Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Semi-Finals

The regular season is now over, and we move into the "second season": the playoffs.

The standings are posted here.

The top 8 participants qualify for the post-season. They are:

  1. Neil70
  2. Dust
  3. CatsFaninOttawa
  4. Green Gopher
  5. prairiedog72
  6. Billy_Soup
  7. EvilDoctor
  8. BigDave

The rules are a little bit different from the regular season, so please read on.

In order to count, picks must be made by midnight Friday night. No exceptions, no excuses. You guys know I can be a real hard-arse about this. Any changes must also be in by this time in order to be accepted.

Everyone is encouraged to make picks, but only the top 8 who make picks will have their picks count. That means that if someone qualifies for the playoffs and doesn't get their picks in, the next person on the list will take their playoff spot.

Make your picks the same way you normally would.

On Saturday, as a reply to this thread, I will post a list of the playoff participants and their teams. Check this and let me know if I've made a mistake with a reply to this thread before the scheduled kickoff time, because after it is too late, and your picks will stand as I have them. Note that this time period is to check for accuracy, NOT an opportunity to change your picks.

After the Semi-final games, participants will be ranked based on the number of correct picks in the semi-finals. Regular season standings will only be used as a tie-breaker.

The top 4 participants will qualify for the Divisional Finals.

Okay, here we go. These are the games for the Divisional Semi-Finals:
Montreal @ Hamilton
B.C. @ Saskatchewan

Good luck!

Wow. I almost never qualify for the playoffs, and the way I just squeaked in with desperation changes to my picks…hilarious!

Okay, so I’d better get my picks in while I’m here, because I’d hate to forget and have them late. The guy who runs this thing is a real tight-you-know-what.

Montreal @ Hamilton: Hamilton won the series against Montreal, winning both games in Guelph. They got a chance to rest their nicked players, so should be close to 100%. Montreal has a powerful defence, but QB Troy Smith, while he’s looked good, is still learning the Canadian game. Burris, on the other hand, has been here before. Cats by 4.

B.C. @ Saskatchewan: Darian Durant and Kory Sheets vs a banged-up Lulay and a “healthy” Buck Pierce. The Lions don’t win very often outside the comfortable confines of B.C. Place, and Mosaic Stadium is anything but comfortable for opposing teams. Riders by 9.

There. I think this week I’ll stick with these, no matter what. I’m just happy to be here.

Kind of backed into the playoffs with a 2-2 week, but a last minute pick change ultimately secured my first ever playoff spot. But now onto the good stuff...

Hamilton - This one is pretty easy. Montreal appears to have found their quarterback of the future in Troy Smith, but he is still young and inexperienced and it will be his first CFL playoff game. The strongest part of the Montreal game is their defense which might be the best in the league, how well Hamilton moves the ball against them will be the ultimate decider. Hamilton has been very powerful against the East this year racking up a 8-2 divisional record and a winning record against the three other teams, while Montreal has been woeful on the road. On special teams Hamilton has a rare edge and was the deciding factor the last time these two teams met last week.

B.C. - Something is wrong in Riderville. Their second half of the season has been a reversal of fortune from their hot start and Kory Sheets has stopped being their game changer. The last meeting between the Riders and the Lions was a Saskatchewan blowout, but B.C. had DeMarco as their QB. This time they have both Buck Pierce and Travis Lulay available. If B.C. avoids the costly penalties and turnovers that hurt them last time and keep it close or lead at the half, Saskatchewan's notorious second half let downs will give B.C. the road victory.

Although my picks are just for fun here goes:

Montreal- I think this game could be a lot closer than some might think... if there is an upset in the playoffs, this could be the game it happens in... some people are forgetting that Burris has a reputation for disappearing in playoff games... with the one exception being 2008... I say the Als win by 4

Saskatchewan- I think this will be another close game... I think the home field advantage might be the difference here though... I have a feeling that both Sheets and Durant will be ready and focused for this game... there are a lot doubters here and they both have something to prove... not only to the fans but to themselves... Riders by 3

I'm not a contender but I think Montreal does not look good in Guelph and Saskatchewan is somehow stuttering.Hamilton and BC to win.Good luck to all contenders and thanks BigDave for another fun season.

Hamilton and Saskatchewan

Thankfully, this was a horrible week for everybody, Big Dave being one of the few exceptions - congrats there, and no cheating in the playoffs, eh? :wink: - and I ended up a lot higher in the standings than I ever expected.

