Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Grey Cup Championship

It all comes down to this: one more game to decide all the marbles.

The top 2 participants qualify for the Virtual Grey Cup Championship. They are:

  1. sambo42
  2. Dust

(As usual, the full standings are posted here.)

Everyone is welcome to make picks, but only these people will have their picks entered.

Make your picks as you normally would.

DEADLINE FOR MAKING/CHANGING PICKS IS MIDNIGHT FRIDAY NIGHT!!! Anyone who hasn't made picks by that time will have a 0-0 record for the week.

On Saturday, I will post (in this thread) which person gets which team. Though only one person can pick each team, please pick the team you want, not the team you think you'll get.

Though you may have your picks reassigned, I will not assign a team to someone who did not make picks.

Unlike the regular season, someone who goes 0-1 will be ranked higher than someone who goes 0-0. So MAKE YOUR PICKS.

Essentially, the person whose team wins the Grey Cup wins the Virtual Grey Cup.

The complete rules are posted here.

As you all know, the teams in the Grey Cup are:
Montreal vs Saskatchewan


My pick for the Grey Cup game is:


Might as well make my pick, just to make it official.

Montreal over Saskatchewan: The Riders have some unfinished business. Last year's Grey Cup must have left a bad taste in their mouths, and they'll be anxious to cleanse it with a championship. The Als will likely be heavy favourites, but so were the Stamps, and Saskatchewan disposed of them rather neatly. Montreal finished the season with some lacklustre performances, but once the game had meaning, seemed able to turn it back on to eliminate the pretenders from Toronto. They can't be too thrilled with the way things turned out last year, knowing that but for a counting error by Saskatchewan, they would have gone home as runners-up. Neither team wants this rematch to end the same way as last year's game. To prevent it, the Riders must eliminate those sorts of coaching mistakes, and the Als have to make sure it doesn't come down to a last-play field goal. It won't. Als by 8.

I enjoyed my run in the VGC Challenge Pool; so here is my final pick for the 98th Grey Cup Game;

Roughriders vs Montreal - MONTREAL

Hah, this is awesome!

I'll be brutally honest here, I hope Sambo wins. I will gladly take second place this year if that means his prediction is right.

Since Sambo picked Saskatchewan (cue all the cheers) I guess that leaves me with Montreal (cue the chorus of boos')

Good luck Sambo, I hope I lose!

I hate to type this but it seems the Riders have destiny on their side Sask

I'm 0-4 in the playoffs (not proud of it, lol) let's hope the trend continues :smiley:

Big Dave:

  1. Saskatchewan vs Montreal- It is Grey Cup weekend and I hope everyone going to the game has a terrific time, gets drunk when they want to be, and stays sober for the game to really enjoy it. To pick this game one only has to look at the quarterbacks and the edge goes to Montreal with one of the all-time greats ever in the CFL in Anthony Calvillo. Montreal has the edge on defense and in pass defense over the Riders. Saskatchewan has motivation on their side with the heartbreaking loss they suffered last year, and because they contained a Calgary Stampeders team in the West Final that was better than they were and was able to win a close one. That probably won't happen again this time. The weather will definitely be a factor on Sunday, but I still think the Alouettes will be more than up for the task. I'm taking Montreal by 7 points.

Thanks Big Dave for the whole year and for making the CFL fun for this American once again.

Even though I was eliminated form competition a while ago, I will make my pick....

I am going with my heart on this one, without even consulting my brain! Riders win by a TD!

This was an awesome contest Big Dave - and here is a BIG THANKS from me! If you ever find yourself in Cowtown for a game, let me know, and I will make sure a beer ticket or two make it your way!'s my take on the Cup

....after sleeping in cramped quarters.....being given the visitors janitor room insteads of the lavish dressing room suite the riders to work-out or get into the ice-tub ( you'd have to be nutz to want to do that at the igloo anyway)...I'm thinking the Als. are peed off enough to take it to the field.....Montreal Alouettes by 10....
NOTE #not a sympathetic gesture for the Als. just an observation from an impartial on-looker

....Thanx BigDave for another great VGCC this season.....looking forward to 2011.... :thup:

Okay, just to make it official, here are the teams for Sunday's Grey Cup:
sambo42: SASK
Dust: MTL

Basically, the person whose team wins the Grey Cup, wins the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge. The final standings, and the VGCC Award winners, will be posted after the game (or possibly on Monday depending on how I'm feeling Sunday night.)

This is one of the few times where I'm more upset I won than I lost, I guess it's a little consolation given the outcome of the game and who I root for.

Congrats to you Dust... I know its of little consolation now, but the VGCC was fun this year, as it is every year. A huge thank you to Big Dave, for running the contest year after year.

Congratulations to Dust, the 2010 Virtual Grey Cup Challenge Champion!

The final standings have been posted here.

Make sure you check out the VGCC Awards while you're there. Even if you didn't win, and even if you didn't do very well, you still may have gotten some recognition.

Thank you to everyone who participated. It was a great year, very competitive; and I'm already looking forward to next season.

My picks for week 1 of 2011:


Lets get the season started already!!!!!!!

What do you win.

The satisfaction of being right in every argument during the long off season, I mean how can the VGCC winner be wrong when I was right so often? :wink:

... because I took the team you REALLY wanted.... :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I ended up in 8th spot . How much bragging rights do I have?

That was actually just a ploy on my part, and how can you argue with the winner? :wink: