Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Grey Cup Championship

The standings are posted here. If the old standings show up, click your browser's REFRESH button, and you should see the current ones.

The top two qualify for the Virtual Grey Cup. They are:

  1. papazoola
  2. MKP_CFLfan

However, everyone is still welcome to post their picks.

You folks by now all know the basic rules, so I'm not going to rehash them again. They're still posted here if you want to read them. There are just a few differences from the regular season.

First of all, the deadline for picks is midnight Friday night (EST). No exceptions. Anyone who does not have their picks in by that time forfeits, and will drop out of the top 2; the next highest person to make their picks will then advance.

NOTE: Though I didn't change picks during the playoffs, I WILL make a change if both participants pick the same team. This is only so that the Grey Cup game is not anti-climactic, from a VGCC standpoint.

On Saturday I will post each qualifying participant's picks. Essentially, the participant whose team wins the Grey Cup wins the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge.

So, without further delay, as if you didn't already know, here is the matchup for the Grey Cup:
Winnipeg @ B.C.

Good luck!

I've never missed making a pick, so here goes.

B.C. over Winnipeg: B.C. is just too good. Lions by 10.

BC should take this game, I think a fairly low scoring game, 21-9, the peg will only kick FGs.

Grey Cup 2011;

Winnipeg vs Lions - WINNIPEG by 4

BC's offence is too much for Winterpeg's D, BC by 18.

...Let's make this easy......BOMBERS over LEOS.....Defences win championships.... Lions have a lot of good athletes over there....Bombers have the better ones :thup:

Right on pappa, you made it to the final now all the Bombers have to do is come through for you. :thup:


I feel like I've been cast aside like an old shoe. Here's hoping Papazoola wins it all. Good luck Papa,when you win, all the Bomber fans will win too! You're a great fan and I couldn't catch you no matter what I did. This has been good fun. Thank you very much Dave.

Good luck guys! Thanks BigDave for the all the fun.

…thank-you Dan…here’s hoping :thup: …AND also thank-you BigDave for all of your work…It’s been a great year no matter how this one ends :thup:

Papazoola, you have made my picking moot.
Great year once again. Lots of fun. Thanks Big Dave.

I guess I get to take the Lions.

Good luck Sunday!

…hey they’re a good team too :thup: Good Luck on Sun. as well MKP… :thup:

Couple of classy players, Pappy and MK :thup:

Good luck both!

Virtual Grey Cup Championship:
WINNIPEG!!! :rockin:

…over b.c. :twisted:

BC- by 14+


By at least 10

Agreed classy guys Papa & MK pick is BC.

I fully expected you to abstain… :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :lol:

British Columbia Lions and they cover the 7.5 point spread...