Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Virtual Grey Cup Championship

The standings after the Divisional Finals are posted here.

The top 2 qualify for the Virtual Grey Cup.

The rules are a little different for the post-season. Make your picks as normal, but all picks must be made before midnight Friday night. If fewer than 2 of the qualifying participants make picks before the deadline, the next highest-ranked participant who makes picks will have their picks count.

You must make a selection in order to qualify! Failure to make a pick by the deadline will be deemed as a decision not to participate, and someone else will take your spot.

For this game only, the two participants must have different picks. If both participants choose the same team, I will change the pick of the second-place participant. On Saturday, I will post each qualifying person’s picks. Check them and post, as a reply to this thread, any errors prior to the scheduled kickoff time on Sunday.

The participant whose team wins the Grey Cup is the winner of the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge.

The complete rules are posted here.

Here are the qualifying participants:

  1. ralfsnart
  2. Leorocks1

And the game:
Ottawa vs Calgary

Good luck!

Making a pick, because I always do.

Calgary over Ottawa. Duh!

Calgary over Ottawa


First time since I joined that I have gotten this far!!!! :rockin:

I usually hold off till the last minute but, as Big Dave knows, there is no question on who I will go for. From my first week here, I have never picked against my Stamps!!

Winner of this years Grey Cup

CALGARY :cowboy:

Thanks for everything BigDave!!!

Good luck Leo!!!!!!

Well, I guess that makes my pick easy. Last year I picked Ottawa before the other person I faced but this time I have no choice.

Ottawa: This game will determine if Harris or Burris will be the starting QB for the RB's next season. Calgary will get lots of points like they did against B.C. so Ottawa will have to do the same. Ottawa by 3 in overtime. :cowboy:
I'm a Die-Hard RedBlacks fan anyway so go Ottawa! :rockin:

Thanks BD for a really great season this year. It was lots of fun and I can't wait until next year. :smiley:

Just my opinion but isn't it just a bit unfair that ralfsnart basically will win?

He's not going to pick Ottawa and we all know Calgary is going to win.

Why not make the final game a total points win or something that can allow both to pick Calgary.

I'd sure forfeit if I were 2nd because the only way Calgary loses is if Mitchell and Messam break their legs.

It's not every year the obvious winner is already known.

Grey Cup Final.
Ottawa 8)


Calgary, I dont want a 15 win team losing to an 8 win team. Only my thoughts though.

Big thanks to big dave for doing this, very happy with 13th.

Good Luck guys


Hey everyone.

I just want to say this: I am so proud that my son, Leorocks, has made it to the FINAL Grey Cup round for two years in a row. This kid is not yet in high school, and already appears destined for a career in sportscasting (he's all about the statistics, my Leo…)

And even though I was born in Calgary and was a Stampeder fan all my life, I am now, of course, a "RedBlacksGirl"
What a dream -- to have Calgary and Ottawa in the Grey Cup.

Our family will be cheering on the Redblacks on Sunday - come what may.

And BOO on the CFL for not allowing the RedBlacks' loggers OR the Stampeders' horse onto the field. These have to be the coolest touchdown rituals in the world, and they just don't get it (is Gary Betman, the sports league president that always that puts money over soul, now running the CFL????)

Well ain't that great, we all got whooped by a school kid! :oops: :oops: :oops:

Just kidding, Very impressive Leo and good luck! :rockin:

Wow!!! Well I guess this is kinda like survivor then, Gen X vs Millennium :lol:

Good luck Leo :rockin:...but take it easy on an old man, first time since '05 I've been in the final!!! LOL

......Congrats to the winner and the winner of the game...should be Calgary

Okay, so there you have it.

  1. ralfsnart: Calgary
  2. Leorocks1: Ottawa

The participant whose team wins wins the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge 2016.

Good luck!

I see your point, but by my understanding, BMO Field doesn’t have room for a horse to run around. Perhaps they banned the loggers to be fair to both teams.

Well, well. well..........Calgary a shoe-in to win? Don't think so.......vbg

Congrats to Leorocks1 (or Leorocks2), not sure if they are the same person.... :slight_smile:

A big thanks to Big Dave for his work on VGCC!!! If I could send you a flat of beer, I would!

See everyone next year!!


So glad I was wrong! Good job.


And our whole family is SO HAPPY! OUR REDBLACKS WON THE GREY CUP! What a game!

We will definitely be there for the Grey Cup parade!

It's gonna be rough getting them up for school tomorrow…. they are laying out their outfits as I write. Red and black plaid from head to toe….

Thanks again, BD. Here's to the 2017 season, when we will be DEFENDING our Grey Cup title!