Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Semi-Finals

Okay, the regular season has ended, and now we enter the "second season": the Playoffs.

The top 8 participants qualify for the Divisional Semi-final games. They are:

  1. Sportsmen
  2. backer@oldclarke
  3. mongo118_1_5
  4. Dust
  5. oilerrocker
  6. NateB3
  8. sambo42

(As usual, the full standings are posted here.)

Everyone is welcome to make picks for these games, but only these people will have their picks entered.

Make your picks as you normally would. But there are a few differences between the regular season and the playoffs, so you should continue to read.

DEADLINE FOR MAKING/CHANGING PICKS IS MIDNIGHT FRIDAY NIGHT!!! Anyone who hasn't made picks by that time will have a 0-0 record for the week.

On Saturday, I will post (in this thread) which people get which teams. Unlike previous seasons, I will only change your picks if four higher-ranked participants pick BOTH the same teams you do. That should increase the likelihood that you'll get the teams you want, so please pick the teams you want, not the ones you think you'll get.

Though you may have your picks reassigned, I will not assign teams to people who did not make picks.

Unlike the regular season, someone who goes 0-2 will be ranked higher than someone who goes 0-0. So MAKE YOUR PICKS.

At the end of the week, you will be ranked according to how many correct picks you made this week. The regular-season standings will be used as a tie-breaker.

The top FOUR participants qualify for the Divisional Finals.

The complete rules are posted here. (Note that these are last year's rules, but apart from the change in reassigning picks that I mentioned above, all the rest is still the same.)

Here are the games for the Divisional Semi-Finals:
Toronto @ Hamilton
B.C. @ Saskatchewan


:x AARRGGHH! So close! 9th place! Changing my pick to Toronto wasn't enough to get me in after all (slight miscalculation on my part.)

Oh, well, I guess I'm the best of the rest, as they say. :wink:

And I'm posting my picks anyway, even though they won't count.

Toronto @ Hamilton: The Argos lost all three regular season games to the Ticats, including a 30-3 shellacking just a few weeks ago. There's no reason to believe this game will be any different. Hamilton has had no trouble shutting down Corey Boyd, Toronto's only real offensive threat, and with the return of Arland Bruce to go along with Dave Stala, Maurice Mann, and the resurgent Chris Bauman, Glenn will have plenty of options in the passing game. I haven't heard about the status of Marquay McDaniel, but if he's able to play, this could get real ugly real quick. The tandem of Cobb and Thigpen in the backfield will keep the Argo D guessing. Still, it is a playoff game, and Adriano Belli will be playing against his former team for the first time this season, so the Argos may be able to keep it relatively close. Cats by 11.

B.C. @ Saskatchewan: The Riders ended their losing streak just in time for the playoffs; B.C. has won three in a row, making them the hottest team in the league right now, to finish as the worst of the playoff teams for the second straight year. Only Calgary and Montreal have scored more than Saskatchewan, but only Edmonton has given up more points. Durant has more experience than Lulay, and has some great targets in Andy Fantuz, Weston Dressler, and Chris Getzlaf, but he does turn the ball over a lot, and Geroy Simon, Paris Jackson, and Emanuel Arceneaux are no slouches either. I see this being a high-scoring game, and probably a close one. Gotta go with the home team, the one with the better record, and the one that's been near the top of the standings all season. Riders by 6.

Hooray, post season glory... :wink: Nerve racking final weeks with lots of meaningless games made it hard to predict.

Toronto @ Hamilton
B.C. @ Saskatchewan

Dammit, finished 11th! So close to the final eight. If I'd had a better start to the season, who knows?... :lol:

Anyhow, my meaningless picks:

Toronto @ Hamilton: Yes, I know this is a ridiculously outlier pick, but it is very difficult in football to beat a division rival four times in a row. It's not that I think Hamilton will choke, more that I see Toronto rising to the occasion and finally getting a win this season against their hated provincial rival. But a very close game, likely decided by a FG late in the fourth quarter.

B.C. @ Saskatchewan: The Lions are very hot, so this should be a close game, but it would be insane not to pick the Riders at Mosaic in a playoff situation.

