Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Grey Cup Championship

The two qualifiers are:

  1. LeBird
  2. thescotsman

Anyone may make picks, but only those two will have their picks entered.

Make your picks as usual, but all picks must be in by midnight (EST) Friday night. There is a limit to how many people may pick each team, so you may not get the teams you pick. Don't let that affect your selections: pick the teams you want. On Saturday I will post who gets which teams.

Of the two participants, one person will have each team. The one who has the team which wins the Grey Cup is the winner of the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge.

The Grey Cup Championship Game is:
Saskatchewan @ Winnipeg

As always, the standings are posted at .

You can view a more complete listing of the rules at

Good luck!

...Good job qualifiers!!!...I'll pick Sask to take it all....

.....hmmmmm 2 Bomber fans in the final....good job guys
guess my 'just for fun pick' will be the ....
....Winnipeg Blue Bombers.......
..surprize...surprize :wink:

Well Done Lebird and congradulations on your first place finish for the Cup. We're both Bomber fans so this should be interesting! I'll be waiting for your pick to see where I'll be at. It's been a great year and alot of fun! Good Luck to You!

GO BOMBERS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congradulations to you too thescotsman. I have to pick here and I'll do it with my heart so... I take The Winnipeg Blue Bombers knowing we have one heck of a task in front of us.

Thanks BigDave for all the time you spent on this. Hope to have it again next year.

Best of luck firstly to the Bombers and also to the Riders but not as much.

         GO BOMBERS!!!!!!

My for fun pick is Saskatchewan. Here's hoping for a 4-1 finish!

I'am fortunate enough to still be in it.
Saskatchewan is my designated pick as per the rules and I totally agree that it's a fair system!! Thank You very much Big Dave!! It's been alot of fun and I'll be quite happy to finish second!!!


I've never missed making a pick, whether it counted or not, and I'm not going to start now.

I'm picking Saskatchewan, mostly because of the Kevin Glenn thing. Dinwiddie may do well enough to make a great game out of it, but my call is that the Riders will take it.

thescotsman, I have you down as picking Saskatchewan, though had you picked the Bombers, I would have changed your pick anyway (assuming LeBird stays with Winnipeg, which I suspect he will. :wink:)

So there you have it: though it isn't official yet, barring a change in picks before midnight, LeBird has Winnipeg and thescotsman has Saskatchewan for the Grey Cup.

If the Bombers win, LeBird wins.

If the Riders win, thescotsman wins.

It's as simple as that. Good luck!

Good luck to the both of you!

Thanks Chief.

I said I'd do this on Saturday, and I will. Here are the OFFICIAL picks for this week:

LeBird: Winnipeg
thescotsman: Saskatchewan

Congradulation thescotsman for your No. "1" placing. Yeah! You're da man! Enjoy it and see you next year.

Thanks for another great V.G.C.C season BigDave!

Congrats to thescotsman on his win.

And thanks again for the VGCC, Dave. I had a lot of fun, and I can't wait until next season to do it all again!

LeBird...I wish I'd be congradulating you my fellow Bomber friend!!!! I would of been very happy to have finished second!! And I believe you know that for a fact!!! We'll be a major force in 2008!! And no! I'am not the Man! Saskatchewan was the odds on favorite to win and you went with your heart and if I'd of had first pick I'd of picked our Bombers!!!!

See you next year LeBird! Take Care!

Thank You Chief! It's a tad bittersweet,but thank you none the less.

Congratulations, thescotsman. I'm sure you'd rather Winnipeg had won, but at least you have this small consolation. Your TEAM may not have been the best, but this year, YOU were.

I've posted the final standings, as well as the winners of the VGCC Awards. Check it out; you may find yourself among them, since these awards are for all kinds of things. Included is a list of all the previous winners, for those new to these forums who think this is something I just made up as I went along.

Now thank you to everyone who took part in the VGCC this year. It's a bit of work, but I don't mind. It's a lot of fun for me, and I wouldn't be able to do it without your participation.

I hope you'll all be back again next season!

...the scotsman comes through....congrats...i'll catch you next year.... :thup: :smiley: