Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Grey Cup Championship

Okay, it all comes down to this. One more week, one more game. You can view the complete standings at

Rankings are based on correct picks in the Divisional Finals, with ties broken according to correct picks in the Divisional Semi-Finals, followed by standings in the regular season (most correct picks, fewest incorrect picks, highest aggregate spread.) The top two are:

  1. BigGreenMachine
  2. Rattler

Anyone may make picks in this thread, but only those two will count.

Once again, these people must make their picks by Friday night at midnight. You can change your picks in the usual way, but changes must be in by the deadline.

Make your picks in the usual way. However, there is no guarantee that you will get the teams you want. Only one person may pick each team. Despite this, please pick the team you want, and let me worry about the numbers.

I will post who gets which teams on Saturday.

After the game on Sunday, the new rankings will be posted. The winner will be the one whose team wins the Grey Cup. There are other awards that will be given out at that time.

This week’s game is, of course:
Montreal @ B.C.

Good luck!

My pick, just for the sake of making a pick: B.C. The Lions have been consistently outstanding all year, while the Alouettes have been hot and cold, and even at their hottest were just good enough.

Again, good luck to BigGreenMachine and Rattler.

Montreal over BC

Thanks Big Dave!!!


(and good luck Big Green!!) :thup:

my heart say : Montréal
my head say : B.C.

like my grandma always say follow your heart so

my pick is
MONTRÉAL ( but it wont be easy)

Montreal by trois points !!!!

one thing is a fact, the als are 4 and 8 in their last 12 games including playoffs and still no progress from what i can see has been made. bc on the other hand has been getting stronger after a slow start. bc by 10. they are just plainly better right now.


BC's ability to marginalise Kenton Keith tells me that they will probably be able to stop Robert Edwards (or they are the best team to be able to do that). That leaves the Al's to rely on their air attack which hasn't been the same this year compared to other years. From the BC side of the ball, the pass defence is good (Corey Banks, ex Renegade), the offence is firing on all cylinders and can do so, regardless of who is at QB! I would love to see Ben Cahoon and Anthony Calvillo win the GC but I cannot deny the fact that BC has been and is the cream of this year's lousy CFL crop.

BC all the way.

Have fun in Winnipeg if you're going. Wish I could be there!


Go Gades Go in 08, hopefully!

In an earlier thread is said BC by 10. Actually I think it will be a total blowout for BC, they will win by a bunch, maybe 20 or more points.

Good luck to Rattler and Big Green Machine.

Special Thanks to Big Dave for taking on the task to run this for another year. Hopefully your Ti-cats will bring you better news next year,

2-0 last week, my first perfect week of the season, no wonder I never made the playoff rounds!

For what its worth........

BC Over MONTREAL. Defense wins championships. Montreals defense is good. BC's is better. Should be a low scoring affair. BC By 4

Montreal to win:

Cangrats to BGM and Rattler. And good luck.

And a THANK YOU!!!!!!!! as big as the Canadian wilderness to BigDave! Another great year of fun. YOU DA MAN!!!!! :rockin:

well i better make my last pick of the season and i better make it a good 1 :lol:
BC LIONS :cowboy:
and good luck to Rattler :rockin:
and thx once again to BigDave :thup: your the man!!

Sorry, I didn't get to my computer yesterday. Fortunately, both finalists got their pick for the championship. Here is a summary:

BigGreenMachine: B.C.
Rattler: Montreal

The winning team determines the winner of the VGCC.

Good luck to you both!

congratulations to BigGreenMAchine.
Thanks again to BigDave in another wonderful year of the VGCC

well thank u Billy :lol:

Congrats Big GreenMachine

BigDave, thanks for running this again this year !