Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Semi-Finals

The regular season is over. Now the second season begins!

The standings are posted here. If the old standings show up, click your browser's REFRESH button, and you should see the current ones.

Please check the standings to make sure they are correct. If I've made a mistake, please let me know before 12 midnight on Thursday night, or forever hold your peace.

The top eight qualify for the post-season. They are:

  1. ploen_truth
  2. MKP_CFLfan
  3. papazoola
  4. bowlerdude
  5. DAN38
  6. ralfsnart
  7. disciplineandpunish
  8. cdwood

However, everyone is still welcome to post their picks. In fact, if you're close to the top 8, I recommend you do so. ploen_truth has already said he will not be participating, and if he doesn't, he will drop to #9 and everyone else will bump up one, allowing Chronicguy to qualify.

You folks by now all know the basic rules, so I'm not going to rehash them again. They're still posted here if you want to read them. There are just a few differences from the regular season.

First of all, the deadline for picks is midnight Friday night. No exceptions. Anyone who does not have their picks in by that time forfeits, and will drop out of the top 8. This is a little different from last year, and is the reason why I say if you're close, you should make your picks; it's the top 8 who participate who qualify. This usually doesn't come up, but it may this year.

Another difference from last year that isn't in the official rules yet, is that I'm not changing any more picks, at least not in the divisional playoffs. I'm leaving it up to you to make your picks strategically. But remember that only the top four move on, so if four people above you are making the same picks you are, you're guaranteeing that you'll be sitting out next week.

On Saturday I will post each qualifying participant's picks.

After the divisional semi-finals, participants will be ranked based on their record that week. The regular season standings will be used as a tie-breaker. So even if you're #8, if you're the only one to go 2-0, you jump into first place. Just like in the real playoffs, where all that matters is who wins that day.

The top 4 will qualify for the Divisional Finals.

So, without further delay, here are the games for the Divisional Semi-Finals:
Hamilton @ Montreal
Calgary @ Edmonton

Good luck!

Well, I guess I'm out, but I've never missed making picks, and this week will be no exception.

Hamilton @ Montreal: If Hamilton limped into the playoffs, then the Alouettes were carried on a stretcher. The Tiger-cats have trouble winning in La Belle Province, but the Alouettes have never been this beatable. Don't get me wrong, they're a really good team, but where in the past they've been invincible, now they're merely powerful. And since it doesn't matter anymore, I'm going to be a total homer and pick my team. Cats by 2.

Calgary @ Edmonton: Calgary has done well since Drew Tate and Jon Cornish took over for Henry Burris and Joffrey Reynolds. But these are the playoffs, and Tate is pretty much an unknown commodity in the post-season. I don't say he can't handle it, but he doesn't have the experience that Ricky Ray has. And Ray has a not-too-shabby Canadian tailback of his own. Home field advantage may not help them much, because the Stamps have a 6-3 record on the road this year, but I'm going with experience. Esks by 5.

Congrats to all who made the playoffs... after finishing second a year ago... its my turn to watch... just like the Riders... I guess I will need better coaching next year... :lol: :lol:

Anyway here are my picks for next week:

Hamilton @ Montreal: The Als lost big, but I believe that it helps them more than it harms them... IMO, using both Porter and Glenn in the final regular season games helped neither QB... it will be interesting to see who starts, and just how short a leash he will have... my guess it will be Glenn, but he might be looking over his shoulder more than concentrating on the game... and that might swing the game in the Als' favour... Als by 7

Calgary @ Edmonton: This could be a very interesting match-up... Calgary has a similar problem as the Cats do.. who to start? Tate could start but with a short leash, or does Burris get a final chance to prove that he still has what it takes... the Esks didn't play their A game last week against the Riders, so I feel that it will be close, but Edmonton wins a close one at home... Esks by 1

...hey BD, what is the prize pay-out for 36th place? I'm hoping it's something from Ktel...burger-maker or the pocket-fisherman!!

My picks for the semi-finals:

Montreal over Hamilton.
Calgary over Edmonton.

Congratulations to the ones in line for number 1.


I'll second that motion and congrats to you too Richard on your call vs my call on who finishes first in their respective Div.

Hamilton vs Montreal - MONTREAL = A lot of film work and prep for the Als this week.
Calgary vs Edmonton - EDMONTON = Special teams will be important in this match up.

Cheers to Big Dave

Many thanks BigDave! And congrats to the post-season qualifiers. Excellent year of picking winners by all!

I'll go with Montréal and Edmonton.

Even though i'm the one that would sneak in if ploen_truth isn't able to make picks... i sure hope he does. It would be a shame to see the top guy who was right 70% of the time and had 5 perfect weeks not compete in the playoffs.

So because i may squeak in, i will make picks this week just in case. So i'm looking for a little clarification on the deadline time. Is that midnight eastern or western time?

Thanks BigDave for all your hard work over the season to bring us another year of the VGCC. :rockin:

Friday night: I would think 11:58 P.M. Eastern ...thus to be on the safe side; 8:58 P.M. Pacific - 9:58 P.M. Mountain.

Thanks again BigDave for another fun year of the VGCC.
Congrats and best of luck to our top 8.


Divisional Semi-Finals:
Hamilton :oops:
Edmonton :twisted:


Hamilton @ Montreal
Calgary @ Edmonton

Looking forward to Sunday. Should be two good games.

Thanks Big Dave! It's been a fun year.
Good luck to the rest who are in the running.



Congratulations to the Top 11 who picked at least 60% right (I'll round up for Mongo). Imagine just how tough it would be to pick against the spread?!

Also I like that we did not have to resort to a tiebreaker this year too.

Seven guys total had at least four perfect weeks too!

Thank you BigDave!


No chance of making it, started really late, but don't think I would have made it either way! Good luck to all in the playoffs!




  1. :rockin: Montreal :rockin: 2) :cowboy: Calgary :cowboy: after getting off to a horrific start to the season...i turned it around and even though i never made to my goal at least i never year i will make the playoffs

C'mon Ploen you can do it! Don't stop the roll now. As much as I hate to ask on this basis, if for nothing else do it for ...the Bombers!