Wow... I just squeaked into the playoffs... good luck to all who made the quarter-finals

As for my picks:

Toronto @ Hamilton-- Hamilton is the better team, but I have a gut feeling about this one... I usually regard any Argo-Cat tilt as a pick 'em because of the rivalry. Toronto by 2.

BC @ Saskatchewan- The Riders seem to be back on track, and at the right time... the best defence is a good offence for the Riders... and keep Lulay and company off the field as much as possible. Riders by 7

You mean I didn't make the playoffs with my stellar record? :o :o :o

I'll stick with the picks I've been rocking all weekend. BC and Toronto. :lol:

ARG! 2 games out! Good run at the end but a poor start killed me. Thanks BigDave once again, it was a lot of fun.
Ah for fun:
Hamilton: Toronto has great special teams and a good D but the lack of offense will hurt them. Hamilton is a more well rounded team and their weak secondary won't be fully exploited by Toronto. Hamilton by 12

BC: Saskatchewan does not look impressive at all lately. They've been getting worse since Labour Day whereas the Lions have only been getting better. While it will be close, the Lions will prevail. BC by 4.

Thanks big Dave for all your work. Hope to play next year.

Thanks for all the hard work Big Dave.

Well, I am going to make things interesting, (or eliminate myself pretty quick...LOL)

HAMILTON Over Toronto. I really like the way Marcel Beulfuille has turned things around in Steeltown. While the Argo's have improved greatly, I think Hamilton will surprise everyone and upset Montreal in two weeks to represent the East in the Grey Cup. So, with that bold prediction..... HAMILTON by 8

BC Over Saskatchewan. Now, all you Rider fans, pick yourself up off the floor from laughing at this pick. BC is the hotest team down the stretch, (7-3) two of those loses in overtime. Saskatchewan on the otherhand had a 1-4 record down the stretch. By rights I should really pick Saskatchewan, but can't resist an upset here. McCallum comes home to kick the winning field goal with no time left. Sambo, you can thank me later...LOL BC by 2

Good luck to everyone who made Big Dave's Playoffs! Enjoy the second season!

Sorry BigDave but at least your team is in the real deal. For some of us, your pool is all we have.


I'm surprised I stayed within the top 8 with a 2-2 record in the last week! Thought for sure I'd be out.

I'm picking Hamilton and Saskatchewan to win this week.

......I Bombed big time this year....oh well there's always next year..(hackneyed phrase but true)...Got to make more picks with my head instead of my heart AND that bloody ol ouji board.....anyhooo's my playoff pics
The Cats beat the Argos in a close one
How can you bet against the riders at home...Sask. over B.C.

Some of us don't even have the pool. I was eliminated just like my Eskies. :cry:

Easily considering both team's records recently.

I want to gloat again and say I had another 4 for 4 week!!
That's 2 back to back.

Still only finished in 40th :oops:
Congrats to our top 8, well done. Good job bigdave!

Just for fun


Toronto :roll:
B.C. :twisted:

Well, I had some disappointing weeks, but it was fun anyway. Thanks BigDave!
Now for my picks (not that I was anywhere near top eight):
Hamilton - They were the better team all year, and if they can stop the special teams, then Toronto has no chance.
Saskatchewan - I want them to win because I'm a Rider fan. They can, and given how BC has played most of the year, should win, but who knows. I think the Riders will pull it off, but not by much. They will either have a thrilling come-back, or just barely hang on to a lead.


Toronto @ Hamilton
B.C. @ Saskatchewan


Toronto @ Hamilton
B.C. @ Saskatchewan

Congrats to the the top 8
I was just sooooooo close
Actually I had the 69th position all to myself. (I'm not going any further with that statement)

Toronto at Hamilton - Hamilton win. Hamilton just has the edge on experienced and talented players

BC at Saskatchewan - Saskatchewan win. This will be the Riders game to lose. What are the odds the Riders will get a 13 players on the field penalty?

Way to finish strong Geroy.

I finished 34th so no "beginner's luck" for me, but even with finishing with 40 wins and 58% just over average in the middle of the pack, notice the difference between doing that and making the playoffs for many of us came down to likely just a few overtime losses or meltdowns difference beyond any "bonehead" picks in retrospect.

What a tough contest, so congrats to those who at least grinded it out to make the playoffs.