Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Virtual Grey Cup

The standings after the Divisional Finals are posted here.
The top two people qualify for the Divisional Finals. They are:

  1. leorocks
  2. Neil70

Here's a summary of the Virtual Grey Cup rules:
You must make a pick in order to win.
If fewer than two participants make picks, the next highest-ranked participants to make picks will qualify, up to a total of two participants.
In the event that both participants pick the same team, the lower-ranked will have their pick changed. This is to ensure that the game will have meaning to the VGCC.
On Saturday, I will list the qualifying participants and their picks. Report any errors to me as a reply to this thread before the scheduled kickoff time.
After the Grey Cup game, the participant whose team wins the Grey Cup is the winner of the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge.
The complete rules are posted here.

Now on to the Virtual Grey Cup. In case you've been in a cave, the teams are:
Ottawa @ Edmonton

Good luck!

I always make picks, so this will be no exception.

EDMONTON over Ottawa. The Esks are just too good, and showed it in the Western Final.

Grey Cup Challenge in Winnipeg. :roll:

:rockin: [b]Ottawa[/b]

I was at the Ottawa game. It was crazy! :rockin: Go Redblacks. :smiley:

Ottawa :roll:

Thanks BD!


Wow Really though Edmonton would be rusty after 3 weeks off. I guess Calgary's injuries were just to much to over come.
Anyway EDMONTON for the cup

I will take Ottawa for the Grey Cup... its who I'm cheering for anyway...

Leorocks picked Ottawa, so the rules (fair rules by the way) dictate that I take Edmonton. Truth is, I would have taken Edmonton anyway. So, both Leo and I get what we want. Ain't happy endings grand!


Edmonton in a cake walk. :thup: :thup: :thup:

My pick is Edmonton.


Edmonton. They’re too good and Ottawa couldn’t beat them early in the season when Edmonton was Jekyll and Hyde they’re not going to beat them at the top of their game on a 9 game winning streak.


Another 50-50 week - what a surprise. Just goes to support that CFIO really does stand for Coin Flip, Identical Outcome.

Not that it mattered....

And just because, here's my prediction for the Grey Cup Game.

Ottawa @ Edmonton - While I will be cheering for the Redblacks - even with his apparent dissing of our coach and GM - I expect the Eskimos will be able to shut Burris down by covering his receivers better than the Ticats did, and by getting more pressure on him than our depleted defensive line could. I think it will be close, with the Eskimos running away with it near the end.


Okay, so the picks are:

leorocks - Ottawa
Neil70 - Edmonton

So the participant whose team wins is the VGCC champion for 2015.

Good luck!

Congratulations Neal!

... :thup: ..congrats Neil70

Congratulations Neil. Well played.

And thanks again, Big Dave. Lots of fun for us all, thanks to your hard work.

Well for me I look forward to Big Daves VGCC 2016

Congratulations to Neil70, the winner of the 2015 Virtual Grey Cup Challenge!

The final standings after the Divisional Finals are posted here.

And be sure to check out the VGCC Awards, posted here.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Hopefully you will all be back next year for the 2016 Virtual Grey Cup Challenge.

Congrats to Neil70, the new champ and brianjox for his 7 perfect weeks.

Big thanks to BigDave for doing this again for a few bragging rights and a little extra entertainment to the CFL season. Looking forward to the 2016 VGCC.