Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Semi-Finals

Okay, we're into the playoffs now. The second season.
The standings after the regular season are posted here.
Eighteen people finished higher than the VGCC World, and qualify for the Divisional Semi-Finals. They are:

  1. brianjox
  2. leorocks
  3. Chronicguy
  4. Neil70
  5. stamphater
  6. ralfsnart
  7. dcmoses
  8. RedBlacksGirl
  9. Swahgade2
  10. RichardVeilleux
  11. drummer_god
  12. BigDave
  13. Herschel456
  14. oilerrocker
  15. sambo42
  16. diehardesks
  17. Tigereye
  18. CatsFaninOttawa

Here's a summary of the playoff rules:
You must make picks in order to advance.
IF fewer than eight participants make picks, the next highest-ranked participants to make picks will qualify, up to a total of eight participants.
On Saturday, I will list the qualifying participants and their picks. Report any errors to me as a reply to this thread before the scheduled kickoff time.
After the Divisional Semi-Final games, participants are ranked based on the number of correct picks this week. Regular season standings are used as a tie-breaker.
The top FOUR participants will qualify for the Divisional Finals.
The complete rules are posted here.

Now on to the Divisional Semi-Finals. Edmonton and Ottawa have a bye this week.
Toronto @ Hamilton
B.C. @ Calgary

Good luck!

12th spot, but at least there's a chance. Here goes nothing.

Hamilton @ Toronto: Total homer pick, guilty as charged. But the Argos have never played well at THF, and I think Masoli will play a lot better after practicing some with the first team offence. Ray is just about finished. Cats by 9.

B.C. @ Calgary: Let's face it, there were two teams in the West this year, and 3 also-rans. The Lions barely squeaked into a playoff spot, while Calgary had theirs sewn up weeks ago. The better team wins here. Stamps by 11.

I finished 21st? How in the world did I jump 11 spots with a 3-1 week? Well at least I finished the highest without a perfect week... :oops:

I can't believe that I place 2nd in the whole forum! I hope my luck will continue into the playoffs :smiley:

Home team sweep! :rockin:

Thanks BD! :smiley:

My picks for the semi-finals:

Toronto-- I thought this game was in Hamilton? I will pick the Argos for the upset, Hamilton seems to have unraveled a bit... and without an experienced starter, I will give the edge to Ray, but I believe it will be close... Argos by 3

Calgary-- The Stamps are just the better team... this one should be out of reach for the Lions by halftime... Stamps by 14+

Hamilton vs Toronto - TORONTO
Calgary vs BC Lions - CALGARY


Really feel for the Ti Cat fans, started so well but some really key injuries will prevent them from moving on . Lions did well down the stretch but I don't think they have the depth to compete with the Stamps . Brighter future for the Lions but don't see it this year.




will be the winners in the semi-finals. But next year Saskatchewan will win the GREY CUP!!! :rockin: :lol: :wink:


My picks for the semi-finals:


Thank you


You’re right sambo. Little error on my part. Thanks for pointing it out; it’s been corrected.


I entered my picks for last week on Nov 3 and I am not sure but you missed them and show me as a zero entry.
I would have finished 2-2 and I guess qualified?


(*) ArgoT picks that you over looked are in the link above Big Dave. Cheers

(*) - that in turn knocks CatsFaninOttawa out and ArgoT in by 2 aggregate pts.

Not sure how I get knocked out. Down a spot to 19th, but still ahead of the VGCC World - I think. No?

But I did notice that there are only 80 games listed for VGCC World. Was a game forgotten, or was there one game that most people didn’t pick?

Anyway, I was going to submit my picks even if I didn’t make the cut, just for fun. Here they are.

Toronto @ Hamilton - After watching Masoli run the offence, I’m a bit more comfortable with him. Only one fumble and no interceptions. Much better than the last time we saw him. The one thing I’m worried about is that the Ticat defence tends to give up the short pass, leaning on their strong tackling. But Ray is the master of the short pass, and the Ticats’ tackling has been suspect the last few weeks. The Argos might just make a game of it. Expecting a shoot-out.

B.C. @ Calgary - Going out on a limb here, but the Lions have been playing fairly well lately (OK, except last week), and it sounds like the Stamps are going to be without Cornish. Plus I need something to set myself apart from the crowd.

CatsFaninOttawa :thup: that is true you do qualify. The top 18 was the cut off and now it’s 19 I believe.


(This must be how the Lions feel. :wink: )

18th spot so just in case......

Toronto and British Columbia. I think these 2 teams are going to let it all hang out. Lots of high scoring.

Thanks again BigDave for your hard work!!

Good luck everyone! Go RedBlacks!

Well if it's officially now up to #19th place, I guess I'm next in line sitting at the #20 spot. So with that being said and just in case of maybe another discrepancy or two or on the off chance that someone forgets to submit their picks.......Here are mine................just in case :slight_smile: :wink:

Toronto @ HAMILTON

Toronto in a good game
Calgary in a very tight game. Chance of upset here as not sure which lion team will show up.