Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Grey Cup

Well, now we're down to the final two. Here is the matchup for the Grey Cup game:
Montreal @ Edmonton

UglyandHasty and 514MTL qualify for the Grey Cup. All others are welcome to post their pick, but only these people will have their picks entered.

Picks must be made prior to midnight on Friday night, or you will be counted as not making any picks.

On Saturday I will post who gets which team.

As always, to make your picks, just reply to this thread with your pick for the winner. To change your pick, post a new reply. Please don't just edit your old post.

Standings are available to view at

Good luck.

Well, here's my pick:
Montreal @ Edmonton: Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the third time in four years that these two teams have met in the championship? With each one coming away with one? Now is the rubber match.
It's a tough call: Montreal has the edge in coaching, Edmonton has the better defence. Their offences are about even, at least with Maas behind centre, and special teams are a push as well. They say defences win championships, and if that's true, it'll be Edmonton in this one.

I'm pulling for the Eskimos, mostly because of Montford and Davis. And when the Ticats announce Maas as their new QB, it'll be nice if he has a ring on his finger. :smiley:

Well, UglyandHasty, it's just you and me.

By the way, are you an Als fan? From Billy_Soup's comments, I understood that of the final 4, 3 were Als fans?

And as it stands now, you, me and Als_Molson (being 3rd, but eliminated), it would mean that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places of this year's VGCC have been won by Alouettes fans. Quite an accomplishment. :wink:

Very good overall record for the season, UgluandHasty. Even if I had not missed that one stupid wednesday game of the Argos, I would still be at 54-31, 2 games behind you.

BigDave thanks for all your work.


Well I am out but I will still make a pick
Montreal @ Edmonton --- I think mtl has the edge on offense, edm on defense, Mtl on special teams. If montford and co can get to Calvillo then they should pull it out, but that o-line is damn strong, and is Jeanty playing?? Anyways its a toss up for me, And I will say Montreal
winner: Montreal

Another damn year where I have to cheer for the damn stripes.

514MTL, yes i'm an Als fan from Quebec !

A big thanks to BigDave ! Great job, it take a lot of dedication and love of football to run a pool like this all year long.

I cant pick any other team than the Als. So my choice as winner for the Grey Cup is the Montreal Alouettes

my son have the final word !

Explore Fred Banville
Go Als Go !!


Cute kid, UH!

OK here we go.


MONTREAL OVER EDMONTON: I've be saying this since the begening of the season that Montreal was gonna win it all, now they are on game away, let's see them prove me right and BRING SOME JUSTICE FOR THE EXPOS!!! GO ALS!!!!!

Even though it counts for nothing,......

EDMONTON OVER Montreal. Mountford was on a mission against BC and it will continue. While the coaching edge goes to Montreal, I think Edmontons defense will rise to the challenge. EDMONTON Over MONTREAL 36-32

Thanks again Big Dave for all your work. It was fun, and interesting to see how the other posters looked at teams throughout the year. Special cheers to everyone that played. Enjoy the Big game next Sunday. Got to go and plan my menu for the party.

Thanks BigDave for the opportunity to pick the Grey cup game even if my pick doesn’t really have any bearing on the standings. In major league baseball, I am for the Evil Empire (Yes, I am proud to say I am a New York Yankees fan), but for the Grey Cup game I’m picking the Montreal Alouettes. I’m doing this because the game will be close and Anthony Calvillo has played outstanding in the two playoff games, and I just feel he’s on a role. I really love Troy Davis for the Eskimos, and if he has a big day the Alouettes will have a lot of problems with the Eskimos. Who knows who will play quarterback for the Edmonton Eskimos, and how well they will play, or if there will be a switch halfway through the game. With Anthony Calvillo and the four 1000 yard receivers, I’m taking the Montreal Alouettes by 3 points.[/b]

Although I will finish 3rd overall and this doesn't officially count, I must put down my pick.....................Montreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

top 3 places all Als fans :mrgreen:

Great season guys and good luck to UglyandHasty and 514MTL! (Especially to UglyandHasty, only because he gets to pick first and he picked the Als!)

Thanks again BigDave for all your great work all year long!

Well I figure after next week it'll be about time to change my name again. Last year I was r44keithl, this year Als_Molson, and if you happen to see a new Als fan on the forum in a little while.................. :o

Edmonton to win it all...

o.k. now for the big game

Montréal over edmonton


Montreal by 6.

Of course!....Montreal.

Thanks for an awsome season BigDave 8)

Well, it all comes down to this. Here are the picks for the Grey Cup game:

UglyandHasty: MTL

The winner of the game will determine the winner of the VGCC.

Good luck!

........I predict a guy from Montreal will win this year's VGCC.........I also predict Montreal 27 Edmonton 17........

I'm from Quebec city, you're betting against me ? :mrgreen:

Well, this is easy. Going purely with who I want to win - Montreal. Should be an interesting game, though! And there are a few guys on the Eskimos that I like, so I wouldn't be devastated if they won. Great season, thanks BigDave, and good luck to 514 and UH!

Congrats 514MTL, do i have an assist ? :slight_smile:

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: