Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Grey Cup Championship

And now it all comes down to this. One more game to determine the winner of the Grey Cup, and the winner of the Virtual Grey Cup Championship.

The standings are posted here. You can review the complete rules here.

Everyone has been re-ranked now, based on their performance in the Divisional Finals, with performance in the Divisional Semi-Finals and Regular Season standings used as a tie-breaker. Only the top two participants -- that is, schooner11 and thescotsman -- advance to the Grey Cup. Once again, everyone is welcome to post their picks, but only these two will have their picks count.

Again, the deadline is midnight Friday night. All picks must be in by that time; as usual, late picks will not be accepted.

A maximum of 1 person may pick each team. In spite of this, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pick the team you WANT! If more than one picks any team, I will make the change, with preference given to the higher-ranked participant. This means that basically the top-ranked participant calls the shots, but both must still actually make their picks before the deadline. I will change picks if necessary, but I will not ASSIGN picks. Which team each participant gets will be posted as a reply to this thread on Saturday. Once again, PLEASE do not let this rule affect your selection!

And it comes down to this: quite simply, the participant whose team wins the Grey Cup is the VGCC Champion.

Now, as if you didn't know, the Grey Cup game will be:
Calgary @ Montreal

Good Luck!

Here goes my pick.
Montreal over Calgary: I'll be cheering for the Stamps, but the Als are just too good. Burris still hasn't proven that he can win the big game, as the Stamps seemed to win in spite of him more than because of him, and he almost choked once again by leaving one second on the clock. Als by 11.

I hate to think about it, but if this we're A.C's last season, what better way to have the Comeback Player of the year, after the season he had last season, win Most Outstanding Player of the year, and win the Grey Cup infront of the city that he became a legend to the sport in, and beat the only team they haven't beaten this season, to win it all. I think it's destiny.

Montreal has a lot experience when it comes to playing in the big game, I'm not exactly sure how much players on the Stamps roster played in a Grey Cup game yet, but I know it's less than Montreal, and that may be a factor.

Wishful prediction, Montreal over Calgary..easily!

Tough call as the best team is not there = Riders! (just joking folks!)

Calgary defence is underated, and the offence was terrible last week. Montreal has all the advantages but sometimes that makes it difficult to play at home with all the pressure on you.
If it comes down to Burris vs. Cavilho in a pressured filled game I pick Anthony c.
Montreal in a squeaker unless Calgary scores on punt and kick returns.
Montreal to win. The Als not the Canadiens!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CFL rules
Have a great Grey Cup MOntreal.
Thanks for all your work Big Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...another great season comes to a close....Thanx BigDave

and I have to agree with your summation on the Cup...Montreal is just too good....They sure have bought into Trestmans system...and although Calgary has come along way with Hufnagel , I'm going to have to go with the Als....soooooooo///
Grey Cup Champs of 09 = Montreal Alouettes...should be a good one :thup: :rockin:

Well, I'm going to go against the grain and pick Calgary. Burris had a terrible game, but he has shone this year. I think he got his playoff-choke performance out of the way, and will be ready to go for this game. That's really my only reason, and I'm not convinced it's a good one. If I were a betting man, I'm not sure that I'd have the confidence to put money on Calgary or Montreal. Should be a good game.

For the final time this year, thanks, BigDave. See you next year (although I might still poke my head around on occasion).

I will take Calgary to win.

Thanks for another great year Big Dave! I appreciate it!

Just got home,what a long week!! Anyways,first off,congratulations schooner11, Calgary is your pick so I have Montreal.
Picking between these two is difficult!! Anything can happen!! I believe the two offenses are about equal but I think Calgary may have a slight advantage defensively. Then again, Montreal is at home which could be a huge advantage. Montreal tend to get off to quick starts and really settle down in the second half. The Edmonton game was a different situation.
No matter who wins I believe we are in for the best Grey Cup Game we’ve seen since 2005!!!
I’ll make it official for the heck of it…Montreal to win 29 to 24…

So there you have it: schooner11 picks Calgary, and thescotsman picks Montreal.
The winner of the game determines the winner of the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge.

The official final standings will be posted sometime after the game; probably Monday.

Good luck!

If Calgary plays the way the played against BC they will lose. I like Calvillo over Burris any day and it's gonna be ridiculously loud at the big O. Plus I question Calgary's whinning of not winning awards, I know they're trying to show extra motivation and use the us against the world thing but still...

I'm going with Montreal in this game, it will be a great ending for AC.

Congratulations on your victory, schooner11....and thank you very much for everything Big Dave, I really enjoyed your VGCC once again this year and heck I was just happy to make the playoffs this year!!!

Congratulations to all who played this year and our winner.

Special thanks to BD for running the show.

Thanks for a fun year


Thank you!! And congrats to you also. You had a great second half of the year.
Thanks again to Big Dave.

Congratulations to both TheScotsman and Schooner 11 for making it to the finals, and especially to Schooner 11 for his picking Calgary and as a result being the winner for 2008. I was very happy to make the playoffs, and to make it to the final four. To me having fun while picking the games all year long is what this is really all about. Having said that, I'll be back next year trying just as hard to make the playoffs and possibly going even further next year. I just hope that Versus or some other network in the US will cooperate and televise at least one game a week or more to the CFL fans in the US. Actually seeing the games live certainly wouldn't hurt my ability to pick a few winners next year. Just a thought, and here's a big thank you to Big Dave for running the whole thing and keeping the players as informed as possible.

Great job BigDave, fantastic work to keep it up and running and up to date all year long! If I were to be in Hamilton for a game sometime I'd buy you a cold one! (or two)

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Virtual Grey Cup Challenge.

Congratulations to everyone who qualified for the post-season (I will make it back there some day! I will!) and to thescotsman, last year's winner, who managed a second-place finish this year. That's quite an accomplishment!

And of course, a special congratulations to schooner11, this year's Virtual Grey Cup Challenge champion! Believe it or not, schooner, you're only the second person ever to go 5-0 in the post-season, and the first since I managed the feat way back in 1999!

Thanks again to everyone, and I hope to see you all return next year for VGCC X!