Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Grey Cup Championship

Here we go: one more game to crown a champion. The standings are posted here.

The top 2 qualify for the Virtual Grey Cup. They are:

  1. taylorfield
  2. schooner11

Everyone is encouraged to make picks, but only these 2 will have their picks count. HOWEVER, if either of them fail to get their picks in on time, the next-highest ranked participant will qualify. So if you're even close, you're best to make your picks.

PICKS MUST BE IN BY MIDNIGHT FRIDAY NIGHT. That is a hard deadline, just like always. You can make or change your picks up until that deadline. On Saturday, I will post who picked which teams. Please check it and correct me if there are any errors PRIOR to the scheduled kickoff time; otherwise, your picks will stand as I have them.

The Virtual Grey Cup is the ONLY game where there is a limit on the number of people who pick each team. That is, if both people pick the same team, I will change the pick of the second-ranked person, so that the game means something. But both are still required to make picks; I won't make them for you, I'll only change them if necessary.

After the game, the participant whose team won the Grey Cup wins the Virtual Grey Cup.

The complete rules are posted here.

Now on to the Grey Cup.
Hamilton vs. Calgary

Good luck!

Making my pick, because I always do.

Hamilton over Calgary. Call me a homer if you want, but going with my Ticats the latter half of the season got me from 50-something to 13th place. Hamilton lost by 3 and 10 points early in the season when they were struggling, but their defence has been dominant, especially against the run, since Labour Day. If anyone can shut down Cornish, they can. And everyone knows what Banks is capable of. Same teams as 1999, same venue, and same result. Cats by 6.

Thanks again Big dave, I guess somebody has to finish third. I'm taking Calgary, with this global warming thing, there is no way hell if freezing over this year.

Sure, my only perfect weeks are when it doesn't count.

Here's hoping I go for a perfect meaningless post-season VGCC> My picks for the Grey Cup:

Hamilton vs. Calgary - The Stamps beat the Ticats' second and third string QBs, with a lot of other starters out with injuries, by a total of 13 points over two games. The Ticats are now close to 100% healthy, and the replacements of the few remaining injured starters, especially Grigsby, have been playing very well. I'm thinking the Ticats will surprise a lot of people this week, winning the big one.

Grey Cup Championship

Hamilton vs Calgary - CALGARY wins by 8

Thank You Big Dave

Good job to anyone that made it into the top 10, it's quite a feat...and good luck to schooner11 and taylorfield!

Grey Cup.
Calgary :twisted:

My GC pick:

Calgary by 14+

A repeat of the 1998 Grey Cup......almost.....same score 26-24......only this time it's reversed :smiley: Cats-26...Stamps-24 :cowboy: :rockin: GO CATS GO !!!!!! BRING THAT CUP HOME !!!!!

I’ll say a repeat of the 1999 Grey Cup! Hamilton 32 - Calgary 21 … Zach Collaros MVP & Andy Fantuz MVC!

I chose Calgary which is fine and dandy, but schooner11 on the other hand with no choice what so ever gets Hamilton. For a more intrigued outcome, I will give schooner11 the point spread being 8.5. I understand that the underdog can win on whatever given day, but my above example perhaps maybe fruit to consider for next years VGCC. It could also apply vice versa if agreed upon by the 2 finalists.

Thanks for another season of fun BigDave.

I'm picking Calgary. Been saying all season the west is superior to the east and I ain't backing down until I'm proved wrong (like I was with the all west Grey Cup :oops: ). Calgary is the better team top to bottom and their recent trend is win one lose one and their last appearance was a loss. If history holds then the barely .500 Ti-Cats need one more loss before they upset someone next year, a la '84-'86.

I believe that this game will be won by Calgary. As pointed out by taylorfield, I have no choice but to take Hamilton.
Who knows. Hamilton could pull off the upset.
In any case, I'm hoping that the Grey Cup game is a little more exciting and close than the other playoff games we have seen so far.
And to Big Dave, thanks for putting the VGGC together. I appreciate the time that you must invest in this each week!

I have noticed one handle did not put his/her pick in such as 3rd and Goal, not sure of the real reason but this very scenario that schooner11 is in could be evident.

[So in “FUN” I give schooner11 8.5 pts. - which means Calgary has to win by 9]

Okay, here are the picks for the Grey Cup:

  1. taylorfield: CAL
  2. schooner11: HAM

The winning team decides who wins the VGCC for 2014.

Just to clarify a point made in this thread: schooner11 would not have "gotten Hamilton" with no choice whatsoever. He had to make a pick, or would have forfeited his place in the VGCC final. He did pick Hamilton, and it is true that if he had picked Calgary, I would have changed it. But that is only to give this game meaning.

As for using point spreads in the future, not gonna happen. Different sources may quote different spreads, the spread changes during the course of the week, and I'm not going to spend Grey Cup week chasing point spreads. The advantage to finishing first is that you get to pick the team you think will win; kind of like calling heads on a coin toss. The person who finishes second, as long as they participate by making a pick, has the chance to win, like if the coin comes up tails.

Just a suggestion here Dave but how about for the final 2 in the future you have to pick a winner plus total points scored combined for the game. This way both finalists could pick the same team but the closer point total without going over the number gets the crown. If the other team does happen to win the game then the closest to total points would decide it.
Thanks Again for taking the time and effort to run and organize this for everybody’s enjoyment this season Dave :slight_smile:
CHEERS from Bobo :slight_smile: GO CATS GO !!! GREY CUP CHAMPS 2014.

No point spreads, no over-under. Just win or lose. The game is perfect just as simple as it is. :thup:

Congratulations to taylorfield, the 2014 VGCC champion. The final standings have been posted.

Also check out the VGCC Awards. They are not just for those who did well, and you might find your name. The link to that paage is included on the Standings page.

Thank you to everyone who participated this year. I hope you enjoyed taking part half as much as I enjoyed running it.

Very much appreciated Big Dave, plus much thanks to all for the challenge I was faced with from week to week. For me the biggest pick of the season Challenge as for taking a risk was the game in BC vs the Riders on Aug. 24th won by Sask. 20-16. Mind you there were more than a few other games as well but that game stands out for me. shooner11, great work to make the Final. However I did say (in fun, but to be honest I really did mean it) to give you the spread of 8.5 as you had Hamilton. You are a winner in my books also as the Tiger Cats beat the spread in a very interesting Grey Cup Game. Cheers to you shooner11 :thup: Congrats to Hamilton and their fans as well.

Kirk Williams

Congrats to Taylorfield… Sounds like everyone had a lot of fun! :thup: