Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Virtual Grey Cup

After five months, it all comes down to this: one game to decide the champion of the 100th Grey Cup and, more importantly, the 13th Virtual Grey Cup Challenge.

I'm having some difficulty posting the standings. I'll keep trying, and when I do, they will be posted here.

The rules are posted here.

The rules for the Grey Cup are pretty much the same as the rules during the other playoff weeks. They are:

  1. Picks must be in no later than MIDNIGHT FRIDAY NIGHT in order to be accepted. No late picks will be accepted.

  2. Only the top 2 participants will have their picks accepted. HOWEVER, anyone who does not get their picks in on time will be deemed to have forfeited their spot, and the next-highest ranked participant who make a pick will qualify. For this reason, everyone should make picks, because you never know...

  3. If the 2 participants pick the same team, I will change the pick of the lower-ranked participant.This is so the outcome of the game will determine the winner of the VGCC. On Saturday I will post the picks of the two VGC participants.

  4. The person whose team wins the Grey Cup is the winner of the VGCC.

The top 2 participants are:

  1. brianjox
  2. Sportsmen

And the Grey Cup game is:
Calgary @ Toronto

Good luck!

I'm going with Calgary, since as a Ticat fan I never want the Argos to win.


It's been a great challenge and congrats to the final two.

Grey Cup: Calgary vs Toronto - CALGARY by 4

Glad to make the top 2....(I think by default)

I'll choose Calgary.

Good luck to Brianjox!

Thanks Big Dave for taking the time to do all the record keeping

Good luck to Sporty and brianjox this week. I'm going to go with the Argos by a FG.

BTW- where's Paolo? This would be a good game to abstain on.... :lol: :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

I pick Toronto.


I'm going with the Argos since I'll be there and I want the place to nuts.

Being a Vancouver Canucks and BC Lions fan I never want a Calgarian team to win so my pick is the Argos. A part of my would be satisfied with an Argos victory seeing as how the team is owned by David Braley.

I’ll pick :

Both Ray and Glenn have shown they are up for the challenge.Cornish will be running all day.Argos must tackle all day.Calgary should not neglect Durie coming out of the backfield as a runner or receiver.It should be a really good one.I’ll go with Argos.

Thanks BigDave!

Sam and that's exactly what I thought before reading your post! :lol:

I shall abstain on this one as I will have to try to catch via satellite radio on the road.

Wow was I impressed at the upgrade in the action via the division finals as no doubt a record American audience!

The great game of Canadian football will continue to grow in popularity.

I'm gonna go with Calgary, just because I really want to see KG pull through.

Thank you very much for hosting this, BigDave. I had a great time. :slight_smile:

Also, best of luck to brianjox and Sportsmen. Looking forward to see who the winner is!

I'll pick the Argos as it might spark some interest in the CFL in the big smoke. I highly doubt it though and next year will be like this year didn't exist. Question is how do you grow a Canadian game in Canada's largest city??

Ok, true to the acronym CFIO meaning Coin Flip, Identical Outcome, I am now sitting at 38-38 for the entire season and playoffs so far. And it all comes down to a single game to decide whether I end up above or below .500. Is a tie possible? Guess not, eh? Overtime maybe. Now that would be exciting.

And this one is very much a coin flip game. Both teams have had a string of good games, both teams have scoring potential, both teams have decent defences. My brain has given up on this one, but my gut is telling me to go with Calgary, mostly because I couldn't handle the Argos winning it.

Calgary over Toronto (and the coin flip went the other way this week)

Thanks to all who love and support the CFL. Goodluck to sportsman, Guys have a great Grey Cup party.
2 cinderella QB's going head to head. Got to love them both.I have NO idea of who is going to win,
I'll takeToronto to seal the deal. GOODLUCK to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is my pick for the Grey Cup:

I read something recently that historically, the team that manages to get to the Grey Cup that is being played in their own stadium has not performed well and has a losing record. For that reason, and the play of Jon Cornish, I am taking...

Calgary Stampeders

Unfortunately I missed the deadline last week... had I got my picks in on time I would have moved on to the final and an opportunity at 2012 VGCC Championship. My pick this week would have been Toronto over Calgary.

This week I pick Calgary.

I have said it all along. They are peaking at the right, BUT it's gonna be a close game. I think Calgary with a last minute Field Goal (like we have been doing all year long).


2012 Virtual Grey Cup:
Toronto :twisted:

The picks are in:

brianjox: TOR
Sportsmen: CAL

So it's as simple as this: If the Argos win, brianjox wins. If the Stampeders win, Sportsmen wins.

Good luck!

:cowboy: :rockin:

Gotta go with my heart. I pick Saskatchewan to win handily!! :wink: 8) :smiley: