Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Semi-Finals

The final Regular Season standings are posted here.

The rules are posted here.

There are a few changes from the regular season rules. They are:

  1. Picks must be in no later than MIDNIGHT FRIDAY NIGHT in order to be accepted. No late picks will be accepted.

  2. Only the top 8 participants will have their picks accepted. HOWEVER, anyone who does not get their picks in on time will be deemed to have forfeited their spot, and the next-highest ranked participant who makes picks will qualify. For this reason, everyone should make picks, even if they are not in the top 8.

  3. On Saturday I will post the picks of the eight semi-final participants.

  4. After Sunday's games, participants will be ranked based on the number of correct picks this week, with their regular season rankings used as a tie-breaker.

  5. The top 4 participants will qualify for the Divisional Finals.

The top 8 participants are:

  1. rtk350
  2. brianjox
  3. NateB3
  4. Sportsmen
  5. rpaege
  6. backer@oldclarke
  7. ThePiggyman
  8. jm02

Here are the games for the Divisional Semi-Finals:
Edmonton @ Toronto
Saskatchewan @ Calgary

Good luck!

Making my picks because, hey, it's what I do.

Toronto over Edmonton. As much as it pains me to say, the Argos are a good team this year. I can't really say I WANT them to win, but I didn't want them to win on Thursday either and we all know where that got me. Edmonton is a fourth-place team, and backed into the playoffs because of Hamilton's loss. Argos by 9.

Calgary over Saskatchewan. The Stamps are red hot right now, and the Riders are not. It's hard to turn it on for the playoffs. Gotta go with the home team here. Stamps by 6.

Congrats and good luck to those that made it to the playoffs-- after a sub .500 record last year, I rebounded to a respectable record this year.... so my meaningless picks for the division semis:

Edmonton @ Toronto - I believe the Argos are the better team, although I believe that the game will be fairly close. If the Esks go with Joseph, the point differential might be higher... but if they use Nichols, the Esks may have a shot at winning.... I will go with the Argos by 3, more if the Esks give Joseph the start

Saskatchewan @ Calgary-- I would love to see the Riders upset the Stamps, but there is one huge X factor in the Stamps favour... QB... if Tate struggles, they have more than a capable back up in Glenn or vice-versa... you will be able to tell within the first 5 mins of this game wether the Riders are prepared to play or fold like a cheap tent... even if they put up a fight, the Stamps are the better club... Stamps by 7

Ednonton at Toronto - TORONTO
Roughriders at Calgary - SASKATCHEWAN

Edmonton @ Toronto
Saskatchewan @ Calgary

Picking Edmonton will probably bite me in the butt, but I've got this feeling that I can't shake off. Who knows; whether it's Joseph or Nichols, I'm not ruling out an Edmonton victory.

Calgary is quite simply the better team, in my opinion; with both Tate and Glenn, I'd be surprised if Calgary lost.

Thanks for another year, Dave, and best of luck to all those left.

Toronto over Edmonton
Calgary over Saskatchewan (regardless of the outcome, I end up winning somehow, right? :wink: )

For the most part this year, the home team has won. Why would that change now?

Edmonton @ Toronto
Saskatchewan @ Calgary

My picks:



I'm not in this, but if I could have kept up my average for a whole season worth of pick I likely would have made it in :cry:

I'll make these picks for fun:

Two upsets



Big Dave:

 Thanks for a very enjoyable year, even if I didn't qualify for the playoffs.  I'm glad to see some new names in the top eight who have qualified for the playoffs, and good luck to all.  I'm picking the games just for fun and we'll see how well I do.
  1. Edmonton @ Toronto- The Eskimos backed into the playoffs as a result of the Hamilton loss this weekend. They are a fourth place team for a reason, and the Argos are a better team than the Eskimos. They are also the home team and in the playoffs home field is a real advantage. Ricky Ray plays this week and is motivated to beat his former team. Let's hope the Argos fans fill the Rogers Centre and as a result I'm taking Toronto by 6 points.

  2. Saskatchewan @ Calgary- The Riders are not a good road team and the Stampeders could be the hottest team in the CFL right now. I would love to see an upset in the CFL playoffs, but I don't think the Riders are the ones to pull it off. Calgary may be the only team able to beat the BC Lions in these playoffs, and they should be able to handle the Riders at home. I'm taking Calgary by 8 points.

    I'm watching my New York Giants leading vs the Pittsburgh Steelers right now, and looking forward to the CFL playoffs next Sunday. Let the games begin!

Thanks for all the hard work in organizing the VGCC Big Dave.

My fun picks are:

TO over Edmonton
Sasky over Cowtown (big upset here but what the hell I'm not much of a fan if I don't support my team)

Good luck to the guys who made the VGCC playoffs.

Divisional Semi-Finals:

Edmonton -Yeah Joseph. ~Ray is highly over-rated. :?
Calgary -Play Glenn. ~Tate is too full of himself. :oops:


So, yet another 2-2 week. Next year, I really am going to have to consider using a coin to decide these games. Can't do any worse. Or better, I guess. Oh, well.

Anyway, just for fun, here are my semi-final picks:

  • Toronto over Edmonton - This one really is a coin toss, so I'm giving it to the home team.
  • Calgary over Saskatchewan - As Obie keeps tell us Hamilton fans, 'Better is better.' And Calgary is just better.

Thanks, Big Dave, for all the work you've put into this. It's been a lot of fun.

Edmonton- I'll go with the fact that the firing of Tillman is a positive thing and the team will rally around Reed as all the new info has come out.

Calgary only because the Riders are not that good.

.......Got to go with the Argos over Eskimos....too much turmoil in Edmonton and quarterbacking is very how good Nichols looked...Esks. won't get it done...Argos by 10

......Stampeders should squeak by the Riders....I'd say they have a better talent level on their roster and the rider coach is going to get out- smarted by the Huffer...Stamps by 3...

...thanx BigDave for a great year again....maybe next season our teams will make the post-season....hopefully :thup:

Think I have to go with:

Toronto - has some momentum and showed their depth last week against Hamilton.

Calgary - the Riders stumbled into the playoffs; I'm not feeling very confident in them.

Big props on doing this again BigDave! Although I haven't been able to repeat my '09 success (champion!) I at least made a go of it this year, 1 game back of the playoffs. I'm too much of a homer to pick against the Riders very often, and when I do they usually win those games. As they go generally my standings go.

Edmonton @ Toronto
Saskatchewan @ Calgary

BigDave, many thanks for all your efforts again this year. This little contest adds a lot to this site.


Man, what a tough choice the Edmonton vs. Toronto game is. The Esks have to be motivated after the loss of their GM, if only to prove that the whole Ray/Jyles trade was the colossal blunder we all know it was. Moreover, Toronto is the only team that hasn't beaten the Esks this year. So, Edmonton has proven they can somehow win in Toronto.

On the other hand, the Argos have showed improvement (at least to my eyes) in the second half of the season, going 5-5 since Labour Day and winning their last two games. They also turned in a decent performance in a losing cause against the Lions at home. So, depending on which Argo team shows up, the first half team or the second half team, Toronto should be able to win it. If its porous O-line can get Ray enough time he should be able to demoralize the Esks early. If he doesn't, it could go down to the final play, or even overtime. These teams are that close.

I reserve the right to make a last-minute change before the game, depending on whether or not there are any updates on the teams this week. Even a small change could have big consequences when teams are this close.

I agree with most others: Calgary should win this as it is simply a better team.

going with the visitors this week

Edmonton and Saskatchewan