Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Semi-Finals

Opening odds -3 Hamilton - has gone down to (-2)
Opening odds -8.5 Calgary - has gone up to (-9)

Finished 7th!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: Best finish yet for me. And a huge climb in the last 5-6 weeks of the season. Hope my luck keeps rolling.

Toronto @ Hamilton - Rick Ray against.... against....who? A third string QB? Argos should be the favourite in this game. Hamilton is beat up on offense and neither their STs nor D has been able to compensate for the loss in points, possession or field position.

B.C. @ Calgary - I don't see how anyone is impressed by BC or can claim they are peaking. They beat an injury depleted Ti-Cats a struggling Argos and lost to Calgary's B squad.

Calgary (grrrrr)

Waiting until Saturday, but in the mean time ArgoT is in limbo by an error that has been reported on last weeks picks that got overlooked. One would think an answer would have been posted by now, only takes two minutes. All in all though Big Dave, I’m OK with being of service to other posters. :wink:


Thanks BD! :smiley:

3rd place :slight_smile: I'll take it as it beats my previous best of 9th.

Toronto @ Hamilton
B.C. @ Calgary

These picks could knock me out and make that 3rd place finish all for not though. The last time an away team won a division semi was 2011.. and the last time both away teams won was back in 2008. It doesn't happen often... but i'm hoping it will this year.

Thanks BigDave for bringing us another year of the VGCC :thup:

Hamilton - Masoli is starting and he can scramble/run. He gives them a dimension they didn't have with Mathews.
Calgary - This is by no means a slam dunk.

I’m not sure about being next in line bobo8224, in the rules it says if fewer than 8 pick then the person next in line gets in. Have to wait and see what is what when Big Dave decides; “There Will Be An Answer”. Until then Let It Be!

Here are the picks for Sunday’s Divisional Semi-Finals:

  1. brianjox TOR, CAL
  2. leorocks HAM, CAL
  3. Chronicguy TOR, BC
  4. Neil70 HAM, CAL
  5. stamphater HAM, CAL
  6. ralfsnart —, —
  7. dcmoses TOR, CAL
  8. RedBlacksGirl HAM, CAL
  9. Swahgade2 TOR, CAL
  10. RichardVeilleux HAM, CAL
  11. drummer_god TOR, CAL
  12. BigDave HAM, CAL
  13. Herschel456 —, —
  14. oilerrocker TOR, CAL
  15. sambo42 TOR, CAL
  16. diehardesks TOR, BC
  17. Tigereye —, —
  18. ArgoT PENDING
  19. CatsFaninOttawa HAM, BC

Slight modification, as ArgoT also qualified, but didn’t show as such due to an error on my part. Since this was because of my error, I will extend his deadline (and only his) until midnight tonight.

The top four participants, based on this week’s picks, will qualify for the Divisional Finals.

Thanks Big Dave.


  1. brianjox :slight_smile:
  2. dcmoses :o
  3. Swahgade2 :wink:
  4. drummer_god 8)

Divisional Semi-Finals

:| Toronto

B.C. :roll:


Calgary :cowboy:

I doubt Big Dave will respond, so I shall say ralfsnart you overlooked Daves opening messasage about deadlines.
You have the correct teams I feel will win today, unfortunately ralfsnart your picks had to be in by Friday night.

I know…been doing this since day one :wink:

Perhaps these four will move on if Calgary wins,

  1. leorocks
  2. Neil70
  3. stamphater
  4. RedBlacksGirl

Just a clarification as to how that happened. One game was dead even: 50% picked each team. As such, that would be as if the VGCC World pulled a page from Paolo’s book and abstained for that game.

That was a well placed shot. :wink:


Behind the wall Pablo Snooze - aka Paolo X