamps by 13.

Hamilton @ Winnipeg
The Bombers will have quite a few players making their first ever CFL start, and i think that will show here. Meanwhile the Ti-cats will show just how talented their recievers are, and a new and improved Secondary that was a flaw on the defence last year. Cats by 15.

B.C. @ Edmonton
Fred Stamps, Kelly Campbell, Kamau Peterson, Arkee Whitlock, Calvin McCarty. The Esks have some serious weapons for Ricky Ray. The lions lack of a running game hurts them in this one. Eskies by 8.

Montreal @ Saskatchewan. Montreal wins a close game mainly through continuity (Sask still has questions at rush end and two new coordinators). MTL WINS

Toronto @ Calgary. Calgary crushes Toronto in a game that will not be in doubt after the first half. CGY WINS

Hamilton @ Winnipeg. The Bombers give Buck his first win on his new team at home, with the game likely coming down to a late field goal. WPG WINS

B.C. @ Edmonton. The Esks grind out a low-scoring win, with Richie Hall's defense forcing Printers into multiple interceptions. EDM WINS