Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Semi-Finals

The Week 20 standings are posted here.

The top 8 qualify for the post-season; in addition, Herschel456, as he has beaten the VGCC World, also qualifies.

The rules are a little different for the post-season. Make your picks as normal, but all picks must be made before midnight Friday night. If fewer than 8 of the qualifying participants make picks before the deadline, the next highest-ranked participant who makes picks will have their picks count.

On Saturday, I will post each qualifying person’s picks. Check them and post, as a reply to this thread, any errors prior to the scheduled kickoff time on Sunday.

After the game, participants will be ranked based on the number of correct picks this week, with the regular-season standings used as a tie-breaker.

The top 4 participants will qualify for the Divisional Finals.

The complete rules are posted here.

  1. ralfsnart
  2. Grover
  3. papazoola
  4. aulcee
  5. Leorocks1
  6. cflisthebest
  7. MrLucky
  8. diehardesks
  9. Herschel456

Here are the games:
Edmonton @ Hamilton
Winnipeg @ B.C

Good luck!

Well, with my 27th-place finish, my picks won’t count, but here they are anyway.

Edmonton @ Hamilton: These were both close games this season, so we know Edmonton is beatable. Home field advantage hasn’t helped Hamilton much, but I’m going with these guys to the bitter end. Cats by 5.

Winnipeg @ B.C.: I’m betting that the Lions don’t give the ball away a whole bunch of times this game, and Winnipeg can’t win if they don’t. Lions by 6.

Yes! I made it. Hope I make it through to the Finals. :smiley:

Edmonton: Even though Hamilton is at home. Edmonton is the better team. Also these teams each lost at home against each other so the away team should win again which is Edmonton. It will be a close game though. Edmonton by 5.

B.C: This game shouldn't be super close. It will be B.C.'s Defence and offence that will overpower Winnipeg's offence and defence. B.C. by 11.

If this does happen the next match-ups would be Edmonton @ Ottawa and B.C. @ Calgary. I'm really hoping these match-ups will happen.
Thanks BD! :rockin:

Sorry I am new to this, I understand that our picks need to be in by Fri. midnite, but are we still allowed to change our picks up until kickoff? Or are our picks final on Fri.

....Good question Grover...I would imagine though that Fri. midnight is the cut off...

....Can't believe I made third after the last two horrific weeks...Congrats to all the other guys who made the top rung...It's going to be a tough call the rest of the way...Lions/Bombers...toss up, and I'm not saying that because I'm a Bomber fan....Bombers are great playing away...Lions are tough in their own backyard...hard one to call

....Edmonton/Hamilton...equally tough....I know the Esks. will be the favourite BUT the Cats have been laying in the weeds, I believe, and are going to make this a lot closer than a lot of people think.......I'm going to wait to make my picks until FRI....after I get a good look at the rosters....Injuries could be a factor as well...either players returning or ones that were suffered in the teams final tilt....We'll see :roll:

So happy to be back in the playoffs after a number of seasons of poor choices.

I will have my picks in Friday. Unless the world comes to and end Tuesday. :wink:

I believe picks must be in prior to Friday 12:00 Midnight Eastern Standard Time - Picks are final.




So close! Ahhhggh it sucks to be the first loser... next year I guess :rockin:

And it's only because I kept picking the Cats, so here we go...

HAMILTON :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:


Congratulations to the final participants.

I pick:

Hamilton over Edmonton
BC over Winnipeg

Thank you


Ham & Winni

Congratulations to those who made the playoffs, and especially to Herschel456, who managed to sneak his way in - just like my Ticats. GO HERSCHEL456!!!

And I'm more like the Als this year - out of it for so long (in 35th place at one point), and ending up just shy of making the playoffs. One more win.... Oh well.

So while I'm not in it again this year, I'm going to make picks anyway - maybe a recount will show I actually did make it. Kind of like picking up the ball after the whistle has gone. You never know.

Edmonton @ Hamilton - Even though half the Ticat starters have been standing on the sidelines in team sweatshirts, they haven't really been blown away lately (except by the Stamps). And they only lost to the Eskimos by three a couple of weeks ago. So I'm thinking they could actually pull off the upset here. Wouldn't that be fun?

Winnipeg @ B.C. - Got a coin? I really have no idea here. It really depends on which Bombers team shows up. They've played pretty well since Nichols showed up, and Harris is one of the best running backs in the league. I just have this feeling that they're going to slip by the Lions.

And finally, thanks Big Dave for all the work you put into this. As always, it's been a lot of fun.

Edmonton :twisted:
BC :thup:

Thanks Big Dave for looking after this and congratulations and good luck to the playoff guys. :rockin:

Here we go!

Thanks for all your work Big Dave :thup:

Woohoo! I made the VGCC Playoffs for the first time!

Edmonton vs Hamilton - Edmonton - Edmonton is less beat up and I haven't seen any news that suggests Hamilton is getting their starters back ... even if they did, how would they play? This will be close, but I think it's Edmonton by 7.

Winnipeg vs B.C - BC - Winnipeg has beaten BC twice this year and for that reason alone, it will be hard to win a third time. All the games have been close and a slight change here or there and the other team wins. This time I think it's BC that gets the win. BC by 3.

Good luck to all of those in the playoffs and thank you to Big Dave for running this for us.


Edmonton Eskimos
Winnipeg Blue Bombers



British Columbia

Thanks Big Dave for your work on the VGCC!!!