My picks for the Divisional Semis:

Montreal @ Hamilton - Smith looks like he's got all the tools to be a great QB in this league, but he's still a bit erratic with his throws. They sure get where they're going in a hurry, but often that's not where he meant them to go. The Als blitz happy defence is also something to contend with, and Burris and LeFevour, and Masoli for that matter, could spend a lot of time running away from people. On the other hand, the Ticats have almost all of their top players back from injury at just the right time. I suspect that with both Figgy and Simmons back at bookends, and Delahunt providing extra protection or going one-on-one with a linebacker, they can put the Als back on their heels.

B.C. @ Saskatchewan - I really don't know what to make of either of these teams. The Riders lately have been hit or miss. But two of their hits have been against the Lions, albeit with DeMarco at QB. With Lulay back, the Lions are a better team - at home, at least. But on the road, they are very suspect. Plus, the Riders don't want this to be their last home game of the year, and none of them want a truckload of manure on their front lawn.

Congratulations to the top 8 participants!

My picks are:

Montreal over Hamilton

Saskatchewan over BC

Thank you


Montreal @ Hamilton
B.C. @ Saskatchewan

Man that final week is hard to predict. Meaningless games really threw a loop in things. I picked all the better teams and went 1-3 to lose my top spot.

Gotta go with the 2 home teams, teams that IMO have a lot more skill on them.

Divisional Semi-Finals:
Hamilton :rockin:
B.C. :twisted:

I pretty much led this thing the whole year and then I go 0 - 4 in the final week to drop to 6th. OUCH!

Anyways who knows what picks I will end up with but I'm going with:

Let the chips fall where they will.
Also a big congrats to BigDave to get in with a perfect week, you deserve it big guy.

Go Riders.

Thanks Big Dave for running the pool. My first year participating. Made for a lot of fun. Thanks again!

Also, big congratulations & kudos to those in the playoffs. Predicting with close to 70% is very, very, very good in betting/gambling circles!

Anyways, since we’re allowed to play along still, which is a nice touch, here are my picks.

Hamilton over Montreal in what will be a very, very, very close & hard-fought & tough game. This one will go back & forth & as usual will be decided by a turn-over or big play/mistake.

Saskatchewan over BC. Think this will be closer than what most think it’ll be. As much as I’d like to see the Lions walk into Mosaic & beat the Riders … I’m not willing to bet against it.

Alouettes :smiley:


Just for fun, I'll throw a pick in:

MTL @ HAM: Hamilton
BC @ SASK: Saskatchewan.

Thanks and congrats BigDave!


Montreal @ Hamilton - Troy Smith may not be the second coming, but he definitely holds his own. Most importantly, he gives the Als confidence. Montreal is the darkhorse of these playoffs. They still have a strong o-line, can run the ball and that defense is relentless. As for the Cats, they may have a high powered offense, but they have nowhere near a championship defense. Plus Burris is a playoff choker. I'll take SJ and Duron over Davis, Stephen and Hobbs.
B.C. @ Saskatchewan - This should be a pick 'em but for some reason the Lions do not match up well with the Riders. Perhaps it's Stubler's fixation with cover 2 and a conservative gameplan that allows Sask to run the ball and get their playmakers in space? I don't know. But the Riders seem very comfortable running their offense and efficiently moving the ball against BC. Throw in a home Rider crowd and it's a Sask victory (fingers crossed of course).

I sooo wanted to pick Edmonton last week but nobody else was and while clinging to my playoff spot could not afford to go against the grain.

I don’t change picks in the divisional playoffs anymore, Billy. Just in the Grey Cup, if necessary.

Putting you down for Hamilton and Saskatchewan.

Oh really. Did not know that, it’s been awhile since I was in the playoffs. But the top 4 only go on correct? So if 4 people ahead of me pick who I pick, then I should probably change my picks.

That’s how I understand it, but so far only two people ahead of you have made those choices, with Neil70 and Green Gopher still to pick. If only one of them make a different selection or fails to post on time, you’re safe. BigDave on the other hand…

That's how I understand it, but so far only two people ahead of you have made those choices, with Neil70 and Green Gopher still to pick. If only one of them make a different selection or fails to post on time, you're safe. BigDave on the other hand...
Well in that case I pick…




Here’s hoping for this matchup in the GreyCup!!!

P.S. I should have picked at the last minute to screw all you guys over with no time to change picks! :lol:

Montreal over Hamilton
B.C. over Saskatchewan

Upsets BABY!!! :rockin: :rockin: