Virtual Grey Cup Challenge INSIGHT !

Hi guys,

As you know, our esteemed fellow poster BigDave runs every year the very popular Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, where we have to chose our picks for all the weekly matchups.

Some of us do good, and some of us do bad. But the so-called "experts" out there never come close with their predictions to that of the VGCC winner.

I always wanted to check if total non-experts could outperform most human beings following football, including the "experts".

So, with that in mind, I created the "Virtual Grey Cup Challenge Insight", a weekly post where you will get the picks of four entities that have absolutely no chance of knowing who should win:

  • Sancho the dog (who picks the winners with his nose after sniffing their names on a sheet of paper)
  • A coin toss (where the visiting team is tail and the receiving team is head)
  • The gambling game of Loto-Quebec (based on who needs to substract points from its weekly total to be at par with its opponent)
  • And - get this - a game played by the computer with the brand new CFL roster made by MartyMix on Madden 2006.

If any of these four outdo you, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED !

To add to the fun, I even added Chris Shultz to the VGCC Insight, so we can see if the Big Man is outscored by my great panel.

Below is what it looks like.

So far, I have yet to receive the Madden picks from MartyMix, and I haven't found the "Shultz vs. The World" section on TSN (will he do it again this year?) As for Loto-Quebec, it has only posted odds for games played until Friday. I'll adapt the board as soon as I have the other infos.

In the meantime, feel free to add your two cents and to use in the real game the illustrious predictions you have seen here.

:P :thup:

Third, you have too much time on your hands!

You should e-mail that to Shultz.

I think T puts that spare time to good use.

I cant wait to see how it turns out!

My pick for thread of the year…

mine as well. very very nice 3rd. Looks like the Riders are gonna suprise everyone, including Sancho

I think this should be a sticky

I would like to have a Schultz poster that would be a "sticky" to my dartboard so I can express my opinion that way....

If Sancho starts having as good a record as Maggie does in picking the Stanley Cup playoffs, I will begin to think that the animal kingdom are full of Nostradamos' descendants. :lol:

i think this is what Schultz picks :roll:

Mongo, you may ask MartyMix if ya don't believe me (I've already told him about it), but Sancho's predictions for the Stanley Cup playoffs are 100% on target. If Carolina wins in 6 games, that'll conclude his perfect run for 2006.

I don't know if he can repeat that feat in the CFL. He seems wrong up from the start... Hey, he picked Winnipeg !

I guess he can't know as much in all sports!

…hilarious work my friend…

Well, you also have to take things into equal context. Maggie tends to hone in on the playoffs, and even then she's been correct about 60% of the time (as will be the case if the Canes win it in any of the last 3 games). Here, you're asking Sancho to provide predictions for about 70-75 games this season. You have to allow some margin of error. 8)

Thanks guys. I also think its funny, but the funny part won't come if everybody picks the same.

I've just received the results of the Madden games and added Schultz picks. Can you believe this? Sancho's the only one with two different picks. Even the coin toss went with the majority.

You know what this means: Schultz saw this thread earlier today and HE WAS SCARED !

And for those interested, here were the scores of the Madden games:

  • Winnipeg 21 @ Montreal 24
  • Edmonton 12 @ Calgary 28
  • Saskatchewan 17 @ British-Columbia 33
  • Hamilton 9 @ Toronto 24

haha! nice work third, I’ll keep a watch on these picks.

Hey; This is fun. Thanks for all the work. Third, I hope you keep track of Schulz's cummulative percentages and keep posting them. Include Dog too who knows he might be as good.

...I'D say Sancho has a great for sgt. Schultz.....well never mind... :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice work…this has my endorsement. I’ll be interested in seeing how this turns out as the season goes on.

Well, as of the 16th, they are all bang on. and if the Argo/TiCat game holds up, they'll be at least 3 for 4.

Shamefully, I'm already 0 and 2.