Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Semi-Finals

The strategic thing to do would be to pick Hamilton and Saskatchewan and guarantee my spot in the next round, but I don’t really think that’s what this thread is all about. I’ll risk forgoing the million dollar cash prize that Dave offers for winning this thing (there is a million dollar cash prize, isn't there Dave?) and just make my picks based on who I actually think will win.


I know the BC pick may seem a bit of a stretch, but if Lulay is relatively healthy, I think he will be the deciding factor. In 2011, Lulay minus a running game = 1-6 record; after game 7, Lulay plus running game = Grey Cup. With Logan and Harris, Lulay has a running game. Additionally, the Lions were 1 and 1 at Mosaic with a 3rd string QB to boot, and Saskatchewan would have to win 3 in a row over BC which is hard for any team to do regardless of who the two teams are. (Footnote: History is not on my side here. The last time I finished 1st in the VGC, I was SO gone after the semis.)

Thanks Dave, as always it’s been a lot of fun.

Although I am out of the Playoffs, Here are my picks;

Hamilton vs Montreal: Hamilton - Hamilton is just the better team, even though the Als are surging. Hamilton by 7.

Saskatchewan vs BC: BC - ALL the pressure is on the Riders! Especially performing at home, the players are under extra scrutiny (and we're not even talking about the police here - Sorry ... too soon :lol: ). The waves of manure trucks parked infront of various players homes is intimidating and distracting. I also reference the same thing I have said since the begining of the season. The Riders are vastly improved over last year, HOWEVER, they did not address their biggest weakness, which is Darrian Durrant. All the pressure on the riders = BC wins by 7.

Good Luck to all those who are in the playoffs!


Finished 9th so I will pick just in case.

Montreal over Hamilton I think the Montreal defence will win the day. I think playing in Guelph makes the difference.

Sask over B.C. I think pierce 90 is right with O line C. Best back, the Running game will open up for Sheets and Sasks late season addition of Hall on the deffence will help it will not be easy but they will succeed.

Looking at how the picks are going, I'm going to change a pick to give me a shot at moving on.

B.C. over Saskatchewan: Well, I'm certainly not going to pick Montreal over Hamilton; and as has been correctly pointed out, if 4 people ahead of you pick the same teams you do, you're best to make a change.

Incidentally, I was the only one that fell into this category. Now 4 people pick Hamilton/Saskatchewan, 3 people pick Hamilton/B.C., and 1 is picking Montreal/Saskatchewan. That means that any of the top 8 can qualify for the Divisional Finals.

Here’s how the top 8 are picking them so far for the Divisional Semi-Finals:
HAM over MTL (87.50%)
SASK over BC (62.50%)

You’ve still got until midnight tonight if you want to make a change.

Here are the official picks for the top 8:

  1. Neil70: HAM, BC
  2. Dust: HAM, SASK
  3. CatsFaninOttawa: HAM, SASK
  4. Green Gopher: HAM, SASK
  5. prairiedog72: MTL, SASK
  6. Billy_Soup: HAM, SASK
  7. EvilDoctor: HAM, BC
  8. BigDave: HAM, BC

If I’ve got your picks wrong, please reply to this thread before Sunday at 1 pm EST.

The top 4 qualify for the Divisional Finals, based on how they do this week. Previous standings will only be used as a tie-breaker.

Good luck!


Because I'm out of the money in fifth place at best if the Lions win.

Hamilton & BC two best teams today