Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Semi-Finals


Thanks again BigDave!

Managed to squeak back to a game over .500 after a disastrous start (2-14 or something to that effect).. that's alright.

Good luck to everyone in the playoffs! My picks don't matter much, but since I'm here, I'll say I would pick Toronto and Calgary.

Thanks for all your hard work Big Dave!

My picks are :

TORONTO Over Edmonton. Ricky Ray is just that much better than the QB comittee in Edmonton. TORONTO by 16

CALGARY Over Saskatchewan. Whoever Hufnagel chooses (Even Kevin Glenn) to play QB will just be too much for the Riders. CALGARY by 8

Good luck to every one !

Congrats to everyone involved. I was going to cheer for jm02, but she had go and pick the Stamps. Looks like backer has my support.

Thanks again BigDave


I’m not in the running,but my picks are:
Hugh Charles is Esks most versatile offensive weapon and the Argos must be tackling or he could be the difference.Ray has been steady lately and Jackson gives confidence ,just in case.I’ll go with Toronto.

Calgary is hot!Thet have a great blocking and running game.The Riders showed last week they are ready for the challenge,yet ,are less effective than the Stamps overall. I’ll pick Calgary.

Many thanks Big Dave,for all the hard work and fun!

Thanks for that Billy_Soup; jm02 may change her pick to the Riders :wink:

I had no chance since I started so late, but I didn't do too bad. I can live with 24-20, but the percentage still had me out of the 8 had I played a full season. This was my rookie try-out, next season watch out. :wink:

I'm throwing out picks anyway because it's all just for fun.

Edmonton @ Toronto - Edmonton won both games this year, but should have lost them both. Argos have the worst home record in the league. They should have lobbied to play in Edmonton.
Saskatchewan @ Calgary - Hottest team down the stretch. Could win it all.

This is great fun for all, Thanks Dave.



Not in the top 8 but here are my picks for the Divisional Semi-Finals:


Edmonton - I beleive edmonton will overcome thier QB issues, just enough to squeak out a win and keep the dream of an Edmonton - Calgary GC alive

Calgary - Riders just don't have enough (Fill in the blank yourself)__ for Calgary. Calgary has more talent and are peaking at the right time, PLUS the Riders are stuck with DD as their QB. He's not a GC caliber QB. It will be a close game, but Calgary wins this one.


I like the two home teams this weekend. Both teams have been playing their best football when it counts.


Backer's right, Billy.

BigDave, please change my pick to Saskatchewan over Calgary. Thanks.

week 19 knocked me out of the playoffs!!


calgary and toronto but it wouldn't surprise me at all if edmonton wins. that's a pretty even matchup.

Good luck to the top 8.....

Just for the heck of it...


These two teams will be in the 100th Grey Cup! :lol:

I had hoped to have this done earlier, but my brother-in-law dropped by unexpectedly. I haven't seen him since he and my sister separated nine years ago, so we had a nice long visit.

Anyway, here are the picks for the Divisional Semi-finals.

  1. rtk350: TOR, CAL
  2. brianjox: TOR, CAL
  3. NateB3: TOR, CAL
  4. Sportsmen: TOR, CAL
  5. rpaege: TOR, CAL
  6. backer@oldclarke: TOR, SASK
  7. ThePiggyman: EDM, CAL
  8. jm02: TOR, SASK

Good luck!

(maybe the dark horse 2012 champs?)

(8-10 record won't cut it this year for Riders)

Wow, the way this is going, looks like I'm not going to the division finals. ^_^;

Ahh well, it's not over yet, but this gamble of mine ain't paying off so far, haha.

Well, I'm not in the top 4, but at least I gave it my best shot. :smiley:

Good luck in the finals to those who move on!